•Removed stealthmode. (Someone could make a plugin for this, one probably more advanced than the old one)

•Pointerscanner speed has been increased a lot

•New Icon (thanks to Phox from the forum)

•The pointerscanner can now scan for values

•The pointerscanner now lets you specify an offset list that it has to end with.

•Removed the injected pointerscanner

•The auto assembler now supports code outside of [enable] and [disable] sections so it affects both

•Resultcount is now comma seperated (thanks to infinito)

•New kernelmode debugger

•Added the ability to offload the current OS to dbvm (if your cpu supports it)

•The driver is now 64-bit compatible. (You will have to sign it yourself, or reboot with unsigned driver support)

•Rewrote the disassemblerview

•Deleting addresses from a scanresult is now a bit faster

•Changed the hotkey handler to be more controllable

•New heaplist that works based on dll injection instead of toolhelp32

•Dissectcode now helps finding referenced strings

•Added a new Auto assembler command "aobscan(varname, arrayofbyte)"

•Added a new Auto assembler command "assert(address, arrayofbyte)" which will make a script fail if the bytes aren't what they should be

•Dissect data now works with offsets instead of sizes

•Added the ability to follow pointers easily with Dissect Data

•There's now a stacktrace visible during debugging (2 different types)

•The registerview is gone as long as you're not debugging

•CE now suppresses the "No disk" message when the systems searchpath is invalid

•Added a common modulelist to the ce folder that you can edit. Include files that you do NOT want to go through when doing memory inspection

•You can now open another pointerscanner window while another pointerscan is running and read the results.

•The pointerscanner can now also scan for values

•Added a string reference windows

•Improved the plugin system:

• You can now add auto assembler commands

• You can now get a callback when the disassembler is being rendered

• You can now add a plugin item to the context of the disassemler

• etc...

•Added (float)#, (double)# and (int)# support to the assembler, (double) is mainly usable in combination with the new DQ command though


•Fix mov [reg],reg disassembly when a 16-bit prefix is used

•Fixed some floating point assembler instructions

•Taborder fix for "Value between scan" (infinito)

•Fixed the Auto assembler code injection template with regard to the "Alt:" line

•Jmp FAR instruction not shown properly in the disassembler

•Fixed disassembler instructions that had a rep/repe prefix while they shouldn't

•Fixed xorps instruction

•Fixed assembler where segment registers are used

•Fixed rm32,imm16 notations getting dowsized to rm32,imm8 while they should go rm32,imm32

•Fixed hang when setting the window on top and then doing a scan

•Fixed FILD qword instruction

•Fixed FNSTSW AX instruction

•Fixed FCOM instruction

•Fixed IMUL,0a instruction

•Fixed broken alt-key when the disassemblerview is focused

•Fixed the bug where removing a assigned hotkey to a cheat table didn't work

•Fixed the floating point panel. It now actually shows the floating point values...

•Fixed several bugs in the Dissect Data window

•Several gui fixes for high dpi systems

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Added: 4 years
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Comments: 72

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Author becca (3 years)
@FlowFlyOnline i can not close my anti virus system i got avg there is no
way i can close or delete that

Author elementsktr1 (3 years)
dont download cheat engine it puts a trogan on ur computer and itll fuck it

Author rockbandmaster456 (3 years)
i kho bad combak i was half asleep but dood im sry im using firefox

Author xDANNYxBROWNx (3 years)
@fotoroda on mine there is like 3 or 4 differnet google chromes so trry
each one of them and it might work mine did sub and like my vids thanks

Author IronDudeNik (3 years)
i cant get it to work

Author shorty1675 (3 years)
@TheLemonfruit same to me

Author Gabriel Bégin (3 years)
heum you need to have fire firefox? I suppose

Author wuzuppeoplzz (3 years)
If your really good you could make the tanks invincible.

Author MrCarchannel (3 years)
This is the only game i find where its works with, is this possible or am I
doing something wrong?

Author songoli6679 (3 years)
How come when I look at evry totrail for this it never works, not once!
Help me

Author Juyan Meme (3 years)
bt i have the iexeplorer..T.T

Author rockbandmaster456 (3 years)
and my computer is very fast...other than ur mom she so fat and
ugly...people thought the world was ending!:)

Author fight492 (3 years)
doesnt work!

