Bent Branderup - The Academic Art of Riding

Clips from the videos Akademishe reitkunst part I and II. Made public with permission from the publisher Cadmos:
All rights reserved.

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Author 444malefic (4 years)
Wonderful, and those Knabstruppers are especially stunning!

Author SignePatten (1 year)
That's Hugin (the horse) the horse with 2 blind eyes and 3 broken legs..
look what he is doin now! ;)

Author Vipratten (3 years)
@bundarrahbabe It would be impossible for the horse to do a pirouette
without the canter becoming four beat... You see the Grand Prix horses with
four beat canter in their pirouettes too :)

Author miloismyhorse (5 years)
it's called leg cues.

Author copenhagen1966 (5 years)
where can you buy the dvds and books????

Author BeacheeBaybee (6 years)
omg his is a great video

Author copenhagen1966 (5 years)
where can you buy these videos and books, do the come in english???

Author Laura Hughes (3 years)
His spotted stallion is 26 and blind!! amazing trust

Author girl87654 (6 years)
I've seen the full film of Bent's Art of academic riding about ten times
and still did not got enough of it! I strongly reccommened it to everybody!

Author MrCalanog (3 years)
@bundarrahbabe Thats called "School Galopp" in German...! This cante has to
be a 4 beat. Even many dressage riders, who don´t go the classical way of
riding, use this to train the canter pirouette.

Author dewilderoos (2 years)
true art of riding.... so beautiful when horse and rider become one...

Author shadeofteal (5 years)
Must be the "Écuyer" by Deuber. A saddle inspired by baroque saddles, for
baroque/academic riding.

Author Viktória Kóňová (4 years)
Aahh, I wanna a trainer like this... :)

Author shelby mcintosh (3 years)
why do use hold ur whips in the air thats kinda stupid

Author Valerie Price (2 years)
Response to TheShelbz. Not only is the whip held upward as part of the
overall asthetic effect, but the rider has it in the proper position to use
for GENTLE encouragement to engage the rear. In order to achieve the
impulsion these movements require, and precision, a rider should have the
whip in the proper position to actually use it. A whip down at the shoulder
only encourages the front end and the brain, not the hindquarters. It also
may harry the horse if rider's hand & wrist are stiff.

Author artofhorsemanship (6 years)
Bent Branderup and Arne Haugaard just publihed a brand new DVD called "A
study of movements". It is absolutely brilliant and highly educational when
it comes to gaining knowledge about basic gate movements, training your
eyes watching gate and tact - and it is very inspirational. You'll find the
trailer here on YouTube: Search for the title and you'll find it!

Author MrCalanog (3 years)
@bundarrahbabe Yes, many of them-it is much easier to train it this way.
When you carefully look on the preparing ground at dressage competitions,
you can see it very often.

Author equinechick569 (5 years)
I don't think so. The horse would be alot more still in his back and
barrel. I think this guy knows what he's doing too

Author Katy White (4 years)
what a stunning spotted horse.....and was that a counter pirouette???

Author skaelcomssk (6 years)
Is there more? Where did you get it?

Author SilverSammet (6 years)
Thanks for sharing. Nice to see more and more people sharing their Bent

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