BK2 and RC5 review

Becker BK2, and RAT RC5 has great performance in each scenario. Anyhow the MOLLE BACK is great !!

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Author Jonis Strods (11 months)
The end of end of the grip of knife can also be tucked under fold of sheath
for 100% containment. 

Author CHAD NOVASELIC (8 months)

Author SBPStudio (4 years)
That's not a stock BK2, that was has the Micarta, which makes it thicker.
Maybe that's your issue.

Author redchevy1957 (4 years)
if look on u tube there are plenty on video on how to convex a edge. plus
ray mears has a great vid on sharping with water stones, on u tube. I used
stones to widen my bevels then after that you roll your blade on the stone
to get a convex, then use wet dry sand paper on a mouse pad to finish it
off. also google the convex edge you well get a lot of help.

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard What I been trying to tell you lol. I have had no problems out
of the BK2. I just PREFER the ESEE, for the extra length, Micarta and My
custom sheath.(Kydex with tek-lock).

Author BLUNTRUTH4U (4 years)
Excellent comparison! You showed that RC-5 sheath off like I've never seen
before. When I get one I will definitely be getting that sheath with it. I
was going to get the BK2 but I don't like the sheath - heard some bad
things about it.

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@johniac7078 Yes, I live in Hokkaido where it is bear's land.

Author virtuovice (3 years)
@samziwantspeace11 I remember I got it from The-Knife-Connection. Their
shipping cost is reasonable. Thank you!

Author virtuovice (2 years)
I ever met a bear within 100 yards 3 times outside the hunting season. In
all these cases it ran away. I once heared bear's roar in the close bushes
in the season, but it didn't come out of there. Thanks.

Author david john Huxtable (1 year)
you have sold out from your great nation of japan!! showing us little
american knives from little known knife makers!! you should be honoring the
best bushido traditions of the warrior samurai and venturing into the woods
with your ceremonial katana and or samurai sword!! then showing us how to
bring back that bothersome brown bear you have there in your hands!! as a
nipponese acheiving of manhood ritual!! both are great knives prefer the
rat5 esee seems better in the hand i am from UK

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@msay2006 I love Fallkniven F1 best so far for universal purpose. The
reason, I don't need a very tough knife in my ordinary outdoor activity,
hunting, fishing, collecting edible plants and so, not so tough job. The F1
has a convex edge very easy to sharpen, and it is made of VG-10 stainless
steel tough in wet situation, and stays sharp long.

Author Lean540 (2 years)
A bullet from a distance is always the best way with a bear, unless you
have an RPG, or an Apache Attack Helicopter, then that is better! ;) I wish
you luck with your bear hunt and hope you will consider carrying a large
knife and bear spray as back up.

Author johonass (2 years)
Hello, I heard that the BK2 sheath blunts the knife edge. What is your
opinion on this? Thankyou!

Author Reilly Sams (3 years)
Thanks for the great review! I am really interested in the RC5 and I want
to buy it online. Did you buy the RC5 online? If so, from what website?
Thanks again.

Author gowdaflow (2 years)
I was thinking about getting a BR Bravo 1 for my all purpose knife, but
after doing some research on the RC5 and seeing that it goes for much less,
I'll be getting the RC5 instead.. Great video review as always, keep up the
great work!

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@jons4real I feel much quality on RC5. The edge geometry and easiness of
sharpening is the same. The price is twice as much for RC5. The sheath is
better on RC5. The handle of BK2 is a bit bulky, but has better traction
when I swing it. I will take the quality, so RC5 is a better knife for me
so far. In these days the RC5 accompanies me always in mountains, while BK2
is hanging on the wall in my house. My experience is too little to say the
conclusion though. Thank you.

Author Tyler Kush (4 years)
love the review, love your accent haha, i feel like im being trained by an
ancient master of knife reviews

Author snaponjohn100 (4 years)
Great video, my friend. I have the RC-5 and love it. I also have the Izula
2, RC-3, and RC-4. I am very happy with them. What is your first name?
Blessings from New York. John

Author virtuovice (3 years)
@Eurotrash4367 We like camping very much. And the knife carry during
camping, fishing, or hunting is basically okay as far as the blade length
is under 6 inches. The knife EDC is totally illegal regardless of the blade
length. The possession of the knives over 6 inches is basically illegal.
Automatic folders and daggers are illegal regardless of their blade length.
For killing the trapped animals or cleaning the bush in the southern Japan
longer blades than 6 inches seem to be okay. Thanks.

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard Lol. no it doesnt. It has Cro-van in the forged metal, to help
with durability.( Equivelant to the Powder coat on the 1095 of the ESEE,
which has a better heat treat from the start.). The "edge holding" is
irrelevant, as they are BOTH 1095 and BOTH hold an edge the same. (But
since you want to get technical, the ESEE came RAZOR sharp, where the
BEcker did NOT. After sharpening they BOTh help an edge the same amount of
time. ; )

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard Lol, you beckerheads get so bent out of shape. I am not saying
becker is a bad knife. Its great. BUT a lifetime warranty seals the deal
for ME and most bushcrafters.(btw the new bk2 is 1/4 inch thick). The BK2
is a jack of all trades,Master of none. its shorter than the ESEE 5, which
means you cant cut but smaller would, it CAN be used for a slicer for your
foods, but it is so thick its not recommended, the grivory grips it comes
with become loose after excessive chopping)

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard Agreed. I own both and can see your view. Id take either or,
But KNOWING you have a lifetime warranty backing a superb knife is icing on
the cake IMHO. ESEE is a little more "polished" and the Bk2 is fine stock,
but coud use an upgrade.(Micarta, Molle compatable, etc). Both perform
great in the bush.

