How to do the teleporting effect with Windows Movie Maker!!

This is a quick tutorial on how to do the teleportation effect with windows movie maker.


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Thanks for watching! If you have any questions of other requests on how to videos for cheap, just let me know in the comments!

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Author Gherghelas Valeeant (5 months)
this effect i do when i had 7 years this is very simple 

Author Swimm Fann (2 years)
easy trick in the book -_________-

Author TheVideoGamer104 (2 years)
YOUR AWESOME!Thanks for the help dude :D

Author Josh McLendon (3 years)
i use after

Author cookiekid131 (2 years)

Author Mike060504 (4 years)
nice, cool ending

Author pcjordan23 (4 years)

Author WWTDD9 (2 years)
nice vid dude can't wait to try

Author jonathan mason (11 months)

Author bollynewshouse (2 years)
you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thanks i wana make my movie but i nt know how to
do the effect

Author superdud194 (4 years)
2 words.... awe some

Author densomlurer (2 years)
I smell a vrigin

Author Anas Hallu (2 years)

Author Samuel Yi (11 months)
nice man. but can you tell me how you get those special sound affects? thnx

Author M Realleams (4 years)
How do you make those punching sound effects?

Author 01lapensativa (11 months)
lol Wow thank u so much for that info! quick ?? can u clone and if u can
how do u do it ?? please tell me Thanks agian! =)

Author EAMTerminators (4 years)
Awesome!!! check out my teleport vid

Author smil3yperson (1 year)
Umm I like it but I didn't really understood it much so could u make a
different video explaining it in a much more understood way ok thnx :) and

Author Taylor Clark (4 years)
My mouth hahaha

Author JC (2 years)

Author SuperBowserZ (2 years)
what if i dont have a cam that can pause

Author Lyric zone (1 year)
This Effect Is Called "Blinking" cause ya dont have portals you just

Author harrypotterlover7890 (2 years)
Thanks! This helped a lot!!!!!

Author Oliver Ansell (2 years)
Windows ... movie ... maker. Oh dear.

Author kikesfunny (3 years)
nice man..chek out my videos n get sum ideas if u want

Author Kidsinger1000 (2 years)
MAn thats crazy

Author Magic Guy Could Be (1 year)
what if you are so independemt, no one is able to help you in the movie?

Author Kye Collins (3 years)
awesome thanx

Author kronoz099 (2 years)
im doing this since grade 6 only using video in cellphone with pause button

Author angel nazario (3 years)
i like that of ur work

Author zooropa1967 (4 years)
thats really cool

Author megamags1998 (3 years)
um hi I have the newer version of windows live movie maker on windows 7 do
you how to do cloning on that?

Author ShocknAweGames (2 years)
@densomlurer wait-a smell yourself

Author Mtgames (2 years)
@explodingweaselnow where can you get call of duty sound packs?

Author Taylor Clark (2 years)
@MrMitchsmovies I get sound packs fromt he program files of the pc versions
of the games

Author youtuber355 (1 year)
hey I was wondering were did you get the teleporting fx sound from so I can
make my teleporting video's more realistic

Author wweseabury (2 years)
not an cena fan

Author shockaka1 (3 years)
What is the effect called?

Author Lucas Xuan (2 years)
Good video!!!^^

Author prozombiegamers (2 years)
@cathalc26 get sounds from sound bible type in swoosh in the sound effects

Author evanmargenthaler (3 years)
sound effect?

Author Magic Guy Could Be (1 year)
I want to make a ssbb tutorial in real life using wmm.

Author Fatal Flare (2 years)
awesome tutorial

Author MyPivotboy (3 years)
john cena fan?

Author TheDonovan137 (2 years)

Author CodeRedCardinal (4 years)
what really sells it is the sound not the effect ( but it is good do have a
good effect)

Author alcira42 (2 years)
The noise "pfft" :)

Author KidsDynasty (10 months)

Author natemaster777 (3 years)

Author coopstah27 (4 years)
where did u get the sound

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