Pedal Pumping Damara - Car Stuck in the Mud This is what a 'real' stuck video looks like...imperfect conditions, a genuine look of worry and unpredictable results. This girl pedal pumps her way into a sticky, icky, slippery mess.

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Author Pavarit Hongthong (14 days)
You're so pretty and nice boots

Author shodowhater (6 months)
That's (not) gone well

Author Donald Long (11 months)
is it wet back their

Author Erik S (1 year)
Nice stuck and boots!!!

Author stuck1realgood (2 years)
amazing best stuck video!! add more cranking plese for out of this world
show!! (-;

Author Lloyd Mogg (1 year)
its in a headlock by the mud mud wont let it go

Author MrGeeMan1980 (2 years)
Her facial expression in the first 10 seconds - priceless! So funny, so
natural. Good job.

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)

Author arizonatsunami (2 years)
Why didn't she just ask Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei to give her a push?

Author MrGeeMan1980 (2 years)
Oh Oh, somebody must have watched "My Cousin Vinny" recently.

Author Dustin James (2 years)
Thats an 84(ish) Monte Carlo.. Looks Nice, Runs like crap though.

Author fx4warrior (2 years)
This is sexy

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
Indeed! This turned into a muddy mess when it was supposed to be an errand
run. Kinda threw a kink into the filming the rest of the day but it was
worth it!

Author fx4warrior (2 years)
Id love to rip those boots off and sniff her feet after her peeling out in
the mud

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
Lol, we're gonna use it and drive it till the wheels fall off.

Author no1lakersfan (2 years)
I love when she slams on the brakes at 0:13...I love that brake pedal sound

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
She will do some in the future. Lately, most customs have been with shoes
on. This girl brings in customs like they're going out of style!!

Author robertfootball1 (2 years)
i'd marry her just because she knows how to spin tires! who cares if she
beat me everyday, stole all my money, and slept with the milkman! get her
to do that in ballet flats sometime!

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
It's an 86 Monte Carlo with Camaro rally sport wheels.

Author Reggie Bateman (2 years)
i like her boots

Author joe louis (2 years)
saweeeeet car if you ever wanta get rid of it would u and howmuch unless u
have already

Author Ms1975FORD (2 years)
She has very nice boots!

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
Joe Pesci can push, I'd like Marisa Tomei to sit inside and help talk
Damara getting it out. :)

Author Pedal Pumping (2 years)
86, to be exact. The rougher it runs for these girls, the hotter the video!

Author daeshon2012 (2 years)
is she going to do more barefoot cranking?

Author Bolling Holt (2 years)
When she was revving it and then dropped it into drive, that was amazing!
Again, I say she can take my car key from me anytime there's a camera
around ;)

Author Wet Shoe (2 years)
very sexy boots! would be nice to see her have to get out and walk in the
mud in those!

Author fx4warrior (2 years)
This video would be perfect jerk off material if she was wearing flip flops

Author Mercurysaltocean29 (2 years)
Ya, definitely, the part who Joe Pesci as Vincent Gambini slept with Marisa
Tomei as Monna Lisa Vito, when it rained for a long time and the automobile
gets stuck, and the wheels dug the ground and runs empty.

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