[MMD] Self Destruct [Original Meme]

lolz original audiio by "Invader Zim"
DL meme here peepz:

credit when used XD

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Author FatalNerd1234 (2 months)
This is really funny :D but I can't load it onto a model, it crashes MMD :(

Author WereWolf314 (2 months)
And 2

Author WereWolf314 (2 months)
Run at speed 0.5

Author Adreanna Robinson (4 months)
What in the!?

Author Lilmo Scatcheh (7 months)

Author Mad Nimrod (11 months)
there is something wrong with this motion data. every time i try to load it
onto a model, it makes MMD crash.

Author Oh my GOSH (6 months)
When they laugh like that it looks loke they got fat

Author CutiePieSkylar Mew (10 months)
There's no 0:05

Author CutiePieSkylar Mew (10 months)
Theres no 00:5 D:

Author Siiah Evanger (1 year)

Author Miku Hatsune (1 year)

Author somlatwolf (3 years)
I can imagen code lyoko characters doing that!Ulrich Stern telling Odd
Della Robbia to do that...

Author 18chhs (3 years)
Lol miku's laugh

Author Foxy's little Girl (1 year)
that is very funny

Author SmashMaster83 (3 years)

Author darkxaur (3 years)
Nearlt passed out from laughing so hard at this.

Author Heather Rose Lee (3 years)
press 6 for farting

Author unluckycharms (3 years)
xD Fly Miku FLYYY!!!

Author PokemonPageDS (3 years)
@supersaiyanjohnny081 she says lee not glee. plus glee sucks mega ass

Author EpicShadows (3 years)
O.O faved

Author OoDoubleRainbowoO (3 years)
When i load the motion data girs part isnt lip synched......

Author banithekittehfan (3 years)
press 6 multiplue times XD

Author Amelia Erskine (1 year)

Author Navillae (3 years)
Press 6 for Miku going: Eeeeeeeeiiiikkk1!!! and then fly away

Author StaryuManiac (2 years)
...Where did 0:05 go?

Author Karathedirtyangel (3 years)
what the watch did I just fuck?

Author Minji Kwon (3 years)
Constantly pretty 4 and 6

Author JessieTehWolf (3 years)
*laughing so hard that i cant make sound*

Author John Draconis (1 year)

Author Azamia1 (3 years)
sounds like she FARTED upwards o.e lmao

Author mnbuki (3 years)
ROFL HOLY CRAP!!! so funny!!!XD

Author Ryuku Blackscaledtail (3 years)
and she left the vocaloid world... to go ours !!!!!!

Author Logan Witt (2 years)
Keep hitting 6. Win.

Author Erika Hipsher (3 years)

Author Epicosityghost3 (3 years)

Author flamingblade22 (3 years)
6 press it

Author LoveSwissChocolate (2 years)
O.O Her laugh gives me nightmares.

Author adam ullery (1 year)

Author Thewaterspirit57 (1 year)
it wont even load the motion data >:C it... CRACHESAWE#$#!

Author Derphead1337 (2 years)
@StaryuManiac Oh that. Lol my bad.

Author Kay Sim (3 years)
press 1 for head nod press 2 for random jumping press 3 for more random
jumping press 4 for laughing cross eyed seizure press 5 for another dumb
seizure press 6 for constipated miku (potty dance) press 7 for random
dissapeareing press 8 for lily random stare press 9 for ponytail whip press
0 for weird twiches

Author kisame0318 (3 years)
Miku is gone!!

Author emo4167 (2 years)

Author Lexcia Hedgehog (2 years)
How did you get the characters?

Author dez holmes (3 years)
O_O she fuckin flew

Author 0Slathalin0 (3 years)
pissed myself laughing

Author DooMgodE1M1 (3 years)

Author AThursdaysChild (3 years)
@maensilverrmonsters Youtube always eats one second off the end of videos.

Author chloe gomez (1 year)

Author PPGZepisodes (3 years)
yes it does i have no 0:06 :P

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