KOTD - Rap Battle - Arsonal vs Illmaculate

@KingOfTheDot - @ArsonalDaRebel vs @Illmaculate
Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop

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Born and raised in dirty Jerz, Arsonal is one of the world's most popular and respected battle rappers. From his days destroying the competition in the Lions Den and on Fight Klub to his new era dominance in the Ultimate Rap League, King of the Dot and Grind Time, there are few names that attract the attention that Da Rebel does. His battles with Hollow Da Don, Conceited, Hitman Holla, T-Rex, Okwerdz and Pat Stay are all classics, and all bouts that Arsonal would never claim to have taken a loss in. Brazenly aggressive and destructive with his vocal style, Arsonal's pen game focuses on the creation of long lasting schemes and rhythmic acrobatics. His battle with Illmaculate will be his second for KOTD, and his third in the Fresh Coast, where he has had nothing but overwhelming success in the past.
Portland's finest battle veteran Illmaculate has been one of the most highly regarded MCs in the culture for over ten years. Getting his start in the freestyle era and breaking out with his Scribble Jam victory in 2004, Illmac went on to win JumpOff's World Rap Championships two years in a row shortly after. Once the written format became dominant, Illmaculate didn't miss a step, performing in high profile matchups with battlers like The Saurus, Dizaster, Bender, Eurgh, Hollow Da Don and Conceited. Illmac is one of the most well rounded battlers in the world, possessing a commanding delivery, a complex lyrical style and the ability to go off of the head at a moments notice. His battle with Arsonal will be his sixth for KOTD and one of many he has put up in his home division of the Fresh Coast.

Hosted By: Organik, & Gully TK





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Author Chad Hampton (4 months)
I don't think him being drunk had ANYTHING to do with this 3rd round. I
think Ars got under his skin and had him pissed off and thinking too hard.
Ars won but it's a little wack how he be more touchy and closer to people
he know ain't about that life. He gets in everyone's face to an extent but
does it with a different demeanor vs certain pple...... smh

Author iiDraze (1 month)
First of all who the duck drinks right before a battle? He only got drunk
because he's a alcoholic and was paranoid that he was going to lose there
is no excuses for his lose arsonal do dirty shot to people that's what I
like about him it's a rap battle what else are you gonna rap about the
person and there lifestyle right? Exactly no excuses for his lose.

Author BloodBathandTREE (10 hours)
Ars is fuckin trash. He won but hes terrible. Most ignorant nig in battle

Author Terrence Sivels (5 months)
Arsonoal won but he says the sane thing every time just how 2 kill people
in creative fashions its getting old

Author Jovon Foster (9 months)
Its funny people giving Illmac a pass for being drunk, if Ars was drunk and
Illmac was sober would those same people be giving Ars the pass? Doubtful,
peoples attempt to hide their bias is so transparent. It is blatantly
obvious that Ars won this, he bullied him and it worked, next battle.

Author Trivial611 (4 months)
Ars 3-0. Illmac is kinda trash. His third round was definitely the
definition of trash

Author James Mees (16 hours)
They need to battle again and ill don't need to get drunk cuz he was
killing ars

Author Gus (3 months)
Personally I don't like Ars but u can never recall him having a terrible
battle. He has the most view on Youtube because of his consistent above
average - Classic battles. Ars 3-0.

Author Fahk Ewe (1 month)
Arsonal acts like a dumb fuck. Id knock that faggot out just for being a
punk bitch. I hate motherfuckers whose ego grows when in front of someone
smaller. Getting all froggy with a little dude like illmac. That being
said, he still took this one. 

Author StarKillaWheela (19 days)
Sober illmaculate would of bodied arsonal it's too bad he wasn't. Even with
concieted I think he would of done a better job if his shyt was straight. I
think he was at a fuck every one point and time when he did this.still at
that personal discovery stage and shyt, he was still growing. Current Ilmac
is a beast tho!

