Chanalyzer / Wi-Spy microwave analysis

Using Chanalyzer v2.1 to investigate microwave interference on the 2.4Ghz band in conjuction with the Wi-Spy 2.4x USB spectrum analyzer.

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Author Dan Frederiksen (2 years)
240p for the win!

Author Gary Hahn (4 years)
Because the second Z pattern higher in freq is occuring only when both the
WiFi and the Microwave are on, I'd submit that it is more likely a result
of "mixing" than a harmonic. That Z pattern due to spinning is an
interesting theory, but how would spinning food make the frequency change?
Amplitude yes, freq I don't think so. Could be the design of certain
microwaves to avoid persistent interference w/ consumer electronics...would
interfere some of the time but not all = fewer complaints.

Author Trent Cutler (6 years)
It looks like the unknown interference is a harmonic of the microwave.
Meaning it is just getting amplified and displaced some how. As you can see
it follows the same pattern that the microwave does. Sometimes the "z"
designs that the microwave makes are a result of the food in the microwave

Author Chris Schulz (1 year)
microwave backround noise for doubling foodprocessing speed!

Author Charles M. (1 year)
This is 6 yrs ago and im supposedly tripping for explaining this.
Microwaves are bioweapons.

Author Psymiley (3 years)
The 'Z' pattern is deliberate. Microwave ovens don't use a fixed frequency,
which allows better surface penetration of the food. Microwaves work by
exciting water molecules, which release energy, heating the food. Keeping
the frequency fixed here would block deeper penetration whilst the outer
molecules sit at their resonant frequency. Depending on the design, many
use a saw (as seen here) or triangle offset to shift the frequency around.
The 2nd oven seems to be more stable and better filtered.

Author urbex2007 (1 year)
I wouldn't say it was worth it. It can show which frequencies are
suffering, but that doesn't help one bit unless you can solve the problem!
It's just stating the obvious, so I wouldn't buy one.

Author Amishman35 (6 years)
As soon as the microwave cycles on in the other side of the house, my WiFi
connection goes out cold. About a week ago I was surfing with my PSP, and
someone put a coffee in the microwave, the router froze and only the wired
section worked. I had to go to THE VERY NEXT ROOM* and press the 'reset'
button with a toothpick. A few days later I was listening to the 4Mhz band
on my shortwave radio and the reception got worse. *mind you, me and the
router are at the end of the house without the MW oven.

Author Cleric775 (4 years)
These Wi-Spy hardware don't come cheap. Is it really really worth it???

Author GingerVikingMan (5 years)
the 3 pan of noise is radar a long range radar uses microwave radation thus
the second noise radar on screen is visible for 1,209 miles for a 4 class
destroyer the radation can still travel after it is no longer visiible

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