How to Make Salisbury Steak in Mushroom Gravy

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In this video, you'll see how to make a comfort-food classic: beefy Salisbury steak with a creamy mushroom gravy. This quick-and-easy recipe makes a ton of delicious gravy, which is excellent spooned over mashed potatoes or buttery noodles.





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Author Sarah Yassin (1 month)
I absolutely hate canned mushrooms. It's a crime against all plants. But
this dish looks absolutely drool-worthy! Thanks for sharing.

Author Shahd O.Sidahmed (6 months)
this saved my life, literally 

Author ataylorai1 (6 months)
You had me until the canned mushrooms.

Author sara aj (1 year)
I really cant hold myself i wanna eat that yuuuuuummmmmyyyyyyy

Author Nadilla Saloranta (10 months)
enaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!! :)

Author xXbunnylovescreamxD (2 years)
i dont want to make it, i just want to EAT IT!

Author aquia80 (2 years)
I just made this 3 Thanks for the cooking inspiration! If you throw in a
half of a cup of port wine when the mushrooms are half cooked and reduce
it, it packs an awesome flavor into the sauce. Yum!

Author sara aj (1 year)
I hate mushrooms but love their sause :P

Author Richard Blaine (2 years)
Looks terrific to me! This is just about the same way I make it at home!
Spot on!

Author Blastadon (2 years)
"thank you for the non-informative, non-supported, unnecessary criticism
that adds nothing to the equation" You're quite welcome. "interfering with
the product that YouTube is providing to the community." allrecipes is
providing the video. YouTube is simply the host. "If all you can do is
criticize," I don't remember the comments section only allowing praise.
"give room to those that help us out." Have you ever seen a YouTube video
that runs out of comment space? Thanks for your opinions.

Author jisidorfisk (1 year)
Every single time someone does something nice, some Idiot has to open their
mouth & show their ass. I am grateful for the recipe. Thank You.

Author aquia80 (2 years)
Its not hard to improvise and make this recipe into a healthy version.
Fresh mushrooms, crushed garlic, cut back on the bullion. I might try this
with carrots and celery through it. =o) Salty foods have their purpose,
like when you're dehydrated after having a tummy bug. It is not always a
bad thing.

Author JustAnotherCFA (2 years)
@aquia80 - thank you for the input and your suggestion with respect to the
improvements @ Blastadon - thank you for the non-informative,
non-supported, unnecessary criticism that adds nothing to the equation ...
see the comment provided by aquia80 for a reduction on the nightmarish
commentary that is interfering with the product that YouTube is providing
to the community. If you can improve on a recipe, have at 'er. If all you
can do is criticize, give room to those that help us out.

Author Blastadon (2 years)
So, two cans of mushrooms including the salt water they're canned in? Oh,
and don't forget the three cubes of beef bullion. This is a sodium
nightmare of a recipe. No wonder there's a blood pressure problem in our

Author Azita Rassi (2 years)
استیک سالیزبری یک چیزیه بین کتلت و کباب تابه‌ای خودمون. سیب‌زمینی کتلت رو
نداره، روکش آرد سوخاری کتلت رو هم نداره، عوضش تو مایه‌ی گوشتش تخم مرغ و یک
کم آرد سوخاری/بیسکویت کوبیده داره. قیافه‌اش شبیه یک کتلت چاقه. این سس قارچی
که روش می‌ده باعث تفاوت عمده‌اش با کتلت و کباب تابه‌ای ما می‌شه. بعد هم
پیش‌نهاد کرده که با پوره یا پاستا سرو کنیمش. سبزیجات هم که جای خود دارن :-)

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