Event-Reportage: Truck Trial: Offroad-Monster graben sich präzise durch Unmengen von Schlamm


Truck Trial - der etwas andere Motorsport. Die Fahrzeuge sind grobschlächtig, doch präzises Fahren unerlässlich. Motorvision hat einen Titelfavoriten bei den Deutschen Meisterschaften begleitet.

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Author Frank White (16 days)
hans ludwenka is smiling from heaven at his.truck

Author eins zwei (6 months)
Der Tatra 813 ist schon ein geiles Fahrzeug,gibts nix. Doch für mich
persönlich ist der MAN Faun 6x6 oder 8x8 ein Tick besser. Ich hab selber
einen 6x6 und 8x8 gekauft. Und ich setze sie regelmäßig bei Truck Trials
ein. Mit Erfolg.

Author Xa Ven (3 months)

Author haibiker17 (11 months)
Der Tatra hat 270PS und 990NM! Sollte man vllt mal besser recherchieren

Author Skawagon (9 months)
I saw T813 to get out of much worse than what is shown in this movie. It
only needs to select the right tyres, and most importantly driver who knows
how to use his gearbox.

Author Maveric Morph (11 months)
Can you change the trucks appearance?
I mean are you aloud the reposition the engine?

Author SkylinerHD (1 year)
Eat English , most you tubers speak English 

Author MainsOnTheOhmsRange (1 year)
Interessanter Sport. Ich such mir gleich mal ein paar Truck Trial videos.

Author David Handshoe (3 years)
Tatra fucking rocks

Author OneMuscicC (2 years)
Geldgeiler spaßt !

Author Владимир Тамбовцев (3 years)
большие, но безтолковые...

Author HATECELL (3 years)
7:00 Elektroschock egal..? 24 Volt sind kaum bis gar nicht zu spüren.

Author ElodiaElbarl32 (3 years)
hihi ich bin blond

Author Mr Drew (1 year)
mechanic but these guys are not pro yet so it could be sponsor

Author HaloHamstur (1 year)
Where can I get a strap like that?

Author jan kokot (2 years)
@CastingStonez chevy,what a joke,he will fail in part that garbage.those
are real trucks like 20 tons.

Author Martin Fogarty (1 year)

Author JOZEF216 (2 years)
wie ferfluchte idiot fuhrt diese tatra? nach schule, kind !

Author cordedpoodle (3 years)
Why are they driving around on giant piles of wet cow turds?

Author Sethemiah (1 year)
Can we please please see a crossover between these real off-roaders and the
crawlers we have in the US? something where they switch courses and see
what happens.

Author Szczepan7000 (1 year)
dla mnie kierowca tej Tatry to pizda i tyle. poza tym bez sensu brać 320
konną tatrę na trial... 450 konna z 19 litrowym silnikiem i przede
wszystkim turbo pokaże jak jak idzie w tego typu terenie ale oczywiście nie
z tym kierowcą co na filmiku...

Author tobias reisdorf (1 year)
krasser ofroader

Author KLEINMUSCHIPAUL (3 years)
@UntouchableCZ you a noob

Author azntranc3951 (3 years)
@RSPaulRS go fuck yourself :)

Author zdrux (3 years)
Whats a real world application for trucks like these? I've never seen one
similar on the roads.

Author Craig G (3 years)
@RSPaulRS grow a sac

Author Timothy Kallend (3 years)

Author paladerelu2 (2 years)

Author vitaliy timashov (2 years)
водить научитесь чайники

Author SmurfGoSmush (3 years)
co za asy

Author Alex18273 (3 years)
this is bad u shoud see alex12873 channl

Author Catalin Zamfira (3 years)
too much idiots!!!!!!!!

Author XxjoniyxX (2 years)
awa des is spass diggaaaa:))))PPPP

Author MTBextrem1 (1 year)
Kim Pisa

Author bondiero1 (3 years)
que carajo dice el locutor?????

Author Adrianos Fidi (1 year)
did they Lowered the Tire Pressure of the Kolos on those obstacles ?

Author Борис Ковасик (1 year)
5 лет работал за рулём-Tatra148. Вспоминаю с гордостью!!! Это
трактор,который едет со скоростью 100 км.ч.

Author SHiDDYxProductions (3 years)
this is boring.

Author MRSketch09 (3 years)
Dammit I wish it had english subtitles.

Author edwin24al (2 years)
que buen video aunque no entendi ni una palabra

Author Subaru Wrx (3 years)
@garvess Hmm I didn't think about Hitler once before reading ur comment...

Author seeme1357 (3 years)

Author myinwest (2 years)
get professional pilots to drive tatra and problem solved

Author BlackScorpien31 (3 years)
wenn ich mit meinem l85a1 truck komme fahr ich diebeiden platt

Author Feuerwehr Sanitäter (3 years)
Trucktrial. Die Königsklasse im Trucksprot. DIE können fahren!!!

Author Fredrik Bjerkadal (3 years)
German must be the world's ugliest language.. somehow everything they say
sounds like the name of a fart.

Author Fugin Vungin (3 years)
Co to má bejt????!!! To byl pěknej kretén ten řidič...tatra je
jedinečná....Debil...ať do toho neleze když to neumí kočí miluju
..Němci si zase honěj trika a haněj jedno z nejlepších terénních
náklaďáků...Ať to eště zkusej na Ural...kam se se*e mergl :-X a jak tam
mele moderní technologie...

Author Alfred Mayer (1 year)
Well, the Tatra is not build to drive through sinkholes. Its an oldtimer as
well. Build in Czechoslovakia (at this time member of the former USSR) from
1962 to 1982. Compared to its youth and power, Mercedes wasn't that much
better anyway. Tatra has still the best design for this type of vehicles.

Author Gregg Weber (3 years)
Looking at that big differential and other stuff down low in the center and
I thought the aircraft landing gear design might offer a better solution so
I looked up some immages. Imagine a shaft going down, telescoping if
needed, to give power to each bogie. A separate differential between each
of the two wheels if there are 2 wheels. All this on a B-52 basic design
with either 2,3, or 4 bogies on each side. The center can be for cargo.

Author horoshobudet (3 years)
зачем показывать этого долбоеба на татре)

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