'Yahova Na Mora' Music Video - 'The Indian Classical Dance' version

The above video is the 'Bharathanatyam Dance' version of a Telugu traditional christian hymn 'Yahova Na Mora' from the music album 'Thrahimam'.

Music: 'Pranam' Kamlakhar
Choreographer: Kavitha Ramu
Dancers: Murugashankari Leo Prabhu, Pooja Ponram, Trishneela Barkakoti, Madhumanti Banerjee, Yogitha Dinesh and Aparna
Singers: Sudha Jeevan, Revathi Mannava
Album: Thrahimam (2012)

The song is available for download in the following links:
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2. Apple iTunes -

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Views: 462,685
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 6:06
Comments: 480

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Author Jeevan Kumar (1 year)
Goosebumps and tears in eye's....jus to listen an incredible composition to
an ever lasting song...!! Tons of thanks for filling our hearts with so
much compassion..Hats Off !!

Author P chandra sekhar (1 year)
beatifull song. i was danced this song last year x-mas.

Author sudhumravarna (1 year)
This is cultural appropiration. Taking and innately Hindu dance and
appropriating it with Christianity. Well this is like treating us like
savage objects and stealing things. What the heck. this also violates core
christian principle. I wonder this is how christians appropriated pagans
from the face of the earth.

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
I am sorry if I have angered you...

Author Eda anil chaitanya (1 year)
I really came to know the meaning of lyrics.. what else can i say? except
to bow knees to my LORD JESUS and glorify him eternally for his
magnificient Grace and Love...

Author Adi Danny (1 year)
Very Nice song, Perfect dance & music and also HE IS perfect GOD. The
GOD'S Glory & Mighty can't hidden it will reveals in so many marvellous
ways and it is soooooo beautiful. GOD BLESS UUUUUU... all.

Author rannajim (1 year)
I agree. And only Italians should eat spagetti, and only Chinese should
celebrate with fireworks because they invented it. And only Americans
should drive cars, because that is an American invention. And South Indians
should not play the violin, because it is a western instrument. You are an
elitist, and what you wrote was very ignorant. You cannot contain culture
to one specific cast or group. Culture is like the sun. It shines on
everyone and nobody can say they own it exclusively.

Author Sampath Sam (1 year)
credit goes to editor n next camera man - Glory to God -

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
How can you live in USA a Christian country by core and say that those
Indians are stealing from themselves? when you (I'm not saying this as a
reality but as a hypothetical statement) are stealing from a Christian core
country by living here, and making advantages of its educational system,
work force, economy??? Aren't Christians Indian not a part of India ... now
I understand the feeling of minority in India and I always wondered why
there are so many religious Hindu Muslim problems.

Author Kiran Darivemula (1 year)
song,music and dance are super and i want more songs with classical dance

Author Lael Sunny (1 year)
I dare ask all the people who wrote all negative comments.. who r u to
judge our community we christians r not afaraid of ur comments because when
our god is with us who can be against us .. I ask Iall the people who
commented will god have 2 , 5 , 10 wives . god is veryy holy and divine use
coomon sense people... and I decalre that my father elohim and son christ r
the only god.

Author stanleeg (1 year)
wow....stunning song...reverant dance...your faith is seen in a beautiful
way...god bless you...and thankyou for this effort.

Author Karuna Kongalety (1 year)
superbbb song and dance

Author jonathan samuel (1 year)
dislikes for such a beautiful song....

Author yedida zadok (1 year)
that was awesome

Author ramarao chetlapalli (1 year)
how come it is "Bharat Natyam" version. It is almost like "Kathak" style.

Author SWARAJ PAUL (1 year)

Author Krishna Kambhampati (1 year)
Bharatanatyam is a true Hindu dance. These girls danced very well for a
wrong cause! It looks very morbid. I can't fathom how these dancers even
agreed to dance for this song.

Author thomas rachapudi (1 year)

Author psenthilraja (1 year)
Plagiarism of Bharatanatyam by Leela Samson.. she has shown her true colors
now.. Hindu arts should be practiced and taught only by Hindus.. the take
over of kalakshetra by leela samson is an assault of our culture

Author Angie Garcia (1 year)
Beautiful! certainly every tongue will recognize Jesus is the Lord!

Author Lael Sunny (1 year)
Christians r not converting anyone .. people r worshiping their gods but
dey dnt get answers for their prayers so dey pray to ur saviour he answers
them and they get healed.. and dey belive I'm him .. underatand .. no one
is converting... use common sense.u people..

