Big Dead Tree Removal

A freind and I taking down a big dead tree at my parents house. Keep up with new stuff on the facebook fanpage! Letsdig18.

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Runtime: 2:42
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Author Spikey DaPikey (4 months)
Errrm, nope, not the way I would do it, but all's well in the end,

Author Greg Burke (2 months)
who cares what you guys would do lol its just a guy falling a tree. go eat
your moms leftover meat loaf and shut up

Author Thomas Helton (3 months)
lol @ 2:30 earth quake

Author Danny Ahn (1 month)
not a good way!
but it was funny

Author tonythetigre8541 (1 month)
No relief cut no safety gear no guide ropes one lucky guy!

Author wspycher100 (3 months)
Could have done it easier. Either the cat 330BL or grab the komatsu
feller/buncher. Problem solved

Author Tim Habian (5 months)
this guy cutting is an idiot

Author 85evil4 (4 months)
wow thats not how you drop a tree my dad cuts trees and he cuts a slice out
of the tree and iv seen him drop them right where he says tons of times 

Author shane galvin (1 year)
used a micro digger (700 kg ) to guide an akward tree one time , we were
sweating when the tree started to move hopeing it would go the right way
,but a few cuts in the right place a little luck and a little digger and
all was well

Author triden55 (2 years)
who taught you to fall a tree son!

Author FRUNTCASTER (2 years)
Chris, I won't go through all the things that went wrong, or bad technique.
. . I will help you with your saw though. Your saw is waaay too lean. Your
idle is off too. Lighly seat the L & H needle, then back them both out 1
full turn to start. That gives you a starting point. With the saw idling,
slowly back out the L needle until the saw wants to die, and go back in 1/4
turn. On the H needle, rev the saw wide open throttle, and slowly back it
out until their is a pronounced "burble".

Author ensen89 (2 years)
You are a very good excavator operator, no questions. But the way you
handle the chainsaw scares me. Chain seems to be dull bye the way.

Author kieffer1981 (2 years)
1st tree huh?

Author letsdig18 (2 years)
@ensen89 what was scary? and yes the chain was a tad dull but I used what I

Author J Gibson Equipment (2 years)
@letsdig18 thanks

Author Tax me I'm Canadian (2 years)
yeah, some falling skills need working on. Not a knock. But yes the truth.

Author 7810ftw (2 years)
saw sounded a little sick didnt ?

Author MotoScootMech (2 years)
Jeez why are there so many idiots on YouTube? Give him CONSTRUCTIVE
critcism if anything at all. You should be thankful that CHRIS is taking
the time to post this stuff on youtube. Give him a break and let him figure
it out its simple tree falling and no one wants to see most of the comments
on this page made by idiots who dont know how to properly fall a tree

Author J Gibson Equipment (2 years)
does the case have thumb control on the joystick?

Author jeremy lee (2 years)
why dont you get your volvo 25 ton ax

Author MotoScootMech (2 years)
@andycflbulb stupid comment.

Author ms290guy1999 (2 years)
what model saw was that

Author rjgraft (9 months)
Dental floss would have cut through that tree faster.

Author letsdig18 (2 years)
@gangesexcavating dull saw and too many people with oppinions is never a
good thing lol. But it all went well in the end. I might try to get a had
cam and fall a few big ones the right way if I get a chance

Author PureN3WZ3ALAND (2 years)
your ment to cut a V notch in the front (direction you want it to go) then
a downcut in the back

Author Tax me I'm Canadian (2 years)
@4inches4u lol, get at it big man

Author letsdig18 (2 years)
@MegaCat312 I think this was the smaller 034

Author andycflbulb (2 years)
you need a bigger excavator

Author triden55 (2 years)
Put your face cut in 1/3 of the diameter. Use your sights to aim it. Then
cut your wedge. Now put in the back cut. If you're using a machine you can
do a "snap" cut and have the excavator land the tree.

Author easydoz1 (2 years)
timmmbbbrrr. Fail lol

Author Benjamin Biggs (1 year)
ok the way you handled that saw scares me, its gonna kick back and get you,
try to be more careful

Author MrEatenalive (2 years)
You didnt kill Rocky did ya? :P

Author GDLutz (2 years)
we have a little hitachi excavator about that size and it is so useful!

Author MRSketch09 (2 years)
To many onlookers for my liking.. I'd been like.. I don't want anyone near
me when I do this. Back off.

Author SSArt98 (2 years)
Sure was a big-un! What kind of tree was it?

Author sisutrucks (2 years)
well it sure as hell is dead now;-)

Author FRUNTCASTER (2 years)
Cont. . . Then go back in 1/4 turn. Now you need to put the saw into some
wood, but with a nice sharp chain. The saw should "clean up" in the cut,
and burble outside of the cut. If the saw still burbles under load
(cutting), stop, and turn the needle in 1/8 turn, and cut again. Adjust in
this way until the saw cleans up in the cut, but burbles unloaded. If
nothing is done, you'll ruin the saw.

Author caterpillar941b (2 years)
good vid rember notch the way u want it to fall but at least u had the case
holding it

Author 4inches4u (2 years)
@gangesexcavating who do u think he is hotsaws101? Give the kid a break
before i break u bitch!!

Author Jakeyboyshow (2 years)
Why are people dissing 'Letsdig18' when it was the other fella who didn't
take the back-cut deep enough though the heartwood and left it hanging up
requiring a pushover! Kickback waiting to happen when tubby went back to
it. 'Too many chiefs' from what I saw, they shudda left him too it. No one
got hurt so no harm done.

Author TheFrameoff (9 months)
cut a notch out of the tree then a back cut and it will fall where you want
it too, not a straight cut right through...... danger.

Author stretch34318 (2 years)
now that was dangerous, geez

Author Pave Diesel (1 year)
good jobツ

Author letsdig18 (2 years)
@tractortom401 yes

Author Love2boat92 (11 months)
Another successful landing!

Author Tax me I'm Canadian (2 years)
@letsdig18 I sent you some videos privately today.

Author Made4trukn88 (1 year)
Your a pretty good lever puller. lol yall from nc? Im down here in
Wilmington area. born and raised in surf city actually.

Author kobelcofan (2 years)
Redneck tree removel! lol

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