Naghma & Mangal - Tapee

De Pakhto Jhabe De Pakhto Museqey Aw De Pakhtane Tolanee De Parmakhtag Pa Heela

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Runtime: 7:28
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Author Adil Khan (4 months)
mangal and naghma very excellent tapay/////

Author shafat hussain (6 months)

Author mahfooz ali (3 months)
zabaardast song

Author hamed shirzai (1 month)
Very very nice

Author Balkh786 (7 years)
nice upload . deer manana for sharing this nice video

Author khaibartanha (7 years)
der gha boeht achi i love naghma

Author BARYALAI (7 years)
Waah..der dera wakhta baad me dase pa zrrah poray tappay
wawredalai...derai shaista ye wayalee video ye hum dera shaista
da...dera manana aw kor de wadan enzergula

Author Rubber Duck (7 years)
This clip kills me, mannana, thanks for the upload

Author Ali Khan (11 months)
I love this two caple but I don't understand why she brick my hart by doing
that they should be together for life

Author eissawahdat (7 years)
naghama sara ma mohabbat kerai da ...yaw aashiq ye za hum yam :(

Author iqbalb619 (7 years)
true!!! but nice song

Author khang6 (7 years)
good bohat acha hay

Author Roodakash (6 years)
ami ki megan da passi peeri koni meshan ! yakish ami naghma as
.........naghma bachem mangal zad kossa kalawshe kona tayar kad """"" ole
khesta merii bacha bazi mekoni bache jowan peda mekoni hehhehehehhehe

Author aryen007 (6 years)
don't call him asshole u, i'm sure taht sure face is looking like ass. You
are just jailes.

Author honeymonster (5 years)
bro/sis no need to say something bad other nations because of one person...
i am also an pashtun...

Author kaashee (3 years)
@samira7872 everything you say will either be for you or against you in
next life. behave my sister, especially when talking about women.

Author samira7872 (3 years)
what a bitchhh

Author azam933 (5 years)
naghma ke kya bate hai buhate achay bhi

Author iqbalb619 (7 years)
idiot!!! i don't understand what u r saying!!! i don't like the whore but i
like one or two of her songs that's all. but on the other hand i have a lot
of respect for Mongal.

Author jwali123 (7 years)
khpel khotoy womondon d doy po khola kshi wogora senga khpa aw lasona wahi
leka whore. these are a peice of shame for afghanistan!

Author sammurra1 (2 years)
very nice tape

Author amirmini (3 years)

Author Shaziyeh Faghirzadeh (1 year)
sajeq chera mejawe dewana!

Author mohammaddanial (3 years)
kusa mangal de bezata kare de,deer ghat kus ye

Author hazratnaseri (6 years)
did you guys notice that the birds were not eating the seeds from Mangal's
hand coz he is dirty ass hole

Author ahmid hamid (1 month)

Author ahmid hamid (1 month)

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