Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 EASY!! Homeland security Spec Ops Part 1

Im going to show you the easy way to do Homeland Security Spec ops on Veteran w/o breaking a sweat

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Author Matthew Munoz (5 months)
the music for the final round is so awesome!

Author propkid9 (4 years)
what this mission needs is an OMFG mode in which all of the enemies are
juggernauths ;DDD

Author ruben tejeda (4 years)
you are a mother focker pussy

Author FeelMyCock (4 years)
ma turrets got killed at the start of the third wave :( still in this try
atm, am camping n shootins anyone that comes out the cafe/the petrol
station. wish me luck, hope this works

Author MECHANIKahiles (3 years)
very bad. On my channel this mission to completed for seven min and fifteen
seconds. This is too speedy, becouse time IW - 7:30 sc.

Author lonewiso (3 years)
@glaffin1 is ok. I respect your opinion.. I passed this the way you
mentioned, but some of my friends were having problems with it so i looked
for a way to helped them.. and this is what i found.. plus i got all the
achievements for this game.. i always play on the hardest difficulty and
destroy these games in a day

Author lonewiso (4 years)
no problem my friend

Author terretsforever (1 year)
Dude this is awesome thanks! Call me curious but why didn't you show the
majority of the last wave?

Author tony johnson (2 years)
this is excellent I was stuck on this level, to the muppet who calls you a
pussy, I'm guessing that you've never fought in a real conflict. If you run
out in front of 40 soldiers you get shot. Real veterans don't become
veterans by showboating. Thanks.

Author MaGiiuxXx (4 years)
6:01 Tanked!

Author turtlehead12699 (3 years)
@MECHANIKahiles i think this is a demonstration video

Author lonewiso (1 year)
i don't know... maybe it was too long? i dont remember

Author Glaffin Fredrick (3 years)
What a pussy a real veteran would charge out there and kill everybody but
no he has to sit behind a building to get all 3 stars damn dude i bet it on
veteran and i charged out there and still didnt camp

Author ENDERignition (4 years)
haha. took like 14 mins cuz the retards wouldn't run in front of the diner,
but it was easy. thanks man

Author tehZwok (3 years)
@vlajculence You can, but you need to invite friends, it isn't like the MP
matchmaking system.

Author Miske A (3 years)
can i play cod6 spec ops online on PC ??

Author lonewiso (2 years)
@tonylexmark hey no problem my friend. And yes that is correct you don't
become a Veteran by running out in the open against 30 soldiers. But thanks
for the comment please check out my channel and sub. I am glad i was of help

Author danielsoberanis (3 years)
pussy way

Author lonewiso (3 years)
@1stpersonvlogger thats the way to do it my friend

Author lonewiso (3 years)
@vlajculence i dont know

Author ZACKATTACK99999 (3 years)
Someone please go behind him and stab him in the back

Author lonewiso (4 years)
lol yea i play Pc games too bro

Author PSN1993 (4 years)
lol when there was only the BTR left i went out and bang! the predator shot
it instead xD

Author lonewiso (3 years)
@MECHANIKahiles lol dude if you want people to go see your stuff you flat
out say it... This video helped alot of people and alot of people thank
me.. if you did it in a shorter time thats awsome.. eitherway thank you for
the comment

Author ashlandsm (4 years)
I believe the acr is the better gun in cod5. i totally adore search and
destroy using this gun. i totally clean up your enemy base thereafter blow
all of them away when i use this gun! you guys got the newest map pack now?
its top ive only downloaded it by mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) the
other day personally

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