A story about a vacuum engine (flame licker)

A story why and how I build a vacuum engine (flame licker).
Eine Geschichte warum und wie ich einen Vakuummotor (Flammenfresser) baute.

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Author SWINGREGORY (5 years)

Author hartmutbehrendt (2 years)
Hallo Silvano, ich habe mir diesen Plan Nr. 320 3011 beim Verlag für
Technik und Handwerk bestellt. e-Mail: Schneller
Flammenfresser (Art.-Nr.: 3203011) Die Pläne sind um den Faktor 2,5
verkleinert (kopiert auf 40%). Einige Details sind geändert wie im Video zu
sehen. Viele Informationen sind in den Kommentaren enthalten. Extra
Zeichnungen habe ich nicht, tut mir leid. Der Text ist mit einem Internet
Translator übersetzt, sorry für die Fehler. Ciao, Hartmut

Author hartmutbehrendt (5 years)
Hello Mark, yes, the piston is covered with carbon fibres using epoxy
resin. Cheers Hartmut

Author Monday Lion (2 years)
Very very cool. It is something I would like to be able to make.

Author megamark55 (5 years)
have you the piston also treated with epoxye ,greetings Marc

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello, opposite through the earth, the secret is there is no exhaust valve
for releasing the compressed gas, which are very noisy in some cases. To
release the gases, there is a little groove in the lower part of the
cylinder where the compressed gases (vaccum is not total)can bypass the
piston. Furthermore there is a powerfull spring in form of a piece of
straight steel wire which presses the valve lever against the valve
excenter, so there is no mechanical noise at all. Cheers, Hartmut

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello Dave, yes, it is in german only indeed, but it should be easy to
order when selecting the Plan Nr. 320 3011. About the costs it depents what
material you already have. Sometimes you have buy 1 meter but you need only
10 cm. This is increasing the price. The raw flywheel (90 mm diam.) costs
about € 40.-. I have spent round about € 150.- all together, and now I'm an
owner of a lot of surplus material; maybe for future projects. Regards,

Author daveroussel (6 years)
Beautiful little machine ! Please explain the "Midderhoff" principle and
why you were so impressed with it.

Author silvano mantovani (2 years)
ciao Hartmut, sono appassionato nella costruzione di motori stirling. (vedi
youtube manto48,14 video) il tuo licker e'
fantastico,complimenti,meraviglioso. ti chiedo gentilmente se fosse
possibile avere i disegni per poterlo costruiire se a te va bene, fammi
sapere il costo dati banca per evventuale bonifico anticipato. ciao silvano
e ancora complimenti,fantastico. comunque gradirei un giudizio(da un
esperto come te) sui miei lavori grazi. di nuovo un saluto ciao

Author hartmutbehrendt (4 years)
Hei Johannes, I am waiting now for your video or the information when your
engine is working. Cheers Hartmut

Author SWINGREGORY (6 years)

Author megamark55 (4 years)
@megamark55 my engine is finisht

Author hartmutbehrendt (4 years)
No, sorry, I never will sell this engine, which is my only work in building
machines. It is nowhere available, only the plan can be bought, see video.
Cheers Hartmut

Author AgentOrange1969 (5 years)
Hervorragend für das Erstlings Werk !! Spitzenmäßig !!

Author hartmutbehrendt (2 years)
Silvano Ciao, io ho questo piano No. 320 3011 ordinato dalla ‘Verlag für
Technik und Handwerk’. e-mail: veloci
flamelickers (Codice:3203011) Ho ridimensionato i piani di un fattore di
2,5 (copiato al 40%). Ho cambiato alcuni dettagli come si può vedere nel
video. Molte informazioni sono contenute nei commenti. Disegni extra che
non ho fatto, mi dispiace. Questo è tutto quello che ho. Ho tradotto questo
testo con un traduttore internet, mi spiace per l'errore. Hartmut

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello Dave, Heribert Midderhoff designed this engine with the piston rod,
connecting rod, and the gliding pole outside any housing free on top of the
engine. I like to see all the movements. There is no noisy exhaust valve to
let the compression leave the cylinder. He uses a groove in the lower half
of the cylinder, the compressed gas can pass the piston and leaf the
cylinder on the open end. An engine must run very silent and smooth. The
only noise should be the sound of the exhausted gas.

Author hartmutbehrendt (2 years)
Hello, at first sorry for the delay of the answer, I have overseen it due
to the date of your question (01. 01. 1970 !!!). Inside is a thight rolled
mosquito net made of stainless steel, Hartmut P.S.: Thanks for your
interest. ( I do'nt know how to write it correctly)

Author eduardyna (5 years)
do you sell this? can u tell me where i can buy one?

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello Dave, unfortunable I deleted your comment, sorry. You wrote: Thanks
for the explanation, very informative indeed. The experts always see what
is important in the details. I went to the handwerk-technik websitet o
purchase one but it is in german only.What is the price for an engine like
that ? Dave

Author silvano mantovani (2 years)
ciao Hartmut grazie per la risposa

Author SilentRecordStudios (5 years)
Eine sehr schöne Maschine muss ich sagen! Würde mir auch gefallen! Respekt

Author WorldStove (5 years)
lovely as both art and engineering!

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello Dave, yes, it is in german only indeed, but it should be easy to
order when selecting the Plan Nr. 320 3011. About the costs it depents what
material you already have. Sometimes you have buy 1 meter but you need only
10 cm. This is increasing the price. The raw flywheel (90 mm diam.) costs
about € 40.-. I have spent round about € 150.- all together, and now I'm an
owner of a lot of surplus material; maybe for future projects. Regards,

Author mechfeist15 (6 years)
how did you get it so quiet?

Author hartmutbehrendt (6 years)
Hello, I posted my answer as comment instead as answer, sorry, Hartmut

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