Author Bobby Marsden (1 month)
Ars clearly caught a body.... Clearly... No debating lol
Anybody saying Mac is top 5 is smoking crack

Author Don Vito (15 days)
Fuck dis fake azz crip nigga, him and his bitch azz team aint bout dat
action, dem fuck boys wont come to Detroit talkin to dat crip shit, fuck

Author mystimayhem (8 months)
Arsonal FTW

Author mike adler (1 month)
illmaculate 2-1

Author Taquan Clark (6 days)
Arsonal change your still

Author Brandon Hale (4 months)
illmac is a sad excuse for cali, if i culd i wuld battle arsonal juss to
show him all cali niggas aint that weak. i mean ars is ine of my fav battle
rappers, but if i get a chance. i wuld battle him

Author Scooter Smith (5 days)
Aye it's cool aye it's cool 

Author james clark (11 days)
niggas be to close to each other

Author Mercury (3 months)
I'm not a massive fan of either so completely unbiased, but Arsonal took
this 2-1. He had a good first which edged Illmac's and a solid third which
Illmac clearly lost because of the choke. The second however was a crazy
round by Illmac and he clearly got that. So 2-1 Ars. Good battle, but
coulda been a classic. 

Author T Tay (17 days)
This was a pretty good battle even towards the end when Illmac was f'n up
Id say Ars 2-1

Author Brandon Lazaroff (2 months)
Battle was bananas!!!! All i can say is i thougt it was even until illmac
forgot his bars. Drunk or nikkas get paid for this and he fucked up. But
then ars got me tight with his going over the time limit shit. They both
got bars but both need to be more professional!!! I guess since ars didnt
choke he wins by default but he still fucked up by going way over time
limit. At the end of the day going too much over time is better than
choking. But i enjoyed both of their bars equally as much. But i can tell
illmac has a better off the top game. But still ars won. 

Author mrvictoryg (4 days)
Arsonal killed him.

Author kickAssZeem (3 months)
It was close until the 3rd so I have to give it to Ars but damn if illmac
wouldn't have slipped and chocked it woulda been a great battle for him.

Author Rahpocalypse (4 months)
Ars is my favorite battle rapper, but I'm not biased to him by any means.
I've seen him lose before. More than once. Often times a crowd will react
more to one rapper than the other because they want them to win, making it
seem like they're better than the other rapper. But truthfully, Ars took
this one. His delivery was stronger, more complex, and consistent. Illmac
did have some pretty nice lines in there, but not quite enough to top Ars.
Illmac seemed intimidated and defeated too during the battle and his
delivery wasn't quite strong enough. Also a tell tale sign of who truly

Author rusty cramer (3 months)
Illmac is my favorite battle rapper, and one of my favorite rappers period.
And its obvious that his performance was thrown off here due to being drunk
as fuck lol but its just corny to say Ars only took this because he was
drunk. Mac still got thru most of his material pretty clean and gave a dope
performance i.m.o. im sure his 3rd wouldve been alot stronger if he wasnt
faded but Ars fuckin killed it and probably would've had more votes from
the viewers regardless of illmac being drunk. Personally, I prefer illmacs
style, and I enjoy watching his rounds here more than Ars's, but I wouldn't
argue that illmac "won" the battle.

Author Enigmatic SoulZ (3 months)
Illmac getting mad at Ars for responding at the start of his 2nd round yet,
in the 1st round of Ars' lines illmac clearly says midget fettish. While
Ars was still spittin 

Author finallyanime (4 months)
This was painful to watch -_- illmac...-__-

Author Knowledge I Allah (19 days)
Ars got bars let's go !!!!!!

Author Madd Erryday (4 months)
Mac's third round is painful to watch

Author van nguyen (1 month)
Can someone explain to me why organik seems like he doesn't want to be
there lol

Author cigma (3 months)
Second time watching this....

I'm an Illmaculate supporter and all I remembered was how it was kind of
sad how Illmac was sloppy in the 3rd round and repeated stuff twice, hence
not really wanting to see him perform badly again, but...

