[HD] X-KICK Online (Gameplay)

X-KICK Online is free to play 3D football MMO it is developed by ArtechSoft and published by ArtechSoft.

In X-KICK players can play football in a few gaming modes, 5vs5 mode, 6vs6 mode, single mode and AI mode. there is also chance to change the "level cap" system to 1-60(all), 1-15 and 1-10.

When entering to the game players can notice Item shop, you can purchase various items like: clothes, cards, face paintings, and other designs. There is also "skill shop" where players can buy emotions, "training" and other skills like "infront shot".

When player reaches lvl 5. the "classes" are divided into three specific positions:
1.FW (Forward)
2.MF (Midfielder)
3.DF (Defender)

After level 20 the positions are divided again:
1.FW (Forward)
Powerful in the air and dangerous when shooting from close distance, the Striker is the main forward of any team.

Make a goal from anywhere with short shots and long shots. This position is based on team play and scoring.

The Center Forward is always ready to jump on any loose ball near the goal area to push it inside the net.

Very good at dribbling and crossing he can either support other attackers or score on his own with a good shooting ability.

2.MF (Midfielder)
An offensive midfielder who can supply the forwards with through passes or even score shooting from the distance.

His main task is to supply precious balls to the forwards with long crosses or precise passes.

He's the playmaker of the team, all the passing and play construction always start from him.

He's very physical and good at defending, but he won't mind some offensive runs to support the team forwards.

3.DF (Defender)
This position is specialized for man to man defense, and has a powerful heading shot, that is back attack.

A good central defender his main role is to break all the offensive play attempts of the opposing team.

As the last defender, his main role is to make sure the ball never gets too close to the goal area.

Guard the goal with quick movement and judgments.

Currently there is only two stadiums available for players:
1.Waterpower Dam
2.Ancient Garden

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Author nejioooo1 (3 years)
xkick(dot)gamepower7(dot)com/downloads&itemid=downloads to download the
game go to this 1

Author Ivan0v93 (4 years)
hmm any one know were will the game be online :D

Author Martavius Echols (4 years)
@TheLegendGate7 xkick.gamengame.(c)(o)(m)

Author khaledanache (4 years)
FIRST ! ! !... this game looks cool, but something tells me that I won't
like this game o.O

Author Marcos Biffe (3 years)
Sem Palavras ( como eu eu to sem palavras se eu to falamo 'sem palavras' )
O jogo e ótimo

Author Ivan0v93 (1 year)
sucks big time

Author andreialover (3 years)
olha eu jogo esse jogo há bué!!! dame o teu nome para jogarmos juntos 1 dia

Author WirtyWer (1 year)
Global Soccer

Author Zed Max (1 year)
i hope they open it in the future best football street

Author DN EXtremllyNoOB (2 years)
Best game shutdown since like 1 year or more now I really miss it! Arabic
version <3

Author Marcelo alexandre (2 years)

Author Nikolai Genchev (4 years)

Author DE VI (3 years)
you can download Arabic version just visit this site and download it ;)
xkick(dot)gamepower7(dot)com then register :

Author só animes bons (1 year)
bixo ruim

Author Shitbag (3 years)
can someone help, its not on the site.

Author Petar Petrov (1 year)
Hi Mates. Does Anyone know if X-kick can be played somewhere ? And if not
will it be open in future?

Author NivXhass (3 years)
the web is not avilble !!

Author SolidSnake12231 (2 years)
bro where i get that game i searche all the time for kicks online. can u
help mee ? do u know a game like kicks online

Author Ivan0v93 (1 year)
will it be reopen and is there another game like this for EU :???

Author Ivan0v93 (4 years)
can any one tell me how to regeister in the site cuz i cant i tryed but
aways says that if faild...

Author bobonika1212 (3 years)
Can we still play this game?

Author Bill Kravzov (3 years)
ya its a good game but it's tricky to play and to choose your position. U
need the requirements to choose a different position =(

Author iDESUDESU (3 years)
game were shut down.

Author Mrmatt6610 (3 years)
the best game!!

Author Theus Gamer (2 years)
esse jogo é!

Author Weedens93200 (3 years)
@DIMEND812 Where can i download it ?

Author Ivan0v93 (1 year)
xkick or kicks online nothing less :)

Author Julia Silva (2 years)
qual e o site para baixar esse jogo ? and which site to download the game ?

Author TiTaN (3 years)
is it just me or is this game almost the same as kicks online

Author Fabricio Perrone (5 months)
Bem Ke Poderia ter um server aberto,joguei isso em 2010 quando nem tinha
experiencia ainda em kicks online e nesse momento 2014 kero jogar de novo
pq ta fods achar jogo free to play viciante pra jogar =D

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