Vechs' Test World - Worse than Death (V100)

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Author Megan Davis (12 days)
Your evil

Author DJblak00 (1 month)

Author brambleberry95 (2 months)
That laugh tho

Author METANICKzero (3 months)
disgeridge them to turn of sounds buy placing proximity nearby

Author Ben Prize (3 months)
make the mobs attack the player without attack damage, so the player will
always hear them

Author Charles Downey (3 months)

Author Long Chung Yim (3 months)
Make a command block which makes volume perm 100%
If you can

Author Aabenraaper7 High lvl clash gameplay! (7 months)
Ear porn

Author Lina Al-Jarallah (2 months)
I would not wish this on my worst enemy... you truly are evil Vechs!

Author Flymeat33 (8 months)
Jokes on you I play with sound off.

Author loudblacknoise (4 months)
next up: command block version with /playsound >:D

Author Volixtair (9 months)
You sound tired :c

Author Wilson TheGentleman (10 months)
Yes to all of these Vechs, be as evil and creative as possible in your
maps, and don't hesitate when implementing these horrors just because some
people may not like it. Lava traps? Unimaginative and tired. Portals into
hellish dimensions of unending screaming, where the only way out is to get
the player to kill themselves? I'd much prefer that. Same goes for mobs
too. Don't just throw a million creepers at a guy, unleash hordes of
invisible, poisoned silverfish to devour the player while they flail
ineffectually at the air.
Eh, maybe I'm just too evil, but this sounds like fun.

Keep up the good work vechs.

Author DYLAN ERIC (11 months)
their is just one thing i can think of

make them spawn in the open so not only do you her them and cant see them
but you must fight them

Author James Bull (11 months)
its not so bad when you mute the game the only worse thing is if you made
it they cant mute the game. 

Author Hannah Glenn (11 months)
I know something even more evil flapaderp+infinite poison+infinite regen.

Author James Bull (11 months)
i think dogs are having sex

Author Jung Ho (1 year)
Vechs' Test World - Worse than Death (V100)

I just. I just. MAKE IT STAHP!

Author theforce991 (11 months)
The way he talks this entire video he should start reading creepy pastas on
his channel.

Author lucko4576 (1 year)
oh man what about you do that but lav is falling on you bout right before
it hits you it gets sucked up and it happenes again so you think your gonna
die but you dont and when you have no hunger left it drops you into the
chamber with the mobs so you get close and personal with the sound :)

Author Nothing6211 (1 year)
I kind of... Like it. It's not bad, the sounds have a beat, and it sounds

Author chocolover forlife (1 year)
im sorry i couldnt hear you over the sound of EVIL

Author R00573R (1 year)
vechz furk you im caring 4 beds at all times on me

Author ThSadomasohista (1 year)
This isn't even bad I don't understand you guys

Author genia4561 (1 year)

Author luxzhvs (1 year)
Welcome to hell.

Author TheGamingArg (1 year)
This with horses

Author Erland Ostberg (1 year)
put the player on a pressure plate with three command blocks the first one
regen 101 the second one with poison 100 the third wither 1... 8D

Author Matthew Waldrep (1 year)
There is a debug command that uses F3 and something else which allows you
to see the mobs' hotboxes even when they are invisible.

Author Splode (1 year)
Where's the dubstep remix?

Author mrknife666 (1 year)

Author dogglez7777 (1 year)
My ear drums just committed suicide.

Author nthev472 (1 year)
My eats

Author triptolite (1 year)
Vechs, you showed me your psychoness (its my word) with your super hostile
maps, but this. this is demonic. completely psycho. and your evil laugh
scares me. but also, i wanna play more super hostile. :D

Author shadowofzanix (1 year)
Command blocks work on single player, too.

Author YellowLucario99 (1 year)
The only thing more evil i can think of is that... thing sets your spawn
near it and there is lava on top so you must listen and loose your stuff.
Every time you die. AAARRRRGGHH!

Author winter declercq (1 year)
im scared of u now

Author River Sharkey (1 year)
Next to the silver fish apocalips this is the single most unholy
contraption ever created by man

Author firestormdb (1 year)
dat laugh...

Author Chrisdeana Schneider (1 year)
Holy Crap... I had my headphones on full blast, Then He turns up his volume
and I'm Like 'what is He doing... its probably nothing' Then I hear death
sound screaming from my headphone and I ripped them off and Threw them on
the ground.

Author ZombieBates (1 year)
my headphones are gonna explode!!

Author GamePowerHour (1 year)
" Do you know now that this is the single most evil i made in minecraft"
Wait "In Minecraft" O-o

Author InvalidCookie (1 year)

Author Bryan Goar (1 year)
And this is y i quit super hostile XD

Author shadownavi64 (1 year)
make sure to add horses and iron golems in an updated version :D

Author GamerCraft Gaming Channel (1 year)
Dubstep Version Minecraft...

Author Duncan Burr (1 year)
meh, no big deal, not that bad, its a nice beat, vechs should call it his
vexian noisemaker box

Author Minerboy7 (1 year)
Rip headphone users

Author NalyDx21 (1 year)
That scared me so bad

Author Hao2k (1 year)
fuckin vechz...even worse than satan D:

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