Silent Hunter III Game Play

Game play from Silent Hunter III PC Game (Ubisoft). This is a World War II U-Boat warfare simulation game. Get a glimpse of what the game looks like and how it plays.

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Author lukefreake21 (5 years)
it was 1949

Author InfiniteMushroom (5 years)
Is there a mod for the FuMO-391 radar? It's supposed to be mounted on the
snorkle mast and usable at periscope depth with the mast raised but, the
game isn't allowing for that. I've noticed that the bow- and chin-mounted
hydrophone arrays don't work on the surface like they should. Can that be

Author ethel212oasa (2 years)
@ImTheSeekr man i post this 2 months earlier now i git the silent hunter 5
is better but it haves only 3 u-boats :-/ is good!!

Author urmo345 (4 years)
music is fitting very well

Author ComputerGeek1999 (3 years)
@1Cmanny1 I searched for a demo in days, but i couldnt find enything.

Author starboomer11 (3 years)
@MClown69 Really? I hope it doesn't do that to me. Was it a problem with
the installation?

Author PhilosopherGaming (3 years)
@AlexTheMango I dont remember (thats probably none to helpful lol) but its
enough to get you an early upgrade you might want but that said it wont
hurt you at all if you dont since I do remember you will make a good 10
times of the training bonus when you come across your first convoy
(assuming early)

Author MClown69 (3 years)
@starboomer11 it installed fine on my xp system but I didn't have enough
ram to run it. now windows 7 is another problem in itself. something about
starforce whatever that is, can mess up your windows 7? google silent
hunter 3 windows 7 to see what I am talking about

Author Brian Garbl (7 years)

Author careva1000 (3 years)
today i buyed this game :D

Author Jorge Baptista (4 years)
@Sandberg95 i got it and it runs... sometimes a bit laggy, but it's ok

Author MClown69 (3 years)
@starboomer11 na it didn't even play

Author ethel212oasa (2 years)
emm i had send the same comment before 3 months ! this comment is from my
brother who is 10 years old he don't know good english

Author Spacecomber (6 years)
As far as I know, there is no playable demo for this game or for the
subsequently released Silent Hunter IV. Sorry.

Author 1111mafiotul1111 (2 years)
This game is made by ROMANIA

Author Toni112007 (2 years)
@thechewydude well if on moon USA flag could wave without air than i think
this could too :)

Author PitbullNL (3 years)
@MegaGazp Well, because they trew away the good old sh3 controls, and they
fucked it up in both SH4 and SH5 SH3 controls are easy, and 4 and 5 are not

Author ImTheSeekr (2 years)
@careva1000 your graphics card is overheating i think. its what happened on
my old nvidia card, and its the reason why nvidias suck... they overheat

Author 1Cmanny1 (6 years)
is there a demo of this game?

Author ethel212oasa (2 years)

Author Robfoxman (2 years)
this game never gets old, i still play it with the Grey wolves upgrade :)

Author MegaGazp (3 years)
@PitbullNL yes i no what you meen ive gone back to silent hunter 3.

Author James Maxon (5 years)
makes you realise how boring and unepic the u-boats really were, but at the
same time that makes it an accurate sim so you have to be patient with it

Author LordOfRage (2 years)
Same here!!! SH3 was good but GWX is epic!!

Author Egho (2 years)
i only know this game since today and i fckn like it

Author Tttggvv (3 years)
@csfog Am inteles ce vrei sa zici dar eu acu 2 ani mi-am imbunatatit PCul
cu ce am acuma si el a iesit pe piata in 2005 , ma asteptam sa mearga si
NFS Most wanted are grafica cam la fel si merge bine , eu am luat o
versiane de pe torrent si mi-a facut la fel apoi am luat alta tot de pe
torrent si nimic , am tot apasat si pe Backspace pentru unpause si tot
"game pause " ramane , la fel si in museum , vreau sa-l joc ca mi se pare
atractiv. Call of d... ,mi-a mers fara upgrade . Merci !

Author careva1000 (3 years)
@rap33r100 ..and,it does not work....its opening the game,and some weird
colors appears,but i can press esc and press yes and at least its leaving
the game itself.I instaled it 4 times more but it does not work.

Author Tttggvv (3 years)
@csfog COD 4 chiar si NFS Undercover . DA merci frumos !

Author jimmybrashaw (5 years)
i just love this game. i got all the medals

Author TaZ101SAGA (3 years)
I have this installed and play it often! Fantastic game, really into it at
the moment.

Author v11cu96 (1 year)
Are you seriously trying to score points for the after life by spamming
Youtube? I wonder what Jesus would say about that, you know - I dont think
he would be too impressed. Anyway....Reporting your comment as spam.

Author Florin Vancea (5 years)

Author superultramegabird (4 years)
why is it "silent" hunter

Author Jespe (3 years)
music of this game is good. But i have downloaded GWX grey wolves expansion
but then i dont have anymore music :(. do anybody know how i get that music
back becouse its stubid to listen just engine sound.

Author careva1000 (2 years)
@ImTheSeekr yeah....i realised that :(( i went on the FAQ of ubisoft and in
the windows 7 list SH3 was missing......

Author ImTheSeekr (2 years)
it will work with windows 7, did you install the 64bit or 32bit version of
windows? this doesnt work with the 64bit verison i think

Author Robert Hopkins (2 years)
I have the same problem with SH4 did you ever figure out how to solve it?
another forum suggested changing the main.cfg file, but it still is not
working after I fixed the code

Author pokezionzook (2 years)
I am on windows seven and i run it fine

Author GoldwinTime (3 years)
@thechewydude Flags can wave underwater can they not? This isn't the
vacuole of space.

Author thynehodgson (6 years)
stupid game

Author SentientOmnimus (4 years)
@Spacecomber Is a downloadable version, or do they send you the disc and

Author MegaGazp (3 years)
@nomorenigsplease the game has german voices ass well.

Author ShinHayateChannel (1 year)
next time before posting your funny comments check commented user country
and mb find time to put some user pic if your IQ lvl good for this :)

Author ImTheSeekr (2 years)
@ethel212oasa why not silent hunter 5? its cheaper too its now $5 and for a
good looking game too

Author csfog (3 years)
@Tttggvv hmm. l-am jucat acum vreo 2 ani cred. nu mai tin minte ce si cum
DAR la o reinstalare vedeam si eu negru, trasaturile omuletilor la fel,
cateva detalii disparusera. am dezinstalat jocul, reinoit driverele de
placa de baza si placa video, am reinstalat jocul si totul a revenit la
normal. incearca si tu asta. ah am uitat: am avut o versiune "luata"...daca
ma intelegi ;).

Author codmod55 (3 years)
Okay guys, Heres whats upp, Ive been thinking about getting this game for a
long time. I would rather 5 but my computor cant run 4 and 5 so im
settleing on this (Plus everyone sais 4 and 5 suck) Its 9.99 on steam and i
really want it. but i heard alot of probelms about the starforce and
everything and im not sure. what do you guys think?

Author Dennis Lundholm (2 years)
I have win7 64 bit and have no problems running this game, i have sh4 and
sh5 but like sh3 with manos3 and magui by makman94 best.

Author ObrienXp (6 years)
No, if it were British, it would be white, union jack in top left, and st.
george's cross. They were either Canadian, or Newfoundlanders,
(Newfoundland joined Canada in 1941 so depends on what year you were in in
game). Chances are it was Canadian, it's got the Red Ensign.

Author Toni112007 (2 years)
too bad i cant play this on my gma 3100 :((((

Author rap33r100 (3 years)
@careva1000 I dont understand is it free roam?? If so that freaking awesome!

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