Federer vs Roddick Australian Open 2007 Highlights HD

"It's just unreal, I'm shocked myself. I've played good matches here, but never really almost destroyed somebody.
It's a match for him to forget... and for me to remember!"
Roger Federer after defeating Andy Roddick in the Australian Open 2007 semi-final

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Author Masterman485 (7 months)
Is this the same idiot that was supposed to be Federer's chief rival
between 2003-2007? Pathetic.

Author drumdude1000 (6 months)
This was more about Federer's brilliance than anything Roddick did wrong. I
didn't see roddick missing first serves, double faulting, missing
overheads, hitting errant groundstrokes etc.. He played bad only because of
what federer was doing to him.

Author laxlegend93 (5 months)
3:59 When Roddick comes in off an approach like that it just amazes me, of
course Federer's gonna pass him.

Author bacardibum (6 months)
I wish Fed had played like this against Djoker in the Wimbledon final. 

Author Ajay Krishna (7 months)

Author chris boothby (10 months)
This actually wasn't bad strategy, if roddick had been thinking abit more
on the approach shots he may have done better, his approaches were
terrible, would have been more of a long term strategy for roddick though.
Very early on in his career he should have been looking to serve, volley,
just look at his Wimbledon 2010 performance.

Author sherlock tango (10 months)
federer is teaching roddick how to play tennis properly in this match.

Author chris boothby (10 months)
Only reason nole has a losing record against roddick is the times that he
played him. He played him a lot during 2009,10 I believe when nole was
pissing about with his serve.

Author Andres Guzman (11 months)
I prefer federer perfomance against blake in shanghai 2006. But this is a
total destruction as well. 

Author CaptainSellers (1 year)
I miss this Federer, had such an air of invincibility about him, he can't
hit like this anymore. Players over the past few years throw harder serves,
hit harder shots, always aim for Fed's weakening backhand, faster players
started to react better to his shots etc, such a physical and power based
game these days. It's a shame he lost his best Tennis as Nadal, Nole and
Murray came in to their peaks with Nadal standing in his way again and
again during 2008 - 2010.

Federer is the greatest of all time without a doubt, people will say he has
losing record to Nadal, that is literally the only thing you can knock him
for, however you have to consider match ups, Nadal has a negative record to
Davydenko, Nole to Roddick, Murray to Roanic, but they are still far
superior to each latter and federer has huge winning records to all of
those players, you can't take H2H with too much weight.

Not to mention the age gap, he is 5/6 years older than the others, got to
count for something :)

Saying all of that I recognise the greatness and enjoy watching the rest of
the 'Big Four' especially Nadal :)

Author ArgentThug (1 year)
Two players at completely different levels.

Author blunty gagnon (1 year)
Total domination. Roddick sucks. Nadal sucks. That serbian dude sucks.
Federer is Betterer.

Author blunty gagnon (1 year)
Roddick sucks.

Author Christian Toth (1 year)
This is such a famous match in terms of Federer's domination but Andy
Roddick did not really play well, at all. I would be able to make some of
those passing shots against Roddick, even. Terrible strategy, terrible
execution, and no ability to impose himself and Roddick deserved the
beatdown. Djokovic or Nadal would do the same thing.

Author Globox822 (11 months)
Roddick is a joke. His FH and BH are trash. Net play is trash. He only had
amazing serve, and on a bad day like here, when that goes away...he is

Author tomassocannavaro (1 year)
0:15 "thats what he has to avoid"....keen observation!

Author Alma Cristina Lopez de la Torre (1 year)

Author khalsted (2 years)
It looked like someone made a mistake and put a Jr Tennis player out with
Federer. Kind of like, putting a Taekwondo yellow belt student out with
Bruce Lee to spar or something.

Author Kevin Xu (3 years)
at 8:59 so awkward ........

Author Gaurav Ashok (3 years)
2007 Australian Open: Best tournament Federer has ever played.

Author spiritflames (2 years)
Come on Roddick, 08:58 was hilarious!

Author omnibusim (4 years)
This is what happens when Federer doesn't get his eggs the way he wants
them for breakfast.

Author Manuel Salazar (1 year)
2:57 I know... I'm the best

Author Onmysheet (2 years)
Any professional female tennis player wouldn't stand a chance against a
professional male player.