Author Kavitha Ramu (1 year)
Dear friends! just saw the comments and responses! thank you all for the
lovely words of appreciation.I am truly Blessed.

Author bindujose57 (1 year)
Very Nice song n dance

Author Akshay R (1 year)
Inculturation , Read Breaking India & Being Different by Rajiv Malhotra

Author Organic Beast (1 year)
Sorry, but I do not see "unity" in your spirit with believers of the East.
A spirit of contention is not the spirit of Christ.

Author Sunitha Reddy (1 year)
wow! simply superb hatt's off 2 every1 who is involved in
this.............all glory 2 jesus.

Author sylvi737 (1 year)
we shud not leave these old songs of classical tunes... written by grt
people and meanings have grt depth... i love them... thanks for

Author Karthikeyan Venkatraman (1 year)
Beautiful! But how come this is Indian Classical? How come this is Indian
Classical without Krishna and Nataraja? I'll call it western modern though

Author Lydz dazz (1 year)
it is the greatest song i have ever heard . really rocking... love this is extremely wonderful... hats off to the lyricist....considering
the lyrics, the deepest meaning of each word made me cry very literally
....a very soul comforting song ever....mind blowing dance too....totally
it is a gr8 composition

Author Organic Beast (1 year)
My sincere gratitude to all those smart scientists and engineers all around
the world that create smart technology so that we humans can network and
communicate more effectively. But IMO: The EAST should only concern with
the WEST with matters pertaining to proper spirituality and knowledge. The
WEST has a 'carnal' side which is decadent and spiritually destructive. The
EAST should NOT adopt that carnal side of the WEST. Quite dangerous and a
real impediment to my spiritual walk in Christ.

Author Akshay R (1 year)
read " huffingtonpost . com / rajiv malhotra

Author leeb2606 (1 year)

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
Please don't consider yourself pagan... and is music also religion based..
if so then why does India art even exist? because Hindustani music is mix
of Arabic music (according to you - it would be classified Muslim music)
and Carnatic music ("Hindu music). Stop putting religious differences even
in music. Art is a man search for beauty and God and each man determines by
himself what art appeals him closer to God.The English you are speaking is
then a stolen form from the Christian by the pagans.

Author Venkat Ratnam (1 year)
good creativity nice song ..........praise the lord

Author Organic Beast (1 year)
Again: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you
(impactzoneindia) for posting the english/subtitle/lyrics. Thank you very
very much! And May the Lord Jesus Bless you with all spiritual blessings! :)

Author Davaluru Anuradha (1 year)
excellent dance and nice song

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
I am sorry... you are right.. but can you tell me how I, a person born and
raised in India cannot claim the rich heritage it has to be mine also? I am
not taking exculsive rights - I am just saying, if there are music only for
certain relegions then aren't you doing the same things the "christians "
are doing by deeming other pagans? I personally do not think of anyone as
pagans... I am a deep awe of all the arts and they beauty of the kritis
show the passion and devotion of Hinduism.

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
Do you know how painful it is to appreciate the beautiful art and be said
to not be a part of it or denied access to it? Just based on your religion
or how painful it is not to be able to even use it for anything cause you
just were born in a different religion?

Author Sucheta - सुचेता (1 year)
I agree !

Author Kevin Crawford (1 year)
That Was Double Likeable Check Out /watch?v=tI57AefJMhg

Author Steven King (1 year)
Awesome Album. Excellent.

Author Lucas Silva (1 year)
muito muito bonito...gostei,louvado seja o nome do Senhor Jesus!

Author Sajeeva Shanthi (1 year)
very beautiful praise the lord

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
Do you know how painful it is to appreciate the beautiful art and be said
to not be a part of it or denied access to it? Just based on your religion
or how painful it is not to be able to even use it for anything cause you
just were born in a different religion?

Author peacocktiger (1 year)
Do you know how painful it is to appreciate the beautiful art and be said
to not be a part of it or denied access to it? Just based on your religion
or how painful it is not to be able to even use it for anything cause you
just were born in a different religion?

Author jaiputtanal (1 year)
Hi impactzoneindia, can i get ur mobile number? I am Fr. Jaison

Author tarun shelomith (1 year)
may the LORD'S name be praised

Author Lael Sunny (1 year)
nice song and nice dance ... keep prasing

Author Ирина Чикирисова (1 year)
Perfect, very fascinating

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