Author RECONDO101st (3 years)
Those knives are incredible, very very nice !

Author david john Huxtable (1 year)
i would end up floating face firsts down the yangtse river!!

Author GuyTatt (4 years)
Nice one m8

Author Wolf Patrick (4 years)
Great video. Thanks very much. ~Wolf

Author ag9ification (3 years)
I'd go with the esee any day I like the sabre grind way better comes with
micarta and better finish just an overall better knife inmyopinion

Author c63 amg 2013 (4 years)
Nice review thanks. However, in case of brown bear attack knife won't do
much in my opinion haha

Author torquefactory (4 years)
Fallkniven F1 has a better fit and finish then RC5? 成功

Author MrWapoSapo (4 years)
did you check these knives under the nikon microscope you have after use?
you mentioned no dents after chopping tree. any damage under the
microscope? thanks!.. another great review..

Author redchevy1957 (4 years)
i put a convex edge on my bk2 really improved the chopping and cutting,
might try that.

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard (yes you could use locktight, but they COULD HAVE done a better
job,) the only thing that I give to the becker is the pommel. the ESEE has
a glass breaker which is a limited ue in the bush.To conter that, it has a
bowdrill pivot which is excellent for the bush. The ESEE has a longer
blade, EXCELLENT powder coat keeping the 1095 down to a minimum upkeep,
Comes standard with Micarta, an adjustable paracord with draw sting, and is
just an all around MORE USEFUL knife. I own BOTH. ESEE>>

Author LandBender (3 years)
Wako, How the the Bark River compare to these two knives in feel and
ergonomics. I have large hands but the BK2 actually feels a little bulky to
me. Thanks you for all your insight.

Author recon66661 (4 years)
great video great info thanks

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@redchevy1957 Honestly speaking I now hesitate to reprofile its edge
geometry to convex just after the failure of convexing try on my Falliniven
WM1 which had a regular V edge on convex bevels. BK2 is made of 1095 carbon
steel so it will go well as you say I believe. Thanks.

Author Lean540 (2 years)
Bears do not trade blows, they charge. Your opportunity to offensively
defend yourself will be over after initial physical contact. This animal
relies on strength and penetrating injury to disable it's prey. You will
not diable or kill a bear with an axe or hatchet strike. You will not be
standing after initial contact. Once you are down you will be immediately
defensive. You will likely be physically disabled due to shock and unjury
in less than a minute. Longe penetrating knife, not hatchet.

Author N5LHD (4 years)
The newer 2nd generation has a tang that extends beyond the handle (a
pommel). I saw a video that showed the handles removed and the tang was a
skeleton type (holes cut in it). Does the older 1st generation have these
holes cut in the tang or is it a solid piece of metal??

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@N5LHD It was solid and no holes there. It sounds like if the hole size is
small, the weight balance won't change because of the new pommel, and if
the hole is big enough, the balance will shift forward. As a chopper the
latter is better I believe.

Author virtuovice (2 years)
It's a nice looking and well thought nicely done knife. And I like its A2
steel. But my current collection is limited to hunting knives because I
need to use them in reality. Anyway thank you for the information.

Author jons4real (4 years)
@virtuovice Thank you very much for the feedback. I have a Seal Pup Elite
but I think I want to step it up and go with something heavier. I think I'm
going to look into the RC5 after hearing your view, thanks.

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@MrWapoSapo Soon after coming back home I checked up both knives under the
microscope and there was no micro chips nor micro burrs at all. The 1095
carbon steel has extraordinary toughness. Anyhow they stayed razor sharp
incredibly after chopping down a couple of trees. And cynically my useless
sharpening for my interest made them duller. Thanks for your comment.

Author david john Huxtable (1 year)
or a samurai!!

Author snakeeyes3211 (3 years)
@lardlizard You aught to see the ESEE cut throught the Bk2. Thats hows you
which knife is heat reated RIGHT. Bk2 is good, but their cheaper with NO
WARRANTY. ESEE LIFETIME warranty. No ???? asked.

Author virtuovice (2 years)
Hunting season will start in 10 days. I hunt 10 days or more in a month. I
will meet a brown bear in the near future. I hope my initial shot will hit
it lethally. Thanks.

Author johonass (2 years)
thanks for the reply. Keep the great videos coming!

Author nageek635 (1 year)
Thanks for the video! I was looking at one of these two and your video
helped me decide (I'll save up a bit for the ESEE). =)

Author virtuovice (2 years)
My initial demand for the RC5 and the BK2 was a chopper which can stab too.
It should sound ridiculous for you but what I needed for those 2 knives was
a fighting capability against a bear. We cannot carry handguns at all even
for self defense against a bear attack in mountains. But after testing them
with Japanese hatchets, I knew that their chopping capability were very
weak. And I changed my bear knife to the hatchet. Anyway the RC5 handle is
less ergonomic and slippery, and not recommended.

Author kenai555 (2 years)
The ESEE-5 cost more than twice as much as the BK 2. for the same price I
could get a custom sheath for the BK2

Author virtuovice (2 years)
It's true. Their Glassfiber Reinforced Nylon sheath dulls the edge very
badly. We need a Kydex alternative sheath for it definitely. Thanks.

Author virtuovice (4 years)
@snaponjohn100 I have the Izula, RC-3, and RC-5. I understand they can go
extremely sharp in various ways of sharpening. I am satisfied with their
sharpness. Regards, Wako

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