'Yahova Na Mora' Music Video - 'The Indian Classical Dance' version

The above video is the 'Bharathanatyam Dance' version of a Telugu traditional christian hymn 'Yahova Na Mora' from the music album 'Thrahimam'.

Music: 'Pranam' Kamlakhar
Choreographer: Kavitha Ramu
Dancers: Murugashankari Leo Prabhu, Pooja Ponram, Trishneela Barkakoti, Madhumanti Banerjee, Yogitha Dinesh and Aparna
Singers: Sudha Jeevan, Revathi Mannava
Album: Thrahimam (2012)

The song is available for download in the following links:
1. Amazon -
2. Apple iTunes -

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Views: 561,343
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 6:06
Comments: 504

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Author Prashant Bantumelli (2 months)
good song but , there is no anointing on this song , the singer tried to
show her best and choreography showed his skills and the camara men did his
best ......................but this song do not give the feel of holy

Author Edwin Moses (2 months)
Love this soulful song

Author Bhushanam Marikili (10 days)
Its wonderful
All glory to d Lord.congrats to d producers

Author Vijay Praveen Kumar Eanuganti (1 month)
Good to see God people doing great things in name of the Lord.. Hats off to
the dance and music composer...all the blessings to the whole crew....

Author George Chempolil (1 month)
Awesome singing by Sudha and Revathi..kudos to music director and the team
for enchanting performance. 

Author sushmita kumar (11 days)
Love this song.. God bless!

Author sangeeth anaparthi (3 months)
superrb u hve did a great job its really osom song feel good 

Author Anilkumar Y (2 months)
All of you are Dancing Angels,Nice song, Perfect dance & music and also HE
IS perfect GOD. The GOD'S Glory & Mighty can't hidden it will reveals in so
many marvellous ways and it is soooooo beautiful. GOD BLESS UUUUUU... all.

Author Ruchika Francis (27 days)
woww.... that was beautiful !

Author Aparna Abraham (1 month)
what a beautiful display of worship and pure art !!!!!!

Author soraya cienfuegos (6 months)
Lord Jesus, thank You for this wonderful display of worship in dance and
song.. I'm blessed by your creativity and your love for all nations... I
pray, you touch every person that comes in contact with this video, reveal
Yourself to them as Lord and Savior, we know You forgive them for they know
NOT what they say/do. You are merciful and patient.

Author fr.Shekhar Chittem (3 days)

Author bhoomika acharya (7 months)
Really a superb song & i dont knw abt yahova bt frm nw i lyk 2 knw mre abt

Author das sankati (19 days)
Beautiful music

Author deena jyoshna (2 months)
Praise the LORD and God bless u all . 

Author charlie nehemiah (1 month)
excellent choreography .praise god

Author keerthana konatham (1 month)
i love classical dance 

Author Anugraha Rose Joy (2 months)
All of you are Dancing angels, LITERALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a beautiful song . You all danced your hearts out. :)

Author Naveen Babu (27 days)
My best song

Author Miko Pali (3 months)
Harmony could have been better, but still the meaning of the song and
expression is amazing!

Author Aishwarya Wilson (2 months)
may God bless you!!

Author Akhi vanga (1 month)
its nice song

Author anil Varghese (4 months)
Good choreography and beautiful song.

Author Francis Figueredo (3 months)
'Sundaram,' Just beautiful! just beautiful, Trahimam.

Author desireddy prabhakarareddy (4 months)
yes he listen u and me prayer.i feel like that so many times.thank u lord

Author Akhil chintu077 (29 days)
awesome dance to praise jesus christ

Author sam ji (4 months)
Beautiful adorable way to glorify God

Author Kiran Francis.T (4 months)
thats a awesome dance

Author Madurya Pilli (1 month)

Author Sarah Ke (3 months)
beautiful song and dance

Author stanleeg (2 months)
Always felt a presence of god with this song..may god bless you guys..great

Author Lakshmi Chandrika (3 months)


Author juan medina (7 months)

Author G Neeraja (6 months)
Superb choreography...........................You girls were fabulous done
a wonderful job.. continue to use God's word.

Author Nancy Serena (4 days)

Author NOOKARAJU BARRE (7 months)
Really this song is beauty full and wonder full. very very thanks for
koriographer and producers. 

Author Sheena John (6 months)
Nice song and Graceful dance!!!....loved it !

Author vara prasad reddy (4 months)
Very good.

Author minu kurien (10 months)

Author kt babu (5 months)
beautiful song

Author sai K (4 months)
awesome dance

Author das sankati (25 days)

Author Beena Dube (8 days)

Author me (4 months)
A dance form does not belong to any particular religion... It is one of the
many art forms that exist in the world. And if someone wants to use that
art form to praise God then they are doing nothing wrong...and certainly
not stealing anything from anyone! In fact, this is a great way of using
one's talent for the glorification of God. 

Author praneethsrinivas (10 months)
Mother Fuckers!!

Author chaitu chand (7 months)

Author anu anusha (11 months)
simply superb song....i just loved it a lotttttttttttttttt.....praise the
lord for such a marvellous music and also singing...

Author sripal bolleddu (7 months)
Dance was awesome and the expresion was out standing we got 3rd place for
the dance in the inter col competation

Author Revathy S Nair (12 days)

Author kiran madar (11 months)
see the dance,the music,the feel,the grace that itself is hinduism.! its
not closed box like abrahamic religions, hinduism is true nature of india
and even the whole of mankind.! 

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