Hong Kong's own orchestral flash mob. Hong Kong Philharmonic playing Boléro

In a busy city like Hong Kong, when and where can classical music be heard? The answer is almost anytime, anywhere.

The Hong Kong Philharmonic, the flagship orchestra in the city and one of Asia's leading orchestras, believes that classical music should be accessible to all. So at its 2012/13 Season Launch on 15 May 2012, the orchestra staged a surprise visit for the large crowd gathered, unexpected. The result of the flash mob performance of Ravel's Boléro? Sheer joy.

Conductor: Johannes Wildner

For more information on the Hong Kong Philharmonic and its 2012/13 season lineup, visit our website:

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Author relike868p (4 months)
No, by no means is this a flash mob......................

Author Alan Yu (1 year)
Hong Kong's own orchestral Flash Mob! via

Author xWildflowers (8 months)
Great. You must live so happily knowing that. Have a nice night!

Author Sean Pielli (8 months)
i agree with you - a better way to phrase it would be a social or populous

Author Kevin Wong (1 year)
just beautiful~

Author Official James Parker (11 months)
I beg to differ somewhat; you see, a choice of music is due to personal
preference; which admittedly is too, influenced by your lifestyle.

Author Kurtovik Kurtovik (1 year)
nice, nice , nice ....

Author Darusdei (1 year)
if that were to be true, these songs would never been made

Author tricklessmagic (11 months)

Author Vincent Leung (11 months)
No flash mob feeling and it is too fast! I like the Bolero flash mob by the
Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Author la70003 (1 year)
1000 likes !!! Bravo !!!

Author Joe Reilly (10 months)
love it and miss HK

Author jahirricardo (6 months)
you are right!!!

Author ryan terronez (9 months)
Bolero. Maurice Ravel.

Author Jerry Crystal YU (1 year)

Author hi (1 year)
damn asians so smart

Author LuisLEONFC73 (8 months)
No shit it's my opinion, duh. As much as I love new music I know that 300
years from now Mozart will still be heard, unlike most of what is popular
today. That's a fact.

Author alien1977 (1 year)
just Maya Plisetckaya is missing :)

Author JmGx (7 months)
lul'd @5:50

Author LuisLEONFC73 (8 months)
It's not a subjective thing. 300 years from now this music will still live
on, that is why it is called CLASSICAL music. While anything hip hop today
will be forgotten in less than 15 years.

Author Trisha Turk (1 year)
So beautiful! Wonderful! Bravo! Bravo!

Author Rodolfo Vizioli (8 months)
"no flash mob feeling"? qué sos, crítico de arte ahora, salamín? Hay
músicos que disfrutan regalando su trabajo al público, poniendo un poco de
alegría gratis en el mundo, y vos, sentadito frente a tu pantalla te ponés
a medir si tiene "feeling". Callate y escuchá, te haría bien.

Author Kevin Wong (1 year)
agree, im hiphop fan but at the same time...classical is classical ,

Author Harry Hagan (1 year)
Sadly, I don't think you are. Nonetheless, it should surely be tried.
Classical music, like almost everything, is about IQ, in one way or the
other. This music, like jazz, appeals to only ca. 2 or 3% of the benighted
population. Imagine the 3rd movement of the Bruckner 8th at Centennial! If
that wouldn't get them, nothing would, or could!

Author Charles Fung (9 months)
Love this,,,

Author xWildflowers (1 year)
Then why disagree with me? :) I never said it is about intelligence or

Author xWildflowers (8 months)
Lol, that's your opinion. Let's agree to disagree.

Author sffilk (1 year)
There are several other examples here on youtube, like the Bolero flash mob
in Copenhagen. That said, I agree - it'll never happen here in Atlanta. It
could happen at Centennial Olympic Park, but there aren't that many people
here in Atlanta who I think would appreciate it. I hope I'm wrong.

Author Incog2k6 (1 year)
Sorry, but that's a bunch of nonsense. I'm a huge fan of Classical
(Schubert, Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff, Liszt etc.), as well as
Jazz and Fusion (Davis, Coltrane, Montgomery, Parker, Weather Report, Al di
Meola, Chick Corea, Ritenour etc.). However, I'm humble enough to admit
that I'm NOT a very intelligent person. I'm barely above average. How
pretentious to assume that only Mensans love complex music. Oh, and btw, I
also love simpler music like Pop, Rock, Funk or Blues, so there.

Author Chapel Tibet (11 months)
Thank you, Hong Kong!

Author Generally Anime (10 months)
I think I'm going to join an orchestra when I grow up.

Author dorbo314 (1 year)
There's no causation, but there is a strong correlation.

Author Luis Daniel Bernal (9 months)
Como se llama esta melodia por favor

Author dulilomo (10 months)
love it , Thank you .

Author stitched1776 (1 year)
I disagree with both of you. For someone to be touched by words, they need
to first understand the words, and then that understanding touches their
heart. Music bypasses that, and goes directly to the heart. IQ and
understanding, I.E. Intelligence plays little part in music touching
someones heart. Music touches your heart directly, no matter your
intelligence or education,

Author lawrenceisalive (9 months)
fantastic and a great tune.

Author Jacques Méoff (1 year)
Meh, how about something with a little more oomph, like Ode to Joy?

Author Natheniel Becken (1 year)
No offence, but a little bit too rush...

Author Harry Hagan (1 year)
What a fine concept! It's nice, though, to take it to folks with already
high IQs. I'm thinking downtown Atlanta, e.g., might not be a good
placement. Maybe a group will try it. They'd better know where there cases
are, I think.

Author xWildflowers (1 year)
I disagree. It isn't about IQ, it's a preference. I know someone who is
retarded and who loves classical music. I also know someone who is a near
genius and though he likes classical music, he is an absolute fan of hip
hop. Just try it, you'd be surprised.

Author kirafan68 (9 months)
I just love that music!

Author Elgene Tiamzon (6 months)
I love Bolero! My favorite classical piece! This orchestra definitely took
advantage of the place's acoustics by placing people and instruments in
different areas and levels. Absolutely magnificent!

Author Wang Yu (1 year)

Author 19940731 (1 year)
I just wonder, all of these performers are the member of the Hong Kong
Philharmonic right?? My mother argues that some of the performers are the
volunteer who Orchestra gathered...:/

Author saqtx6 (1 year)
very nice try!

Author Glynnis Hui (1 year)
=)) HKPO~ 快閃?

Author Jan Beintema (7 months)

Author Tim Madden (1 year)

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