Upon watching it again, Illmaculate definitely smoked Ars in the first 2

It wasn't as bad as I remembered, Illmac sorta got through his 3rd round
and he at least ended it on his own terms.

Ars has some slick moments and how he can shift, but has so much recycle
and filler in his rhymes, the lyrical dexterity and polish of his delivery,
I just wish he had more content.

Author ChronicRiot (2 months)
"You're past your prime. Did you forget about your last few battles? Fine.
MIB memory swipe flashed past your eyes, Ima milk this match up you're
getting flash pasteurized" Illmac is a legend 

Author D'AREAL Jerub (3 months)
Arsonal always on point.... don't get much credit from me for punking a
smaller person with a whole crowd behind him...was pretty wack that they
were talkin through his round and made him get off his game... they
wouldn't do that to Math or Dizaster.. i'd say they should have had a
rematch and stop talking so illmac can get his stuff out...#TIME

Author Jamaal Bethea (3 months)
mac was with him until that 3rd round!

Author Time8 (3 months)
Arsonals first is amazing

Author TRUE VERSE (1 month)
3-0 arsonal clear bodybag.folks lets not hate and just appreciate the art.

Author Florida Faded (1 month)
Illmac 2-1
First 2 rounds. Ars got the third by default.

Author PushYourEdge (4 months)
I'll be honest like Ill mac more, but ill mac lost this, ONLY because he
choked so badly that last round.

All you motherfuckers saying that ARS won 3 -0. Are you serious??... FUCK
OUTTA HERE. For real. How many god dam gun metphors did ars use? He barely
used any personals. A lot of what he said he could've said to ANYONE. it's
like yo, as soon as someone starts describing that they are gonna murder
someone and with what kind of guns and how, i just tune the fuck out
because it's so cliche at this point.

Anyway, Illmac SLAYED ars those first two rounds on some real, deep
personal shit, and had way better of a crowd reaction, flow and delivery
was on point. Ars won the last round for sure. Even tho ars only won one
round in this battle, illmac's last round was so bad that it made him lose
the battle as a whole. That choke was too crucial and proved to be his

Overall, Illmac 2- Arsonal-1. But I choose Ars as the winner cuz illmac's
choke and last round was just too terrible.

Author miguel aunt jemima juarez (4 months)
Lol arsonal's dick riders are all butt hurt everytime ill spits 

Author wayneb331 (1 month)
Wish mac woulda smacked that bitch

Author newyorkaces (4 months)
All the book worms think Illmac won. Arsonal CLEARLY annihilated this man.

Author Deshawn Bass (1 month)
Ars 3-0 too much for em

Author Vayne The Legend (3 months)
Illmaculate's 3rd round was so cringe..

Author bobtwista (1 month)
2-1 illmac arsenal is pretty predictable

Author BloodBathandTREE (2 months)
E Boogs just called Ars a top tier battler. Kill yourself faggot. He punked
lil white dude I no I saw why does that mean he can rap. Tell your mom to
shave her back

Author darkmagnum10 (3 months)
Idk if ill was drunk or not, but he's brutal to watch every time to me. I
can usually go through a rapper' s catalog and find something I can
appreciate but I can't with him. The only reason I watched this is b/c I
hate arsonal and was trying to overcome any bias I had. 

Author BigTomDog Sambrano (3 months)
Arsonal is a beast but they be killing him with that fake Crip shit. New
Jersey claiming a Los Angeles gang?? Grape St. is in Compton. WTF. 

Author Duce Wyld Fan (2 months)
IIImuaculate is good but Arsonal still killed him

Author Ryan Skaleta (2 months)
Arsonal Bodied him......

Author Jose Valladares (4 months)
Mac was drunk and barely got through the battle that is evident. The battle
was jot going to happen hence mac got drunk, last minute it was put back on
at the end of the night. Ars had every right to not battle without his
money KOTD messed up if that the story. They should have a rematch
especially since Mac is killing everyone recently. It would be a great

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