Nebraska Couple freezes to death - meth leads nowhere

A true story of two teens who used meth, became disoriented, traveled into the Nebraska woods and froze to death.

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Author tripmast3r (4 years)
@trapmaster46 speed will make you see things and people that arent there.

Author brian Mitchell (4 years)
god i live i nebraska and man winters suck its cold it may only say 10 or
17 but when the wind picks up holy shit it sucks it sucks to be a smoker.
but damn this sucks its sad my cuzin died from huffing and sents than i got
a new look at life it was hard for me cuss we were so close

Author Happynose919 (7 years)
i guess the point is they could have lived if they werent too high to be
able to tell anyone where they were. ...except they might not have been
found anyway. but the meth just took away any chance they had.

Author Hadley D (6 years)
Yeah...the call was much longer!

Author Kristopher1995 (5 years)
the first time i saw this comerical on tv it scared the crap out of me
because there was just a picture of them and no sound and just him and a
nother lady talking and the screen goes black.

Author T523 (7 years)
I heard the whole thing about a week ago,and man........very sad.Could have
lived if not on drugs.Hallucination and all.

Author Phame17 (7 years)
Um *sighs*...I know someone is gonna call me stupid...But wth does this
have to do with drugs,this happened to alot of people who haven't even
touched drugs -_-.

Author TashaRichardsonFan (4 years)

Author funnynewfiegirl (6 years)
How tragic. My condolences go out to the families.

Author ToothyMcRotten (6 years)
Not only did this happen...the two meth addicts had a car with their coats
in it. When the police found their car, the car was in perfect running
condition. they were so jacked up on meth they couldnt figure out how to
start, so they just started walking into the blizzard without their coats.

Author scoticus01 (5 years)
If this ever happens to you, set your car on fire. Cops would see it when
looking, and the heat from the fire would keep you warm for about 30-40
min. What would you have to lose?

Author wendyspwnsu (4 years)
@buckinmo well then i guess 80% of of school children "trip" everyday from
taking meth and cocaine pills cuz the parents r to lazy to disipline there

Author Tiffany Zwicky (5 years)
this is so so sad. it just breaks my heart. i wish they could have gotten
help. i think they probably would have been okay for a while if they didnt
do the meth which led them to getting out of their vehicle.

Author mikecurse (7 years)
Good question, Phame, the commercial does indeed fail to make it clear.
There's a vid on youtube titled "911 Tapes - Teens Freezing to Death on
Crystal Meth", do a search for "911 tapes crystal meth" and it will come
up, it explains the story.

Author cwinnipeg (7 years)
Well, they shortened the phonecall. It was much longer, but it wouldn't fit
into a 31 second advert. He told the operater his name earlier in the

Author Cupit (4 years)
That sounds like a good idea actually. But I doubt these two would have had
the presence of mind to think of it.

Author rawrchoo (3 years)
@ToothyMcRotten Wow...that's really sad.

Author amazins20 (5 years)
Oh, god, I remember last summer when I was VERY pregnant and getting up
every hour in the middle of the night to pee, this damn commercial would
ALWAYS be on, (we sleep with the tv on) and scared me. It was like a dead
guy was in my room!

Author VoteSaxon2007 (5 years)
That "Please help us" at the end breaks my heart every time. Very powerful
and heartbreaking ad. Let's hope their deaths weren't in vain, and that
this commercial has shown people that drugs aren't the answer.

Author wattever333 (5 years)
what a strange example to talk about meth addiction. we don't need
anecdotal evidence. The direct consequences of meth are sufficient.

Author Backara (6 years)
it's so tragic. :(((

Author Blondbombshell20 (6 years)
it has something to do with drugs because the reason they froze to death is
because they were hulicinating due to the drugs they were on,and they got
out of a perfectly fine car because they imagined it being flipped over and
it wasnt. and they were seeing things that werent really there.

Author drugfreetexas (6 years)
You may have made the point of the commercial by missing the point. You are
correct, had they not been on drugs this would not have happened.
Therefore, it's not propaganda - it's an accurate portrayal of what
happened to two people on a very vile drug.

Author drugfreetexas (7 years)
We try to include all comments without vulgarity and a constructive
purpose. Please resubmit if we made a mistake. Our apologies.

Author frederickt (5 years)
This story was on TV before. Its longer than this also. Very sad.

Author marketwatch101 (5 years)
America has truly lost it soul.

Author foxy89class07 (6 years)
Where can you find a news article about this story?

Author Veda Harrison (6 years)
I saw this on Good Morning America and the were talking like there was
people in the distant coming at them (that i can remember). But yeah that
stuff can really make you think your seeing things that you think will hurt
you and then it just takes over especially at night. Scary!

Author darthjosh1108 (5 years)
I remember this commercial. It used to scare the shit out of me.

Author dawn grasso (6 years)
wow I hope they are RIP so sad they look like such a nice couple

Author Hadley D (6 years)
I saw this couple on the History channel or something. It's true!

Author moongirlply (7 years)
That is why you don't do drugs.

Author maccapacca (4 years)
America? Any country in particulare?

Author Blondbombshell20 (6 years)
and if they wouldnt of been on drugs none of it would happened. they froze
to death because they were too high and had no idea what they were doing. a
person that wasnt high wouldnt get out of a perfectly vehicle in start
walking in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm, would they?

Author patrickjamesmccarthy (4 years)
so sad

Author thesethingz (6 years)
tears ... so sad

Author ganandowf (5 years)
It's so sad they're nice people just experimenting.

Author danielt8818 (5 years)
wow, scary. i've seen this when it first came out. scary. too bad, it's
really a shame. just say no.

Author KatteTheGreatt (5 years)
this video REALLY makes me think differently about using any drug. im sure
these poor people were just experimenting and the ending really does get to
you. thank you so much for posting this, i know i will use this to make
better decisions in my future.

Author forsumthree (7 years)
Why did you erase my comment? It wasn't bulgar.

Author kelby67 (6 years)
I saw the whole tragic course of events on 48 hrs. or primetime? it was
horrific. The 911 operator was desperate but it was awhile back & there was
no ability to track cell phones at that time. They were actually seeing a
field of cows and hallucinating that they were people who just would not
help them. I cannot judge these poor people - though they did ultimately
cause their own deaths; It was an addiction to Meth that took over their
lives and led to their incomprehensible deaths. so sad.

Author Hadley D (6 years)
I saw this couple on the Hist chan!It was an awesome doc!Can you believe(in
what looks like a short lived addiction span w/ meth)led this
fatal,tragic,& real story?! Who knows though...they could have been doing
dope for a few years. I know all people do not have sores on their outer
body after doing meth for a few years. Why do I know this? I was a head for
3 years;not proud,& I am proud that I've been clean for QUITE some time

Author KB Da Unbreakable (6 years)
is so ugly

Author Jonny Jones (4 years)
I really don't see how much meth attributed to this couple's death. It is a
stimulant that induces euphoria not a drug that makes you delirious and
hallucinate. I know meth is an awful drug but it seems that anyone could
get lost in a blizzard in the woods just as easily. Just seems like
propaganda to me.

Author Rusty Shackleford (6 years)
If they weren't on drugs this wouldn't have happened what a load of non
sense propaganda !!!!

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