F1 1978 Monza Ligier Matra V12 Jacques Laffite

Onboard footage of the Ligier Matra V12 driven by Jacques Laffite at the 1978 Monza GP.

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Author Astra SechsNullSechs (1 month)
V12 or just nothing!

Author Jean-Michel Dumay (5 months)
Today when they saw the Formula 1 and Protos-diesel is believed to live a
bad dream, a farce.
The first pass for an old fool...But at least we unpacked digital to prove
that it has not dreamed at the time !

Author Ethanmeister (7 months)
Sounds at times like a v12 ww2 fighter plane

Author Dave Fames (8 months)
Jacques Laffite underrated driver, like Brundle, Patrase and
Warwick....they should have won championships. Many will not agree but it's
preference. Shame about Brands and that accident Jacques!

Author ChesterStewartDrawers (2 months)
I think I wet myself. That's how F1 should sound!

Author SupercarsGT (6 months)
No words.I love the old F1

Author Keith Donohoe (7 months)
I've had a crisis....

Author Chris Ayres (7 months)
LOVE THE SOUND OF THE OLD F1 cars way better than todays F1

Author MichaSpielt (3 months)
R.I.P. Ronnie Peterson

Author Formula 1 Fans On Google+ (3 months)

Author PNWYogi (1 year)
This video....HNNNNNG

Author justRE4xD (2 years)
Balls of Diamond!!

Author Lenz Dot (1 year)
Most of this was on cold tires, he would be going faster later. The old
camera equipment was not what it is now.

Author NeATaNDtURdy (1 year)
1:48 i was thinking the red car is gonna let the blue car past. shit where
did that power come from

Author shawa666 (1 year)
The profile of Curva Grande hasn't changed. Cars nowadays are just that
much grippier than they were 35 years ago.

Author ipswich1992 (2 years)
Shows how much Monza has changed since too, even the classics have been

Author tugatomsk (1 year)
That explains it. :) I didn't notice the upload date. Bloody FOM...

Author Vijay Kanta (1 year)
OMG, I can watch this all day. Am I a true F1 fan? :)

Author Ned Kirby (1 year)
man in the shadows you can't see anything.. its like 160 KMH in the dark..
.Not for anyone who wants to live...

Author filipponio (1 year)
Il tutto a Monza, sulla madre di tutte le piste

Author tugatomsk (1 year)
I known Lafitte wasn't going all out since not only this was just a
practice session but it was also a "cinema onboard camera" smooth run...
but at 2:42 he seemed to go "all out" at Curva Grande, but it didn't seem
effortless as it is nowadays. My question is: was Curva Grande a lot more
demanding in the past (70s and afterwards), like tighter/sharper or

Author Rick Rosberg (2 years)
Fleet Laffite!

Author jackbrabham (1 year)
Sorry, Laffite, but THIS is the sound of power: watch?v=OnEA-m8cVcE

Author Carlo Beretta (1 year)
real F1

Author tugatomsk (1 year)
This video should have A LOT MORE views!

Author MaryjaneKush (1 year)
No music no commentary. Nice.

Author tugatomsk (1 year)
Thanks for the reply. :)

Author vigosmart sobral (1 year)
No run to full screen

Author RemoVegas (2 years)
This Is Absolutely Fucking Sick. Jacques Laffite, One of My Favorite
Drivers, Loved WATCHING Him TEAR Up "Long BEACH"..!

Author George Menking (1 year)
Wow so dangerous. Look at the trees by the Ascari Chicane.

Author Tom Bernacki (1 year)
50 Years of Formula 1 Onboard

Author Euro Lemon (2 years)
"hey guys.. guys listen, lets get a go kart, and get this.. put a v12 in it"

Author berndth bauer (1 year)
2:35, 2:41, 2.43, 2:45, 2:50 , 3:34 steering and gearshifting - that
driving is a work of art in movement and sound. From petrol to ecstasy - -
- -

Author Metalmiltia (11 months)
Yeah, sadly this was Ronnie's last race!

Author Simonkippetje (1 year)
My Ligier Ambra is faster,

Author Arvo Jones (1 year)
This video is Reuploaded because Formula 1 Management deleted the Original
video, which had alot of more wievs.

Author holyuttapambatman (1 year)
Which documentary is this from?

Author James Marimo (2 years)
Beautiful sound you Matra V12,,, T.T (btw, i love this course layout of

Author Mikke Holmberg (1 year)
R.I.P. Ronnie Peterson, 1944-02-14 - 1978-09-11.

Author Stevie Witinko (3 months)

Author Couchracer (1 year)

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