Minecraft Cinematics - Sonic Ether's

AVThaProducer - Easy Grindin'


-Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shader's



CPU: i7 3770k
GPU: Asus HD7950-DC2T-3GD5
SSD: OCZ Agility 3
RAM: 8GB Kingston ValueRam 1333 MHz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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Views: 620,738
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 3:06
Comments: 1321

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Author ArchiReckon (10 months)

Author Little James (1 year)
The was "gay" is used now is that you like your own gender, even though
people use it as an insult, they understand what it means.

Author Forgiveness (1 year)

Author SoulTaker Cinematics (1 year)
Everyone who thinks that their opinions are facts are "failures"

Author Tanner69046 (1 year)
It is called "easy grindin'"

Author CrackedCow (1 year)
Realisim + Shaders ._. Mother of god.

Author Little James (1 year)
No, I am fairly certain he knows "faggot" means "gay", because he sees that
as a bad thing, therefor calling someone he disagrees with a "faggot".

Author ProjectNL (1 year)

Author SleepingDragon1st (1 year)
Oh lol what? I've never owned anything other than a PC, it's a GTX650.

Author Saul Melchor (1 year)
looks amazing, but is aviable in texture packs?

Author VintageSloths (1 year)
Oh, that's odd. It should run fine

Author sipijano07 (1 year)
How do you get the grass and leaves moving efect?

Author Sebastian Kouridakis (1 year)
the watter is a bit laggy,how to i fix it?

Author TheMineTuberHD ★ Next-Gen PC Gamer (1 year)
it's amazing but it makes a lot of lagg

Author SleepingDragon1st (1 year)
How? I got a GT 650 8gb ram, i barely get 20-25fps, this shits all over my
FPS yet i can play any modern game on max O.o doesn't make sense.

Author MrTrollmaster0 (1 year)

Author RINGO E (1 year)
zou have a Big Trees Mod

Author SoulTaker Cinematics (1 year)
I dont think you understood what i said, $1000 is a load of cash to me

Author Noimal (1 year)
minecraft porn?

Author Max Skriabikov (1 year)
because u are a noob :P

Author Skyler Blair (1 year)
Where you using a terrain mod? Ive never seen terrain such as that.

Author Weklenix day (1 year)
242 dont like this mod

Author Max Skriabikov (1 year)
omg u are so noob

Author VintageSloths (1 year)
what kind of shit cpu do you have, lol. There's obviously a bottleneck

Author FailBotGodHD (1 year)
Fuck yea !!!!!

Author NyanCat Lp (1 year)
LOL americans

Author KartoffelsacKKind (1 year)
GTX 69(0) :333

Author Chris String (1 year)
I clicked Show Comment button and a story began.

Author SoulTaker Cinematics (1 year)
i actually have 16GB 1600 mhz corsair dominator platinum : D

Author 1CombatKing (1 year)
It doesn't make sense that this is laggy as crap with minecraft. But then
you can run games like black ops 2 on High settings and resolution. My
specs are a 9800 GT and an Imtel Quad.

Author Gaaaben90 (1 year)
download link not working! Mediafire says that it was a problem with the

Author ObjectionableAttorney (1 year)
Whoa, why is everyone arguing?

Author diegobolso123ify (1 year)
Minecraft Shaders No Puedooo! 4 GB PA Me quede en el tiempo xD :/

Author borderpatrol8D (1 year)
you probably have to allocate more memory to minecraft. i don't know how,
but just look up a tutorial on youtube.

Author allygre (1 year)
please update to 1.5.1!

Author VintageSloths (1 year)
I'm assuming you're talking about the GT650M, which is a notebook card and
well, i wouldn't call it outdated but what the hell did you expect, it's
not a GTX650. What kind of modern games are you talking about?

Author TripodGRANNE (1 year)
Little off topic but... I found the music more sexual than peaceful lol

Author NOOBPWNED332 (1 year)
._. You guys are being ......... just play the XBOX edition the way it is
if you HATE it stop playing, the whole subject of the video is just

Author Bowser Koopa (1 year)
this a mod or textur pack?

Author Crysis Engine (1 year)
funkt es auch auf 1.5? :D

Author wictor andersson (1 year)
where is the download??

Author Alman1234 (1 year)
You should try sonic ethers RC7 ultra...the water shaders are orgasmic...

Author Scotchmeninkilts (1 year)
I think Little James is just an argumentative preson... ;D first saying the
xbox version is TERRIBLE (quote) now, getting mad cause he thinks that
everytime someone uses the word "gay" or "faggot", they are referring to
homosexuality.... why are peeps so stupid?

Author Diego Herrera (1 year)
but for the shader function without lag should go and steal the pot pc xD

Author asfiix (1 year)
same here.

Author MrJhoggered (1 year)
@seanny libres It is a mod

Author Psyfonify (1 year)
Nice job wasting your money. PC's are the way to go if you want to play

Author Jd Craft (1 year)
i have a ok fast PC i only get 800 - 900 FPS in MC using half of my
graphics and i can handle it

Author Aleksei poysson (1 year)
sh*t. where DOWNLOAD this shader????

Author Zyklon B (1 year)
I have the same and run about 50 fps on normal settings

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