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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 4:57
Comments: 1047

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Author Mo3a4 Alsayegh (26 days)
its just in Lan .. :]

Author gurami abramishvili (3 months)
but how to download back track5????

Author 8Fulis (17 hours)
I found on google this site to hak FB:
It's FREE Go here: *FB.StartCheat*.*com*
Bump up if still working

Author Trace Grayson (11 days)
What if it's an mobile device?

Author Jan Michalski (3 months)
I have a problem.
I write:
set lhost ip
set rhost the same ip as before
And I have connection error...
Whats the problem?

Author Super Rambo (4 months)
Lol! Do you really hack people if so even I'm a hacker :)

Author Punishers ™ (Workout) (3 months)
exploit failed unreachable ????????????? 

Author orophin payne (4 months)
Finger 11!!! XD

Author GameTrollGamers (2 months)
hack facebook

Author Mohamed Hassan (4 months)
nice but it didnt work. but i have np with it . thanks!

Author Hell Razor (2 months)
where to use victims ip adress? 

Author BzHxPoWeRx (1 month)

Author Black Smoke (5 months)
this is only when the victm has port 445 open in his computer 

Author Faisal Khan (1 month)
what exactly you are using xp or mac >><
Author David Baxter (1 month)

Its online and free, - no downloads on suspicious tool for facebook hack:

Author Trần Quyết (1 month)
win xp only

Author Dj Saitto (2 months)
omg.. ofcurse its easy to "hack" anyone in your local area, who useing the
same wifi connection as your self. Make a tutorial with "Hack Any Computer
with external ip". That my friend.. Thats hacking!

Author Skyler Green (3 months)
how do you find someone elses ip adress on your network?

Author Ghǿst Killêr (2 months)
its fake

Author Norman Darring (1 month)
asshole stop lying to them

Author 4everkko (5 months)
It's not hacking. You are in the same net. Try to do that with an IP that
is not in the same net. For example 83.x.x.x

Author tenzin thinley (2 months)
ive been trying to use BT 5 r3 for hacking fb...i can only use dat ip in my
own laptop bt cant use dat ip frm other laptop... any possible way to make
it work frm all lapptops?

Author Jefrison Pontoan (2 months)
how i can hacking with cmd in window ?..
just now i was watching hacking with terminal..
i was uninstall my ubuntu ?..
my ubuntu was error..
can u show me, how to hacking with cmd ?..
I just want to learn, not to commit a crime..

i think you was awesome.. hhee.. :D

Author Mani Kamesh (4 months)
hi, do u hav backtrack 5 ,if s , can u pls snd me a compressed file less
than r equal 2 500mb, pls, thank u in advance

Author brandon abbenhuis (2 months)
hi i have a problem with the host ip it could not connect

Author Prasanta Sarmah (5 months)
is it safe??
means no one can detect my ip ?

Author Armando Acosta Orduño (3 months)
if you want to use this over internet instead of LAN you need to use the
internet ip adress and a tcp port to connect isn't it?
what do you recommend? how do you especify the tcp connection port?

Author Sebastian Klemens (29 days)
0:36 WTH

Author Kathryn Coleman (5 months)
This site it’ realy amaizing to hack facebook ►►►►

Author Adam Wright (5 months)
For those people whos moaning about him hacking his own network, if u
havent noticed on every single backtrack 5 video they clearly say its for
educational use only, so he covering his own arse by not hacking or pent
testing someone else network. So y dont u dumb arses think outside the box
and adopt some of the techniques hes using if u really want to penetrate
someone elses private shit and TRY your own shit, bt5 is the best thing
ever made

Author fred Julio (2 months)
first of all this video title is missleading. hack any ip address? lol the
ip you are using is an internal ip of your host computer the one you are
runing with backtrack. so everyone he is hacking himself not "any" ip
address and the only reason it would work here is because his virtual
machine is insecure and hes on his own network so all the work has been
done if you was to actually do it to a random persons computer. to do any
ip. you would need the machines external ip address not the internal from
the cmd he uses lol smh. not to mention if you get the persons external ip
you also have to look for services that might be vulnerable to attacks that
can go from them having outdated applications to there computer being
outdated completely even then will be tricky getting around firewall
remotely and thats if your isp dont come knocking at your door :)

Author TheDkgray Show (3 months)
Thats not hacking.

Author Syaherrizal Surya (1 year)
# Backtrack

Author JIT Network (1 year)

Author Adam Wright (5 months)
How is it not hacking, please explain the whole concept of backtrack, if u
have something better to add to why dont u do it. 

Author Grigore Cat (13 days)
New hak program to hak FB is
It's FREE Go here: *FB.StartCheat*.*com*
Like this post if it's still working

Author 5Denissa (1 month)
I hacked some account with this site
▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *FB.StartCheat*.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

Author Matthew Gaines (3 months)

Author azundah1 (4 months)
@Kenneth Prudernithis That's virus!

Author DavidKrichevski (4 months)
@Kenneth Prudernithis the link is fake.

Author FloryGrey (7 months)
Is still working but you can try this site: . ►►►► <<===
. THIS IS AMAZING - BUMP UP ☆ ♜ ▲ ☆ ♜ ▲ ☆ ♜ ▲ ☆ ♜ ▲ ☆ ♜ ▲ ☆ ♜ ▲

Author TechsysOFFICIAL (6 months)
just wanted to say the same until i read your comment :p

Author pulmur (7 months)
go f@ck yourself

Author Alex Rafaila (6 months)

Author GeorgiaBrines (7 months)
✺ ✾✺ ✾✺ ✾ Try this site it’s really amaizing ✺ ✾✺ ✾✺ ✾ =======>>> ✺ ✾✺ ✾✺ ✾ =======>>> ✺ ✾✺ ✾✺ ✾
=======>>> ✺ ✾✺ ✾✺ ✾ Bump up who used this tool

Author RapidProgram (6 months)
actully what he did only works with OS connected to the same server :p wish
means all of this is shit and useless but there are ways to hack compture
by ports...

Author Jerard Jeak (7 months)
!!!!!!!!!!!! hey if you want to hack a facebook pass acces this ...for me

Author Riksha (7 months)
This is only for LAN !

Author blogger419 (6 months)
As if anyone is still running XP SP2.

Author Eric Fox (6 months)
Nothing to do with your life ...

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