Author Robozarm (3 years)
@rockbandmaster456 Maybe You should go troll somewhere else.

Author shorty1675 (3 years)
cheat engine stopped working can you tell me what to do to make it work

Author Crysis1211 (3 years)
@livie1974 I had the same problem if you go to control panel then CLICK on
user accounts and faimly safty then click user accounts then at the bottem
of the list it says turn user accounts on or off click on that un click the
box then click ok your comp restats then you can do what ever you want.. :)
reply if that works it should

Author vika921 (3 years)
@Quikscopzz i tried it with firefox but the game wont open :-( i play
treasure isle

Author James Randomizer II (3 years)
i try to accses cheat engine but it says i need appropriate perrmissions to
accses them and ive tried run as admin but it wont let me can any one help

Author vika921 (3 years)
i click next scan nothing happened wth?? i changed of course the coins
before i made it

Author gmbhkind (3 years)
@toefetishization yes there i speed hack

Author HittinThatPurp (3 years)
@toefetishization i was thinkin the same thing i know cheat engine works
for every game its just realy hard to find updated cheat table witch is the
thing that give you cheats but without it you have to add them yourself

Author Alexandra Oltean (3 years)
don't work

Author fotoroda (3 years)
I have Cheat Engine 5.6.1 and can't hacking games on internet

Author Wikipedia™ (3 years)
I am a hacker but I found this program yesterday that he did not know how
to work with!

Author TheReedRancid (3 years)
nice done......

Author AudioMayhem100 (3 years)
@livie1974 disable your firewall or your security system, (Norton, Trend
Micro) i had to do that but it has no threats i scanned it

Author 5Genti3Noizy (2 years)
Eine frage an alle ich habe mir jetzt Cheat Engine 6.0 heruntergeladen wenn
ich es fertig heruntergeladen habe zeigt es doch Automatisch Cheat Engine
6.0 auf deinem Desktop mit dem Cheat Engine Tutorial v3 und bei den
Tutorial steht unten in der Mitte Next dann komme ich auf Step 2 und dann
steht da rechts unten Skip dann bin ich auf Step 3 also was soll ich eurer
meinung tun ist der Tutorial wichtig oder nicht ?? Damit der Cheat Engine
Funktioniert oder funktioniert der Cheat Engine auch so

Author Parth Patel (3 years)
epic fail on the game

Author omakid123 (3 years)
i have that computer but in blue.

Author tailsfan55 (3 years)
@plopimp73 nice try troll

Author 5Genti3Noizy (2 years)
ohne den Tutorial

Author Blade4766 (3 years)

Author sammadang (3 years)
lol i have the exact same Pc !

Author FlowFlyOnline (3 years)
You need to close your Antivir System!

Author killadude2308 (3 years)
how do ya now witch process ya need to open??

Author se2cond (2 years)
is this also work for Ace online ?

Author Keilan Christopher (2 years)
@meganielz yea me too

Author FlowFlyOnline (3 years)
The Process is firefox.exe!

Author Bruno Tot (3 years)
You are lowwww! how doesnt know how to use cheat engine!???????? this is
just to easy,be an real hacker

Author giuguitar900 (3 years)
good very good

Author 101ohmygod (3 years)
@elementsktr1 wtf what for computer do you have? xD it isn't even a real
virus, kid

Author fotoroda (3 years)
@xDANNYxBROWNx I not use Google Chrome, I playing flash games on Mozilla
Firefox and Internet Explorer and can't hacking flash games.

Author kongiit0o (3 years)
`after the first scan i get no results for the next scan... its frustrating

Author Isaacljw42 (3 years)
@elementsktr1 you retard, its not a virus, it registers AS a virus, why
would a very well renown program give you a virus

Author fuckingfamousbitch (3 years)
what is your crossfire in-Game name? do you have crossfire Hacks? ;D

Author mikelboom123 (3 years)
Here's a good link to the most recent

Author IMPETERLOL (3 years)
i dont know how to touch cheat engine :(

Author agbabygirl (3 years)
@eyetiger1 lol agreed XD

Author metalbikes3 (3 years)
not workin!

Author TheLemonfruit (3 years)
when i use the first scan it gives me lots of adresses but when i click
next scan it gives me nothing.. pls help me ):

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