Author TrailMix1939 (2 years)
This match gets my vote for best tennis ever by a human

Author superman11978 (3 years)
Roddick's shots feed into Federer's strengths. Nadal's shots feed into
Federer's only weaknesses. Nadal's forehand into his backhand is the ONE
thing that did a number on Federer's general confidence, taking him off of
cloud nine and back to mortal ground, which has caused him to suddenly
become terrible at converting breakpoints, no matter who he's playing. He's
the most talented, gifted player of all time. But no one's perfect. And all
it takes is one imperfection to dethrone a king.

Author MulletMan3108 (4 years)
5:11 Rochey is like 'what a mother fucker' for roddick 'throwing' his
racket at the cameraman

Author IricForset (3 years)
Roddick is really hot....and he's got a couple of set points

Author Airfabio (1 year)
I was referring to all the times Roddick complains or whines...he's a very
hot-tempered player. Should have learnt to better control himself..even if
it's his disposition.

Author VAN KAP (1 year)
god mode. damn roddicks net charges are tragic

Author salemdam (3 years)
i think nadal is roddick's best friend cause he got federer back for all
the defeats he gave roddick

Author erbgorre (4 years)
@dazza2151 plenty of times actually 04 us open final vs hewitt 06 masters
final vs blake 07 masters final vs ferrer 09 AO quarterfinal vs del potro
10 AO semifinal vs tsonga thats like a 6 game average for his opponents in
best of 5 matches. and if you watch the matches they had to be thankful for
that handful of games they were given lol

Author StingSuperior (2 years)
2:45 is just ridiculous

Author thisoldman99 (3 years)
@Yifmelon no one. federer is god.

Author kumar01234 (3 years)
i just dont get why roddick doesnt do well in aussie maybe its the heat.
but he won the sony erricson a couple of times. i mean its the same court
hard court and he won the US open in 2003 or 2004 i cant remember but he
won that. and to be honest i personally think roddick is the most
underrated players in tennis cause of his record with federer but i can
honestly say the one person federer loves playing is roddick cause roddick
really gives federer a run for his money. roddick is my favorite.

Author hectorhamish (2 years)
When the top guys are in the zone, this type of demolition happens to
Roddick! I remember Murray doing the exact same thing to him just before
Wimbledon Aegon Championships, Queens Club.

Author Advait Halve (3 years)
I'm betting roddick wished he made the volley that he hit at 0:23 in the
Wimby '09 final when he had 4 set points to take a 2 sets to love lead and
he missed a sitter of a volley.

Author XxMaplerzxX (3 years)
4:18 His feet don't even leave the ground until after the ball lands
in....and yet it's so powerful..... awesome god mode

Author Nigelxman (2 years)
You look like an idiot now. :-)

Author Henman5 (2 years)
Nothing special in this match really, Roddick goes to the net with terrible
approach shots and gets passed again and again... Federer showed a lot more
from his game against Agassi in 2005 for example.

Author Vitor Hara (2 years)
haha ya wasnt it like 6-0,7-6,6-0 or something ridiculous like that?

Author The One™ (1 year)
Imagine if Roddick was born in the serve and volley era.

Author fixmywall (1 year)
Roddick's like God dammit - sorry - gosh darn it

Author MrPep78S (3 years)
Qui un Roger spazialeee!!!!!!! Un marziano.....

Author TheDishpan174 (1 year)
Hey douchebag, let me sum it it up for you, no one cares about your
opinion. Just watch the video and if you don't like it or have some other
issue with it, keep it to yourself. Looking at your history you tend to
openly start a conversation on youtube with an insult. No one has to know
all the facts to enjoy tennis, it is a wonderful sport. You are just
wasting people's time. Also when you are telling someone that they might be
wrong you don't have to be a complete tool.

Author Dj13e36 (1 year)
Watching this match makes me sad. I miss 2004-2007. There will never be
anyone like Roger.

Author XXbob1993 (2 years)
First of all wikipedia is unreliable. Then explain to me why in 2003,
federer and philippoussis played serve and volley? How come agassi won
wimbledon in 1992 since he was a baseliner?????

Author imavaughanstar (2 years)
Personally I'd rather just see Andy serve this big again, these days he's
quite boring when he doesn't notch it up, and not half as successful. That
being said he is five years older and that shoulder must be worn out from
the way he serves.

Author Kyle Johansen (1 year)
He'd have been fine because of his serve. And his volleys would likely have
been better. Or he would have been like Courier.

Author Gorbasche (2 years)
Oh yeah they do. If it weren't for Federer's serve, he wouldn't be where he
is today. Also look at Nadal--he won the US open when he beefed up his
serve. Del Potro, his big serve is his (second) biggest strength. And then
look at Kalovic. He wouldn't even be in the top 100 if it weren't for his

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