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Author Cecil Bernard (3 months)
Lovely, innocent too.

Author Dsquared2 (1 month)
Shamy you're so cute...Its Danas ;) Xx

Author mr marko (1 month)
Beautiful wedding----

Author Daniel Joseph (4 months)
whats the song the bride and juliana are singing at the begining??

Author 95bekirable (3 months)
Is that greek or assyrian wedding style?

Author Euginia Antoniou (4 months)
Looks Soo fun !

Author idris çoban (8 months)
kaşar bir gelin doyurana aşk olsun bunu

Author Ashwin Raizada (9 months)
Bride is also excellent singer,full of energy,vibrant personality

Author sam zia (9 months)

Author ابو السسسوسس (1 year)
edgarertsayn يالوح هادي اغنية الفنان اللبناني فضل شاكر(((( يا غايب )))))

Author Sertan Gee (1 year)
what is the name of this first song??? oy nane oy nane

Author Chri3tiAnoROnaL5o (8 months)
beautiful marriage video thanks for the uploading it i enjoy it a lot -

Author Ashwin Raizada (9 months)
is it a big fat greek wedding,,,,,,

Author Thanasi Tourikis (1 year)
Beautiful Wedding What is the Name of The song at the end of video song
starts at 10min 45 sec

Author 1994haydar (5 months)
Beautiful, Assyrian and Greeks have so much in common, a good couple

Author tanveer iqbal (9 months)
Who is this singer ? by the way nice couple steve and shams

Author Ashwin Raizada (9 months)
Beautiful marriage video,my family loved it

Author Dimitri Haddad (11 months)
posou lepes actually there is an arabic version of it 

Author Louis Aziz (8 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Prestij Wien (7 months)

Author EdgarEritsayn (1 year)
super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7.04 What is the song's name ? it is fantastic song

Author Naser Khalaf (1 year)

Author anthony sham (1 year)

Author shamshams77 (1 year)
poso mi lepis

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
Tania, which part hun?

Author Tania Beckham (2 years)
7:04 The mix with the Arabic song

Author abdell sam (2 years)
wow the singer is very talented she sings in more than one language

Author shamshams77 (1 year)
Thank you so much!! Love from Chicago!!!

Author gr8ful2god4life (1 year)
Welcome to extinction by assimilation! I have nothing against Greeks or
Armenians. In fact, although we speak totally different languages, they are
religiously and genetically our closest relatives. Unlike the Greeks and
other nationalities who have countries filled with millions of their
citizens to preserve their culture in case other Greeks are assimilated by
foreign countries they live in, without a country of their own, the
Assyrians have a 99.9999% chance of being extinct in 3 generations.

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
you can make them. it will save you a lot of money. but depending on your
location, there are many markets that sell them.

Author lucas simons (1 year)
i m 100%HASNAYA

Author shamshams77 (1 year)

Author shamshams77 (1 year)
which version?

Author saadjo2012 (2 years)
Seattle Wa )

Author 7ZBALPALTALK (2 years)
who is the assyrian the wife or the husband?

Author Mhammad Tofek (2 years)
Deus é moi marabilloso Parabéns aos recén casados ​​eu Rani Bay

Author AndyKonuk (1 year)
hello i listen every day to your Video. i love it fhe musi from juliana.
ps. very nice wedding. schlome from Germany. juliana the queen of aramaic

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
@Hormoz Khodabandeh

Author Brenda Yaramis (2 years)
What's the name of the song at 7.04 please? It's a beautiful wedding,
congratulations ! :)

Author Maria H-S (2 years)
As we are on preparation for my daughter's wedding, I was just surfing to
take ideas... So I found your upload. What a so different and exquisite
wedding this is!!! Congratulations on everything and thank you very much
for giving me the chance to learn about Assyrians and their bond with the
Greeks. Efharisto.

Author ninbazi (2 years)
Lovee your wedding

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
Assyrian ( Aramaic)

Author shamshams77 (1 year)
loool There are more on my channel Thanks for watching

Author RT (2 years)
where was this wedding?

Author Ashor kamis (1 year)
johhny youkana IS THE BEST SINGER

Author Pazuzu773 (2 years)
Assyrians are amazing! Multi-lingual, well-educated, and beautiful!
Absolutely amazing! God Bless this Assyrian/Greek couple and their families!

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
i only see this one. :)

Author shamshams77 (2 years)
@MrKolowski awesome comment. but i have a question.. how did you know that
the bride is Assyrian?

Author georgikamakedonu (1 year)
it doesn't work , the link , please tell me the name or another link

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