Farming Simulator 2013 - Let's Play Career Gameplay Part 44 BMW

Having to much fun with the BMW and causing mayhem on our farm. Pretty much like every other episode :)

Mods used this episode:

VeG-S - VehicleGroups Switcher (v0.92)

2013 Inspector mod V2.1

Deutz Cutter 7545 RTS XL


Lemken Gigant 1400

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 31:06
Comments: 81

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Author Jerry Morgan Jr (2 months)
the map in the titanium edition is fun lots of HUGE lots lol

Author Zinny Longson (2 years)
Is The BMW A Mod?

Author TheBeardedGamer (2 years)
I can't watch this :( . I'm only on EP:14 in the series! Just stop what
your doing and take a vacation so I can catch up ;)

Author tom Parker (2 years)

Author jard teunissen (2 years)
fuck yeah part 44

Author PinguThePerv 69 (2 years)
1 map for 1 season

Author Lyndon S (2 years)
when you get a new desk you should do a video of your desk setup

Author zcahtotsu (2 years)
A new map would be nice get to episode 50 and do 20 on each new map, thats
what i think :)

Author Perry Carr (2 years)
I think the difference in the mowing style would be in lines if you want to
harvest grass for biogas or spread out if you want to tedder and windrow it
into stuff to make bales. I would assume.

Author Galligan1234 (1 year)
On windows 8 how can u put de beakons on

Author sam morriss (2 years)
thats woud be awesome

Author andrev vaiklaA (2 years)

Author z (2 years)
if u still do silage you can hook up the white agroliners to the krone

Author umhvideos (2 years)
Don't listen to the noobs! The Lamborghini is dog shit!

Author denrobinaawieanders (2 years)
love your videos man

Author SIC66SIC66 (2 years)
If you lose the weight on the red tractor, you can drive pretty much full
speed while fertilizing.

Author ViccaroGaming (2 years)
Hey Robert, I use Aduacity when I recored, but I cant get it and my
recording program and audacity to start at the same time, is there a way to
set up a hotkey to start them at the same time?

Author CubesOfBedrock (1 year)
Try the dirt bike mod to get out of the map

Author MB A (2 years)
what mouse and keyboard do you use?

Author Mr24HappyBoyz (2 years)
If anyone is wondering to turn the flashing beacons on the machinery it's
the home button

Author Dxsonic619 (2 years)
Go 1st person view in the BMW

Author mrowproductions (2 years)
Make your own desk like go to home depo and buy a nice looking pannle of
wood that is big enough and then buy some railing poles and use screws =D

Author jespergeest (2 years)

Author ItsRusby (2 years)
You can attach a small fertiliser spreader to the front (the powder stuff
from the start of the series maybe) which when you're sowing will fertilise
at the same time.

Author Steel Armor (2 years)
I hate my OCD, because all the fucking shit mod pictures I go retarded

Author six9smoke (2 years)
The BMW needs more downforce, you can add more it the .xml file opened in

Author AwakenLife (2 years)
Yep... New map FTW...

Author lawnboy 391 (2 years)

Author zack niner (2 years)
How do you get the mod?

Author Matt Faeth (2 years)
thought you said endless space was free lol :P

Author Arsenalrobert (2 years)
you have to go to your library. It should be there :) with a note saying 1
day left

Author mychanel8 (2 years)
teaching you how not to farm in thet real 101 w/ Robert

Author Eniquety (2 years)
thumbs up if you want 2 episodes a day again........ i fell like something
is missing in my life

Author Lyndon S (2 years)
YES!!!!! the chicago bulls Won!!!!

Author Dxsonic619 (2 years)
Hi Robert, Can you make a video on how to make a Farming Simulator 2013
mod. Thanks

Author Mrdeadlysniper123 (2 years)

Author MrDedset (2 years)
hey you should check out the map hagenstedtv2 is all the same but the
sheeps and cows and chickens come closer that map is awesome like so he can

Author elissaz74 (2 years)
im producing the mod right now

Author tom Parker (2 years)
Robert do u have facebook and if so whats ur name

Author WhatMogo (2 years)
Do you need a decent graphics card for this ?

Author Arsenalrobert (2 years)
nope :(

Author Riley van doren (2 years)
you should get a pickup truck mod

Author Scottishlandwarrior (2 years)
Farmer Rob lol!!!

Author Bradley Haff (2 years)
lol and lamboghinis arent that shit

Author son8god8damn (2 years)
it doesnt matter about power really its all about the gearing

Author Harrison Brady (2 years)
one thing you can do with the gigant is use it in place of your plow when
combining fields. it is bigger than the biggest plow in the game, and it
also cultivates.

Author Anthony Galla (2 years)
hi Robert, i went on steam to download endless space and it said it was
$15. r u sure it is free 4 this weekend??

Author Blair Curran (2 years)
Use a bank lone

Author [TH3] Cooperative (2 years)

Author evan huskey (1 year)
is fraps frree

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