Shotguns & Gun Information : How to Clean a 20-Gauge Shotgun

In order to clean a 20-gauge shotgun, start by using a cleaning rod and a moist patch to run through both of the barrels. Learn about using a bore swab when cleaning a 20-gauge shotgun with help from a firearm safety instructor in this free video on cleaning 20-gauge shotguns.

Expert: Perry Conrad
Bio: Perry Conrad has been the owner of Smoke N Guns in Cottonwood, Ariz for 12 years.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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Added: 4 years
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Author Kelly Deslandes (2 years)
Very clear, calm instructions.

Author juggernautjigsaw99 (4 years)
Thank you for that video, one question though is there a special "oil" for
the gun or is it just regular engine oil?

Author bern bren (3 years)
great video ,but what do u mean by 20 gauge

Author tuber749 (2 years)
The audio subtitles work

Author Roxane Wellman (2 years)
Thank you so much for this video. I'm just getting into sporting clays, and
bought a Browning Citori. Now I know how to clean it without bugging my

Author shawn hilton (1 year)
wouldnt running it back through knock off some of the dirt or other
material back into the barrel?

Author chapdog79 (2 years)
Nice job

Author Bandanabandito1 (3 years)
This is more educational than those IdiotVillage How To's...

Author william jose (3 years)
@juggernautjigsaw99 no motor oil should ever be used on any gun... there's
many fine gun oil you can buy at most sporting good stores or gun shops.

Author xtremehardy388 (3 years)
I'm new to shotguns and this really helped me. Thank you!

Author Fabrício Pereira Ferraz (3 years)
voce percebe o profissionalismo de uma pessoa pelo ato de explicar bem.
parabéns pela dica.

Author Crich775 (3 years)
@ballygeale1 The size of the shotshell, gauge could be considered the
"caliber" of shotguns, its smaller than a 12guage, but larger than a 28

Author 94tehseen (1 year)
This is a very informative video. Just bought a mossberg 590 a couple days
ago(still waiting for the 10 day waiting period in CA) and i finally know
what to do.

Author ManGlock2011 (3 years)
I would have used a bore snake. it saves you soo much time.

Author fukoofjj (1 year)
I am a new gun owner, this video was a major help. Thank you very much, you
just got a new subscriber!

Author jonathan cook (3 years)
@serbmafioso3 never wipe your wood with oil because it will rot the stock
from inside out and eventually crack. store your gun barrels down to preven
this too :)

Author yummygummybear17 (3 years)
wow this guy has almost a thousand vids. subscribe to him, he needs alot of
help anyways.

Author eli pri (2 years)
qota quta

Author UltimateWATCHER2 (3 years)
YOUTUBE Should burn for whoring itself out to advertisments.

Author MA55ACRE (2 years)
wow this dude knows alot....

Author serbmafioso3 (3 years)
is it good to wipe the wood with oil .....because sometimes i do it makes
it shiny and nice but than the wood absorbs it is it ok for the wood

Author MrHappy818 (3 years)
his voice makes me feel really calm

Author MrHELIFLYER1 (2 years)
Is their any different parts on a berretta 3901 than the Remington 11-87

Author Robert Petrone (2 years)
I hoping you can help me, I just bought a Mossberg O/U and it's been fired
about 10 shot prior. I find opening the breach being stiff to open. I'm not
sure if it's due to it being hardly used. I can same that I made sure that
it was was lubed with the proper bearing grease. Can you tell me if I have
an isssue or it just a breaking in period that I have to wait for the
breach to drop easly when I push the lever?

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