Pivot: Stick wars medieval battle

I have done a tiny bit of re-editing so the music fits in better (you may not even notice but anyway...)
So it is still the same video it is not a sequel or a remake. Sorry to exite all you subscribers :)

I did the animation in sections then put it together and added some minor effects. I made this as a presentation for my class to show how cool pivot is. I think I am better now and I am trying to get a new video "PIVOT MIXTAPE" finished so I will upload that when I think it is good enough.
Don't forget to comment and rate and possibly subscribe if you like what you see.
originally made in early 2008 with pivot 3 beta, paint and movie maker.

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Author KT12US (17 days)
0:25 lol that was so funny!

Author maybach musiic (6 months)
Why did you stop making them?

Author kaspars ļauberts (5 months)
cool animation , u shoud make more

Author Officialdimensionalpivotkid90 (3 months)
the song

Author Ashimoto (4 years)
yeah some bits have had more effort put into them.

Author Ashimoto (2 years)
Holly crap 10,000 views for this old stuff ahah

Author Pivot Mania (1 year)
your stick figure are so drunk

Author caedissa (2 years)
@MastersOfSticks I agree wth u Nindojo epic vid luved it

Author Amazongrassmonster (4 years)
this is cool. make more!!!

Author reaggacashtro801 (3 years)
Nice dude If i could give stars i would give 10000000000* >:D NICE MADE

Author dobrydziadzia (3 years)
Hahaha, laughed so hard. Nice vid

Author Pepex Sayko (3 years)
woow men "LIKE" thats awesome! e.e

Author paul briggs (4 years)
love the runescape part 0:25 hahah

Author ชินสีห์ ด่านศิริชัยสวัสดิ์ (1 year)

Author Nomostar21 (2 years)
damn i wantted red to win still awesome

Author joel flynn (1 year)

Author KirbyPancakez (2 years)
i think he was Nindojo was aiming to make the red evil

Author MastersOfSticks (2 years)
How much time did this take?

Author Sweettooth132 (3 years)
Lol 0:25 its runescape

Author Jasper Ranz Dela Cruz (2 years)

Author trotters224guy1 (2 years)
@rmarshall3858 time and not giving up

Author Hansenrey1 (3 years)
lol this was fcking funny when the guy droped of the thing and at 25

Author Mp ReFiLe (2 years)
good work man ;)

Author Bob Marshall (2 years)
9 people have no idea how hard it is to make a good pivot like this.

Author Gunther Makarov (10 months)
Lawl !!

Author MrVidsLol (2 years)
good work man! keep it up! thsi makes me want to return to the pivot

Author WW299 (4 years)
0:25 Kill the suckers... Runescape Style :D lol

Author EndOfTheUniverse123 (1 year)
horn = satan

Author Firzen Animage (4 years)
i hate to say, but this is bullcrap

Author PetedrewRitieni (1 year)

Author TheWan Afifi (9 months)
guys, i need remarks on my pivot animations..

Author Chuck Norris (3 years)
lol i like it because it´s so basic

Author Nomostar21 (2 years)
damn i wantted red to win

Author Ashimoto (2 years)
@MastersOfSticks one solid afternoon of animating. about 4-5 hours.

Author PivotOpera (4 years)
lol at 0:25

Author caedissa (2 years)
Loved ya vid

Author xDGiulianoxD (2 years)
hahaha I laughed hard at those guys from 0:25

Author THECJEMSON (2 years)

Author MastersOfSticks (2 years)
@Nindojo Wow.. this is alot of time... no wonder its so good (:

Author Flashmovies1000 (2 years)
@supermoviemakers1 After you are done with your animation press "Root" (up
on the left) then save animation a window well pop up you well get two
things "File Name" and "Save as Tybe" click "Save as Tybe" then "GIF" then
put it in the windows movie maker and drag it down to the time line and
make longer tell you see the full animation then go to the "Publish
To-----" and click "this computer" and then upload to youtube :D easy check
out my video's.

Author pwnforwildy (3 years)
haha 0:25 so fking dry

Author batuhan suçsuz (1 year)
wery nice and fast

Author Ashimoto (3 years)
Thanks everyone for the comments! Its been so long since ive done pivot. I
have stuff to upload so believe it or not you will see more pivot stuff.

Author ACDCpivots1 (3 years)

Author immehoodahellru (5 years)
that was mad!!! great job plz make more

Author crazymanonweed117 (1 year)
Nice thats pro man

Author deathrow483 (4 years)
ROFL 0:25

Author eth92 (4 years)
That was actually enjoyable, well done!

Author PivotOpera (4 years)
i got more than i expected at the start when i saw the pic to select it i
was all urgh no another noob we got too many on youtube but no i seen it i
want more!

Author ManyMany89 (2 years)
B: tap. Br: tap. B: tap. Br: tap.

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