Jump Rope Weight Loss Routine - 20 Minute Home Cardio Workout

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Author Liz whocares (27 days)
Tbh, my workout didn't even count because I kept messing up on jumping
rope. :(

Author MARIAHLISSETTE (1 month)

Author All4Reborns (3 months)
Wow, I am getting stronger!! Made problemo!! Thanks

Author AliceSagePorter (3 months)
I liked this one, I like that it was all intense..All though I do like when
your videos have warm ups and cool downs, it does shorten the intense part.
(Which A LOT of times I like, though. lol..) I just have to make sure to
warm up and cool down with videos like these! Thanks. :)

Author ilham Hida (3 months)
how many calories do you burn doing this?

Author Adriana Astorga (6 months)
love it easy to remember im ganna do it im tryin to lose weight n be fit
but i never really exercise in my life but i really want to so i think this
is a great start for me 

Author caritoqd (7 months)
Buen Cardio!!

Author Laxman Gurung (9 months)
My family laughed when I told them I would shed fat with Fat Blast Formula,
but then they saw the results. Go and google Fat Blast Formula to see their

Author kbear704 (9 months)
Very nice work out. Simple, convenient, and get the job done. Thumbs up!

Author Bhupal Rai (9 months)
Hi there, have you tried "BellyFATtack" yet? Just do a Google search and
you will spot There you will see a good free video
presentation by a well-known medical professional revealing the right way
to eliminate fat. It helped David to get rid of his stomach fat. Why not
give it a shot. Hopefully it will help you as well.

Author cagohupu98 (2 years)
I wish to learn how to do this just like you kelli im so jealous :)

Author Kimmie11223 (2 years)
How much pain should I be in when I work out?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
You'll love it. It a sick & twisted way :)

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Nope. This way you get to add whatever kind of music you like best & still
hear our instruction, plus it keeps the workouts free.

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
That's completely okay, just push yourself a little further each time.

Author Devon Lavor (2 years)
Thanks. :)

Author stefani99100 (11 months)
You loosw from 198 to 285......i think that i will do this every day

Author Lindsey Kar (2 years)
Will this still work the same if I don't use a jump rope, just do the moves
the same?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
You can find that information for any of our workouts on the link above :)

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
@LupeNadal Honestly it's really hard for me to say without getting a lot
more information from you, but assuming you are doing workouts like this
one 6x/week, & eating healthily, you should start to see a difference in
about 2 weeks, but you may even see a difference in as little as one week.
Remember, don't "diet", diets don't work. Eat healthily and plan on eating
that way for the rest of your life, otherwise, the weight will just come
back the second you stop dieting.

Author molly gray (1 year)
hey look everybody its raining sweat!

Author MsSarah1411 (2 years)
this may sound stupid >_< but is it ok to drink cold water during a

Author Manjit Kaur (1 year)
it is work for weight loss? :(

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Glad you liked it! More jump rope routines in the future :)

Author NathNoella (2 years)
Hello! I've just done this workout. Boy it's hard but at the same I knew
that i was doing the right thing for my body! I had a rope that i never
use. Really glad i gave it a go!! I did this workout after the Hourglass
one. Is that ok? Thank you so much for these videos, they are amazing and
straight to the point! I can see my body changing in the next few months!
Although I'm losing weight, I'm still struggling with eating the right
thing. I'll try implementing your advice! Thanks :)

Author meenakshise1 (2 years)
hi..i am 25 and 5.4" is the height and my weight is 63,,my waist is 34 how much time can i reduce four inches?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
We will look into it!

Author Nancy Lenahan (1 year)
Awesome workout!!! :D how many calories do you burn doing this?

Author Carmen Mihaela (1 year)
I love those jumping rope routines ! Can you make more please ?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
@VintageousZecare Thank you! Many more videos to come, stick with us!

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Honestly - the more you mix up our workouts, the better your body will
respond and the faster you will get into shape. Just aim for a good balance
of strength/toning for all muscle groups, and regular cardio. Come find us
on Facebook if you want the best/fastest way to be notified about our
newest workout videos! Thank you for watching!

Author adk03ful (2 years)
i wanted to ask i wanna lose my lower belly if i climb 19
floors of my apartment and do no other workout and also im eating healthy
so is it ok?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
@cagohupu98 Haha! You are too kind. Maybe you just need a little practice?

Author Kim B (2 years)
Just finished this workout, i love it. I don't have a jump rope so had to
use an imaginary one :)

Author Dasha King (2 years)
i've being doing this episode at the end of my one hour workout. and
yesterday when i was jumping i felt a sharp pain on the left side bottom of
my belly. when i stopped jumping it went away but when i started over again
it came up again. what can it be? i've read that it could be lower abs.

Author Luka Jačov (1 year)
is it one of the routines we can do on days after HIIT?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Good pain or bad pain? If you're talking about muscles burning & feeling
tired, that's okay. If you are feeling another kind of pain, you need to
stop & make an appointment with your doctor. I hope you're talking about
the good kind of workout pain!

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
I love it when someone sees exactly what we are going for & appreciates it.
Thank you for your message.

Author Anthony Prasad (10 months)
Great wout for my cardio conditioning days... :)

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Why, thank you :)

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
All of our workouts are for both men & women - there is really no such
thing as a "boy" or "girl" workout.

Author hawa abrar (11 months)
How many chlories can I burn daily if I do this exercise ? Plus do you have
to do everyday or once a week

Author Guste97 (2 years)
Oh ok. Thank you ;)

Author Kya Missick (2 years)
How often should I do this for the best results?

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
Honestly, for best results you would want to mix this up with our other
videos. You don't want to do the same routine over & over again - we have
over 95 (and constantly growing!) full length workouts to choose from so
you will have no shortage to choose from!

Author fritzability (2 years)
it would be really great if the steps were also dictated - that way you
don't have to watch the screen of your laptop so closely to know what to
do! thank you.

Author cecessqt (1 year)
How often can I do this workout? And what other workout can you suggest to
go along with it?

Author szilvi farkas (1 year)
Hello! This may be a stupid question. I bought a rope lately, it was quite
expensive and has a well-known brand. it's plastic and curls up all the
time if my tempo is not faster than on the video i brougth a bad rope or im
not skilfull enough yet?

Author Blaise Oaklands (1 year)
This vid for the basic level. If your good check out (buddy lee) to
progress. the god of the rope......

Author FitnessBlender (2 years)
@jayseanluvvv3 That's awesome to hear, I'm glad we could help you with your
training! Let us know if you ever think of a certain kind of workout that
might help you out with your training, maybe we could make it into a
routine. -Kelli

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