Nutrition Song

Here is a song I created to help my 6th grade students study. I hope you enjoy.

It's just food and diet
Keep you healthy tonight
You're not along in this fight
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah
Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, are called nutrients
Add accessory foods

Something 'bout sugar
Starch, carbohydrates
Giving energy
Break down digestion
Glucose is the name
Energy producing
Liver stores it up
Yeah your body needing protein
Growth and repair
Body tissue better
Other vital jobs
Make your body grow stronger
When you're eating meat, fish, and nuts
It's a fact
Protein simple chemicals
Called amino acids

I can see your body needs warmth
Storing energy up in there
Your body counting up the fat
Still storing it holding
Up in places under skin
Right how body really keeping hold it
Hanging on till it needs it later
These fats coming in two types
Unsaturated fats and saturated

It's just food and diet
Keep you healthy tonight
You're not along in this fight
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah
Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, are called nutrients
Add accessory foods
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah (Nutrients, accessory)

Next up vitamins
Part of accessory
Healthy diet giving body all it's needing
Cause they're chemical or organic
Contains carbon, fifteen kinds your having
They're not only
Minerals important
They are needed for life
Now inorganic like iron
Sodium, iodine
Twenty different minerals to grow up higher

Dietary fiber in here
Carbohydrates find it in bran
Intestines counting on this bulk
Still squeezing it downhill
Cause it helps push out the waste
Right now intestines need a soldier
Helping the food out through digestion
Assisting to get rid of waste
Evacuating to survive, cause the...

It's just food and diet
Keep you healthy tonight
You're not along in this fight
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah
Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, are called nutrients
Add accessory foods
We're talking 'bout nutrition

You'll feel the way you feel
From the food and your diet
Well this is from the healthy foods your body needs
Nutrients and accessory
Helping body work properly
Carbohydrates, fats, proteins (nutrients for ya)
Minerals and vitamins (these are accessory)
It's just food and diet (nutrients, accessory)
It's just food and diet (they're right here for you)
We're talking 'bout nutrition

It's just food and diet
Keep you healthy tonight
You're not along in this fight
We're talking 'bout nutrition, yeah
Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, are called nutrients
Add accessory foods
We're talking 'bout nutrition
You don't have to do it all alone
Your food and diet keep you whole
No one said you'd do it all alone
It's nutrients, accessory
We're talking 'bout nutrition

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Author Mc Uniter (4 months)
I dont get it why we had to have a pagent in our school and the talent
poportion i used this song but thankyou

Author Samantha Bielman (1 month)
Thank you for this cute video. I'll plan to use it for my Health class. I
hope my students will like it. 

Author Shann Nigel Valenzuela (4 months)
We make also that in our school , so much

Author Yna Kamada (4 months)
Like it <3

Author AlleNChristiaN98 (1 month)
are there any guitar chords/tabs for this song???@ParrMr

Author gloriefe ramirez (5 months)
Nice one you have there i hope you'll make a lot out of it..i suggest a lot
more of details, specially those vitamins and minerals..not just by calling
it accessory foods...though you make a lil highlights there.thanks! 

Author Shimmer Garfield (1 year)
thank you and nice song! can I use this? thanks.

Author 16135able (1 year)
hey do u sing these songs?

Author Kayecee Hernandez (1 year)

Author funkytacos143 (1 year)
thnx po !!! itu pu kakantahin nmin nang group ku sa competition

Author charles vonpossel (2 years)
this is good song

Author melissaizx (2 years)
Thank you for posting this on YouTube! Hope you don't mind if I use it in
my class! My students will LOVE this!

Author Mikaela AIko Padilla (2 years)
it is so cooooooooooooooollllllll

Author nicevideos101 (1 year)
good singing

Author Samantha Sanchez (1 year)
this is great :-)

Author Eloisa Odiada (2 years)

Author MercenariansUnites (2 years)
you can say that again...

Author ParrMr (2 years)
You guys are too funny!

Author buffyvictor1 (2 years)
My teacher found you and made us listen to you. When we listened to it the
second time he would let us dance and the whole class was dancing. I went
home and subscribed. I still have listening to your videos they really help
me in class.

Author Stefanie Andre Mae Flores (1 year)
It is so great i can get this song from our subject MAPEH as Health and i
will sing this in our class and i'm so amaze in this song Job well done

Author ParrMr (2 years)
Thank You! That is why I post them up here. I hope it helps your students

Author gardo delrosario (1 year)
Our nutri jingle is already on Friday

Author jane bidaña (1 year)
i'll be using this song for our nutrition day on friday! like it

Author Julianne Zamora (1 year)
Nice song! And then i will dance it to my school!

Author WildFlower186 (2 years)
hi can u plzzzzzzzzzz make a song about animals and their cells???????

Author Lyndsy Starr (1 year)
My Kids Loved It this week during Health Class !! : ) Thank Youu

Author Mitch Paar (1 year)
I'm a Personal Trainer by in Sydney i'm going to play this song to my
clients great job nice simple and fun Great work

Author lor3nnita7 (1 year)
Aahh I'm talking 'bout nutrition Pooh yeah

Author Miss_TantrumChezz (1 year)
I will use this for my skit on our nutrition month! this was adorable,

Author EdwardElricaintshort (2 years)
So am I :) I even went out of my way to say that I was first :) lol

Author seanne verga (1 year)
how to download this song?

Author Gillies Fanzel (2 years)
first is the worst... second is the best!!!! (i'm such a child :)

Author Swaggy Lish Lisa (1 year)
What tune is this?

Author mimi kho (2 years)
hi mr parr, are you the one who made the music? or you just pattern it from
another song?

Author ViViaN BeLiT [iGoRoTaK] (1 year)
one problem.....its fast

Author Virgilio Amorin (1 year)

Author WildFlower186 (2 years)

Author EdwardElricaintshort (2 years)

Author Faye Suizo (2 years)

Author jayson vill (2 years)
Sooooooooooooooo Coollllllllllllllllll :D

Author ShemaeLyn Camasura (2 years)
this is a nice song:P

Author mai lumantas (1 year)
thanks i used ur song for my students....

Author AVictoriaDawn (2 years)
My daughter is starting 6th this week and ive been subbed to you for about
6 mos, shes upset i didnt show her last year (5th). My bad!!

Author lor3nnita7 (1 year)
Oohh yeah

Author aura garcia (1 year)
yeah we are friday in nutri jingle too.

Author joshua Candoit (1 year)
do you have any instrumental of that song? cause I will use it for our
prodject. Can you please send me the file please?

Author WildFlower186 (2 years)

Author Jemimah Halili (1 year)
What tune is this?! Please response.

Author bangz gomez (1 year)
thanks for posting this song....its a great help for our presentation this
week for our nutrition month.....i've been looking for the right
song...millions of thumbs up....

Author 16135able (1 year)
Ya it is!

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