How to seat, inflate a tire with starter fluid

One of the coolest redneck tricks the internet has to offer

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Author Boo Tran (2 months)
TY that trick helped me out a great deal ! I got it on the 2nd try in 16
degree weather cause i needed to clear off some snow and ice with a garden
tractor - Getting the tractor to start in 16 degree weather was a trick
too. I warmed up about a 1/2 cup of 50 weight racing oil in a pot on the
kitchen stove to about 100f and added it to the crank case - used the same
starting fluid in the carb and it fired right up :) 

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
You probably arent going to break anything that isnt also replaceable. Try
to locate an entire clutch basket on ebay or whatever, its an easier swap.

Author Cat312lb (1 year)

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yeah thats a good bike to start out on. I don't think it will be too little
for a beginners bike, you might want to trade up after a year or so but it
should be fun in the meantime

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
so can a motorcycle have both the electronic starter abd a kick starter ??

Author AnagramForCraig (1 year)
Wow it still seems like it wouldn't work to me, but apparently it does.
Thanks for the explanation!

Author vac0002 (1 year)
Quick and easy! :)

Author junaid (1 year)
Good shit!

Author Logjam5 (1 year)
Funny squeal of excitement there.

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yeah you can remove the entire Schrader valve with a removal tool, they
sell them up at the counter at auto parts stores. I always keep one with me
so I can harmlessly let out the air in the tires of my local meter maids :)

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Sure I will next week if it isnt sold

Author spelunkerd (1 year)
You said it all with the last two words, ha ha. On the side of your video
is a link to the mythbusters episode where they give it a go. Like you say,
when the hot air cools the tire deflates, so you need compressed air
anyway. Too bad. Like Carrie said, it's a great party trick but not of much
practical use. What do you wanna bet, some redneck will try this with the
wheel on the car....

Author formegolf (1 year)
Man that was awesome man...I never seen anything like that before. Good job

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
awesome dude I love you

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Thats what we're here for!

Author poltab7 (1 year)
My tractor tire was flat for over a year cuz it wasn't seated....til I saw
this video. Awesome!

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yes they need to go a certain way. Look it up in your repair manual, it
should show a blow-up of how your clutch basket is put together

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Haha thanks Mark. I saw it on youtube a while back and Ive always wanted to
give it a shot

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yeah thats a little stupid

Author Brandonduboff (1 year)
Good vidiowe

Author Michiganborn1969 (1 year)
@mrmaxstorey Just want to say "thank you Max" I just got done replacing the
valve core

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
I don't even know what kind of a bike we are working on here. And even if I
did, I doubt I have first hand experience with your specific motorcycle's
clutch. And even if I did, I doubt I would be able to remember how all
those pieces and parts go back together. Before taking something like your
clutch apart, I really suggest you find a manual, or at least search for
one online or something

Author SteelCity1981 (7 months)
when I used to work at a farm tractor repair place we would do this all the
time to large tractor tires.

Author Michiganborn1969 (1 year)
@Michiganborn1969 the entire job toook about 15 minutes along with
replacing the crappy air chuck on my compressor. Both the tool & 4
replacment cores were under $7. Thanks. you probably saved me at least $50

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
ok sounds good. I have one the question for the day, the metal plates that
are all metal that are sandwiched in between the black plates, there are
two sides to them a smooth side then a sharp side. do they go with the
smooth side pointing arty you ?

Author James Alan (1 year)
Never new that ,that's amazing thanks

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Well, true. Probably more flash than function. The gas cools too quickly to
keep it inflated for long, but it still works well for seating the tire on
the rim. if I had just added air from the start, it wouldnt have inflated
the tire because it would have leaked out around the rim. On smaller tires
like this one you can just hold it against the rim or apply some grease or
whatever until theres enough pressure to seat the tire. But on truck tires
thats harder, which is where this trick originated

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yes, and many of them do

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
hey sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but what do you need to do
to a motorcycle when swapping out an engine with a electric starter to an
engine with a kick starter do you need to add or take stuff out of it ??
thanks for any info you might give me.

Author Tufdog's Place (1 year)
Say Max, how about a walk around of that kart, ? Looks cool and interesting.

Author BAXMAN68 (1 year)

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Nah you dont really have to do anything, you can just leave on the old
starter button it won't do anything anymore but that should be the only

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Haha do it! Just dont tell her where you got the idea from

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Haha yeah thats why its so cool

Author Jonathan Brown (1 year)
Do the flames leave any burns on the tire?

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Dont blow it up!

Author kbyecruzer (1 year)
did i mention that it's a fuel truck that carries 2500 gallons of aviation
grade jet fuel? i work on these for a living :) /watch?v=CSIR9q11xVA

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Cool! Glad to hear it

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
well thats the thing I don't have a manual with me, is there any way you
could help me out.

Author Michiganborn1969 (1 year)
Awesome trick. I seen it done on an episode of Ice Road Truckers where it
was so cold the tire wouldn't re-seat onto the rim, So the driver used this
exact method and after about 2 or 3 tries he was up & rolling again.

Author kbyecruzer (1 year)
how stupid would it be to try this on a three foot diameter tire still on
the truck?

Author Michiganborn1969 (1 year)
Hey there Max. I've developed a problem with the valve stem on the front
tire of my Vstar 950. The little nipple pin in the center of the shraider
valve is bent to the sides & wgen I try to add air, nothing happens. I can
get my pressure gauge on it but It wont let me add the 5 lbs I need to get
to 33 psi. Is there a tool for replacing tge valve stem or the little
nipple pin?

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
Yeah this is just for tubeless. Pretty much all tires these days are
tubeless, except on spoked rims. There is a metal band worked into the lip
of each side of the tire. The air pressure pushes this against the lip of
the rim, and it holds shape enough to make a seal. When a tire is so
deflated that the lip of the tire is too far from the rim to hold pressure,
you need to apply some grease or something to hold it close enough to build
up a little pressure. Or, just blow it up like in the video

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
I think Id like to see that

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
hi im purchasing my first bike and i love old vintage motorcycles but i've
never owned one and i was wandering if a 1974 yamaha 500cc would be a good
beginner bike for me? I'm 6' tall weigh around 215 pounds thank you for any
advice by the way I'm not concerned about the maintenance issues on it I'm
more concerned about the power of the bike, will it be to little for me and
stuff like that I also intend to use it only for work and cruising around
on it I don't intend on using it on the highway

Author danny130devilles (1 year)
Hahahaha amazing! My pops showed me how to do this because the tire
wouldn't inflate. He had me do it with just instructions, after a few tries
I got it. Although I'm not gonna lie it surprises you so be ready

Author mrmaxstorey (1 year)
It would only be stupid if you failed or lit the truck on fire. If you
succeeded, it would be awesome

Author Tufdog's Place (1 year)
Thanx for saying, That'd be great. Have a good one & we'll see ya !!

Author GoliathGunner (1 year)
Hahha awesome

Author bustfer07 (1 year)
sorry to keep bothering you and thank you so much for the help. is there a
certain way to put clutch plates on ???

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