Mezmur ID & Murti Park praise

bless u.....enjoy...!!!

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Mezmur for Jesus .!!!


Author helen ruhama (19 days)

Author Leyou Abraham (1 month)
Cool! !!!! I love it...

Author Aron .Teklemariam (2 months)
I wish I knew amharic :) Bless you, Cheers

Author MrAbeet77 (2 months)

Author Sinshaw Bokoro (6 months)
God bless ! may Jesus give you more grace to song more !

Author Lidya SoSo (6 months)
God bless u! How wonderful!

Author Lidya SoSo (6 months)
God bless u!!! gifts to sing to the lord!!!!

Author dagem Golla (7 months)
I am not trying to be nigtive but trying to advice that people don't know
this is the day when prophecy are Benin seen and the beast that comes out
of the water .got theirs age think they are parsing god not don't know they
are being devoured by the enmity called the sprite of heresy.i bet when the
people hear this or there song they get inner satisfaction but that this
the work of the sprite where they dwell in our hearts,mind,conscious.that
got people thing they are worshiping truly god.don't for get not all that
say lord lord,and let no one deceive you cuz there will be some one taking
there time to deceive(by them know,or not know there will be one lest the
prophecy be fulfilled.take heed I say all in love to the person in this
video and to all.may the Virgin Mary son our lord God Jesus Christ in-light
our inner eye.and grant us all understand.amen

Author dawit dugasa (8 months)
thank u

Author dagem Golla (7 months)
I am happy qbout you trying to praise god 

Author evangelist Teklu temesgen (8 months)
Wow nice one God bless you sis 

Author maranata albastros (9 months)
, you have amazing voice .... 

Author dagem Golla (7 months)
The sprite of heresy that got you thinking you phrasing god

Author Biruktawit Legesse (9 months)
Sister i love all your praising Songs to God pls do sing in crowds also you
really call up the holy spirit. the spirit is with all your songs. Bless

Author Matios Matt (9 months)
Bless u, much much!!!

Author anteneh nigusse (9 months)

Author dagem Golla (7 months)

Author bruck yohannes (10 months)
bless u 

Author Roman Gebru (1 year)
thruly Kemnawekh belay neh, hhm ,yes

Author Abel Mamo (1 year)
God bless u

Author getachew yesuf (1 year)

Author SuperBabako (9 months)
you need to inhale with your Diaphragm so that you produce long and high
pitch tone pls practice breathing technics the rest is ok the guitarist
follow dynamics like when she is low lower your volume and balance it God
Bless you

Author Roman Gebru (1 year)
God bless u! God is Great!

Author solene asefa (9 months)

Love 0l your worship !! GBU 

Author mathewos tessema (11 months)
amilake endebaletegintu meteni Ybarikesh!!!

Author ermias aklilu (2 years)
God bless you. I loved the worshiping. I am proud Jesus has people all over
the world/

Author loos92 (2 years)

Author Adam Dagne (1 year) impressed by your voice and grace so how come u not realize ur
album so far we are waiting u!!!!!! Blessing

Author Witness for Jesus (3 years)
keep it up...bleeesssss u guys

Author Micky Fekadu (3 years)
OMG i was really blessed by this song God bless u over and over again

Author Alamirew Admassu (1 year)
wow GOD Bless you , betame yemibareke mezemure , and you are so beautifule
. tebareku !!!

Author Godkonws1 (3 years)
I dont want to pass with out saying that I have been listing to you guys
for the past few hours and I can feel the Holy Spirit is with you and may
he be with in all your life. I just want to ask tho where are you located I
am in Calgary AB (Canada) maybe we can create something for God together
God bless.

Author eg (3 years)
Bless u..edegi.

Author Zekitruth (3 years)
wow wow melkame mengade yemaratu ehtoche..GBU!

Author ztg1998 (3 years)
YES PRAISE GOD!! God bless you

Author haniariyam (3 years)
amlak abzito ybarkachu let he spirit be with u in all u r steps

Author Nadu MZ (1 year)
Love all ur videos!!! Keep us the good job for His Kingdom :)

Author MegaGemechu (3 years)
you get this understanding and all this in one from his grace I thanks
jesus truly becouse of you!!

Author Annointed Chariot (3 years)

Author seble gorfu (2 years)
God gave you an amazing voice!!

Author zeleke tora (1 year)
I love your voice degmo u r beautiful.I love you betame may GOD bless your
age lemlem siyoum from addis abeba

Author childofYah4evaeva (1 year)
this is still my favorite youtube video of all time. thnx for sharing... :)

Author Yafet Nesro (1 year)
lovely girls, bless you!

Author Sam Alemayheu (3 years) it

Author Bruck Mengistu (3 years)
i cannot stop loving this song GBU

Author Daniel Melese (2 years)
i am blessed by this, God bless you.

Author kokeb gebremichael (2 years)
What a blessing ! Please keep doing this because you took me up and I dont
want to get back!!

Author EthiopianMezmurs (1 year)
I love all your works, u got a really beautiful voice, and i love the song
selections. you and the guitar...thats it, u don't need anything else, i
love it this way. God bless you sista

Author Kebede Jambo (1 year)
Thank you! It is wonderful hymn.

Author haniariyam (3 years)
egziabher abzihto ybarkachu des yemil mezmur kitzimra yenbrkin nikbri amlak
tebareka shikorinatat ahwatey

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