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Author petereuropa (14 hours)
Wow! Ronnie!

Author Randal Colling (1 month)
God I love her !

Author BIRISHPM (3 months)
Well, Phil wasn't always crazy.

Author srercrcr (3 months)
Plenty of testosterone-laced comments on here :)

Author ProudKansan08 (3 months)
I loved that show when I was younger.

Author BILL SMITH (3 months)

Author Bill Wren (1 month)
Is it just me or is Ronnie dripping with sex.Wow!!!!!!!!

Author Al Champagne (4 months)
After years of searching, I finally found a Ronettes CD a while back.
Realized that the only reason it was put out was because Phil was in

Author sgdeluxedoc (8 months)
Wotta spunky little bundle of fire... 

Author andrew trousdale (5 days)
Ronnie is sex on two legs! Now wonder Phil lost his mind !

Author jason75 (4 months)
Ronnie spector is sexy!!!!!!

Author Dan Nunya (4 months)
i didnt think they anyone could improve on the original but i was wrong.
the extra harmonies really rounds it out without changing the beauty of the
song. very sweet very poignant

Author maldy williams (7 months)
hasn't stood the test of time.

Author sylvie bertran (8 months)
Coolest girl group ever

Author francois meuldeur (2 months)

Author Francisco Salazar (28 days)
I didn't know Pierre Bernard was in Sha Na NA.

Author Mick Martin (1 month)
The piano player isn't even trying to look like he's playing.

Author WALTERBROADDUS (17 days)
Pure talent, No lip snyc, no need to dress like a stripper to sell a

Author Frank A (4 months)
She was soooo hot.

Author Paul nodalo (6 months)
Ronnie was the no1 girl in pop in the sixties.So beautiful and sassy.Even
John Lennon asked her to marry him but she had already been asked first by
Phil Spector.She is so slender so beautiful,so fine.Her voice was unique.

Author Leveractionjake (4 months)
Ronnie Spector looks deliciously good.

Author Robert D. Bob Wood (8 months)
I don't care too much for the group without Estelle and especially Nedra..

Author Holly White (4 months)
You've broken my heart Sha na na. Let Hot Dog into your group.
Waterskiing forever!

Author Faith van Rensburg (3 months)
Wonderful to see them again after so many years

Author Paul Errante (8 months)
Ronnie is PHENOMENAL here!!!

Author Kevin McQuade (27 days)
Ronnie Spector is unbelievably hot

Author hopelesssinner48 (1 month)
Wow, she's so sexy and that voice! 

Author Chuck Vellone (1 month)
Three very HOT women back then, Wow!

Author ajimenez2596 (7 months)
Still a jammm1 love that voice And would not be the same without the

Author headings50 (6 months)
Looks like a wardrobe malfuntion at the 3:15 mark, I think !

Author John Benn (7 months)
Wonderful music from probably the greatest female vocal group of all time.
Amazing sounds & so,so good--from a 70yo Aussie fan.
I wish the Aussie TV stations would show this show,instead of the current
American crap we see now.

Author MrADjam5 (6 months)
Ronnie was a Babe for sure.
Thanks for sharing.

Author Calvin So (7 months)
the bassist looks so HUGE !

Author Joe Portnoy (2 months)
Here they are boys and girls! Straight from the streets of New York city.
They are all greased up and ready to kick your bloody ass.
It's Sha-Na-Na!!!

Author frank ferro (2 years)

Author Wayne Brasler (3 years)
Is this the short-live Ronettes incarnation with Chip Field's, Kim's
mother, in the background? Can anyone supply the name of the two Ronettes

Author spintation (1 year)
This was bad--ruined a great song with cheese.

Author TGTSTS (1 year)
Actually, yes people did care who the original Supremes and Ronettes were.
Sure, the people who bought maybe a single or two might not have cared, but
the fans sure did, and they noticed! When Florence Ballard was fired from
the Supremes in 1967, fans wrote in to newspapers in protest. And people
could definitely tell who the new Ronettes were.

Author njmhk (2 years)
That woman sings with passion and attitude! Awesome

Author serpico56 (1 year)
CAn Ronnie get any hotter

Author jack graziano (2 years)
why dont some hollywood ashole make some shows with old skool and put that
on the air and mabek this generation would realize what fuckin music is
instead of walkin around with earphones on listing to shit wake up soon
they will reproduce what next ya aint beetin ole skool sam cooks and jackie
wilsons joe tex chilites dramatics the temps 4tops madladsand so on

Author SoulStylistJukeBox (1 year)
Thank you :)

Author james calore (1 year)
I toured with Ronnie and the new Ronettes in the '70s thru NY Mtns, Canada,
UK, Wales, Scotland and the Carolinas.. a truly remarkable talent.

Author spiralmetal (2 years)
oh my god she looks so good

Author Mike stuart (1 year)
The Original Ronettes never performed together again from 1966 until 2007
when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame on that
occassion only Ronnie and Nedra her cousin performed Estelle did come on
stage at the end of there performance to take a bow and thats the only time
the Original group have ever been seen together since 1966. In 1973 and
in1978 Ronnie hired backing singers and performed as Ronnie Spector and The
Ronettes around Europe and the USA.

Author Jamie Rodriuges (1 year)
Ronnie Spector,,,,in skin tight leathers,,,,,,yowser,!!!.

Author jimbo8677 (1 year)
take me back to the good old days. love it, love Ronnie

Author LittleMissWink (1 year)
It's 1978, season 2, episode 18.

Author pyroglasstic (2 years)
Ronnie is like Tina Turner ,gets better with age.Can see why Phil S. hit on

Author fred browning (2 years)
took a load of mates to see sha na na in 1971,never heard of them!,they
said when i asked them to come to the gig,they cvame along though and just
just loved the show!. took me another 20 long years before i saw ronnie in
concert though!.

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