Sad love story (Sims 3)

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Also: It says that the song is Jar of Heart, at first I put Jar of Hearts in this video but Youtube didn't accepted it. Something to do with that I'm not the owner of the song or something... Anyways, I changed it through Youtube so I couldn't change it saying: Jar of Hearts. Soooo: It says Jar of Hearts but I KNOW IT ISN'T!
Thank you.

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Added: 2 years
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Author ElX Sims (3 months)
How did you make your sim bleed?

Author Amanda Marie (8 days)
It's wind of change!

Author Beril Çatak (13 days)
What's that song's name ???

Author Sophia Branson (17 days)
It's so weird they don't have second life sad stories; I mean come on,
maybe imvu, but second life is a yes

Author Gwyn Evans (23 days)
It was crap I fucking hate it its proper shit I hate the creator of this
fucking shitty video

Author Paty Priátníková (29 days)

Author Amanda Marie (8 days)
The song isn't jar of hearts by christina perry!😡

Author Princess Kat Bjorgman (1 month)
They could have called 911 maybe!

Author Ashton Nite (6 months)
that was confusing I didn't get it

Author Bell Blue (2 months)
Wat a. Accsory murder

Author Shorty Mac (2 months)
dennis boyfriend reminds me of somethin that happens in my life at home....
im not likin it

Author Mia Garibay (3 months)
I don't get it to but good video

Author mackenzie daffurn (3 months)
she dident do anything her boyfriend did

Author ElX Sims (2 months)
Ok thanks if you will found out where the link she download it please tell

Author Brittany Smith (4 months)
How and why did she go to jail

Author vic pen (4 months)
i dont get it realy,and it is not all that sad so......

Author Eesnimi Perekonnanimi (5 months)
0:14 giant zombies eating humans XD

Author Abigail Williams (5 months)
where was the parents?

Author Maya wolfpack (5 months)
;< Soo Sad

Author aevno sadvdijeks (5 months)
how is this a LOVE story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Eesnimi Perekonnanimi (5 months)
0:14 giant zombies eating humans XD

Author Karissa Wright (6 months)
dang her nose is really bleeding bad he must of hit her hard

Author Daniel B (6 months)
Gooosh!! Seriosly? I cant believe that i clicked in this B**SH****

Author Nur Atira (6 months)
May I ask what songs is it , cause I'm liking it please do tell me.

Author Annette Rodriguez (6 months)
She didnt directly murder but she was charged to accessory the murder 

Author Titania Scott (6 months)
It is a love story. It's a family kind of love since the brother loved her
sister sooo much she killed the dude and went to jail for her. LOL

Author Emijocol13 (6 months)
This is sim 2 not 3

Author Ayanna Thomas (9 months)
I have a boyfriend and now I'm scared he might be like that 2

Author Tricia1192 (7 months)
Not a bad story, but the song... I mean, when I started to listen that was
"wind of change" of Scorpions, I was so excited, but then... that shit! xD 

Author Zuzanna Spierewka (7 months)
It's not even a love story... -_-

Author summer myers (7 months)
How come she got nailed 2? She wasn't any part of the murder ):-(

Author sadina zulali (1 year)

Author Hannah Newcombe (1 year)

Author Molly Cornett (2 years)
I saw a horse

Author DaphneSims (1 year)
What my intention was, was to make a happy ending but than it wouldn't be
so sad. So Dennis killed Denise's boyfriend. Denise knew about it and
didn't tell anybody. They got caught and Denise was arrested for not
telling the police.

Author Jade Foley (1 year)
Near to a good ending but such a violent film.When I get a Sim game I will
make the deaths a natural cause because I don't like violence. :(

Author Kitty Lover (1 year)
i'm just bored :/

Author Fakrul Zarif (1 year)
I LOVE IT ! :)

Author Nur Syakirah (1 year)
Angel cole are you subscribe me or not tell me.

Author CuddlinMonster98 (1 year)
y did the girl go 2 jail she didnt do nothin jt got beat up ,-,

Author Kayla Berry (10 months)
:( I want a bother :(

Author Sarahlouiseluvs (1 year)
If my bboyfriend beat me up I'd f*cking kick his ass or chop his bollox off

Author Nyleiaa Willillams (1 year)
He beat him down no need for them to go to jall

Author Mois Carla (1 year)

Author Nur Syakirah (1 year)
Did anyone see the horse ran away at 01:09

Author Diana Zamfir (1 year)
you can choose the dramatic trait and you'll have this action "fake pass
out" the sim will fall down, but it's just acting it out.

Author Jemima Clark (1 year)
My mum was abused by her bf now shes got stitches

Author Ashlee J (1 year)
how did the girl go to jail?

Author Paula Serrano (1 year)
is very very sad

Author xxepicwafflesxx (1 year)
That's. not. A. Love. Story. Just my opinion.

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