Uzbekistan (Tashkent) beauty of Ozbekistan / Turkistan


Солнечный город - Ташкент

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Author oydinbonu (3 years)
Oh toshkentim, sanga qandoq yetay endi, qandoq qilay, a? Bu sog'inchni nima
bilan alday?

Author Kurdofil (6 years)
süper !!!

Author Bekzhan sauirbaev (3 years)
no more than almaty

Author Feelings64 (6 years)
Absolutely wonderful ! 5 stars

Author jasakido (5 years)
its a country!

Author shoxrux93 (5 years)
not much its in USA its a $1

Author UzbeksUnited (2 years)
half ofawghanistan is uzbeks and uzbeks belong to uzbekistan long live our
real country uzbekistan

Author TURKKNCL (6 years)
Wonderful! I want to visit there...

Author IraqiTurkmen (6 years)
Su guzellige bak!

Author EuroAsia (6 years)
Cindeyem cok Turkler var TURKESTAN(cin dilide XIN JANG dyorlar) Olargede

Author 031bozkurt031 (6 years)
su guzelige bak eline emegine yuregine saglik kardes 5***** cCc

Author TuranliUz Turk (6 years)
Ozbekistan - Buyuk Turan zaminini madaniyat govharidir! Dunyodagi hamma
turk qardoshlarimizga issik va samimiy salomlar. Dunyodagi turklarni
dostligi ayirlmasin, Allah madatkor bolsin, Amin!

Author Nanaluv4ever (5 years)
I love it there, when i was little maybe like 8 i had to move for tashkent
i was so sad if i can i would move there any minute. near the end of this
video that is were i lived right across from the park. at night it was
beautiful becuase u can see the different colors of every little thing
shining from the water. if anyone would have a chance to go there then they
should take it and maybe after they spend a week there they wouldn't want
to go back and that is a maybe.

Author 69liberation (3 years)
@bekjanov1 whats wrong being a tajik? why are u saying that? do u think
ureself is perfect?

Author MADINA2U (4 years)
Obojayu Tashkent.

Author Тимур Гатин (4 years)
Как же скучаю по Ташкенту(((

Author TuranliUz Turk (5 years)
Bu asr - Turk, Ozbek, Azerbadjanli, Turkman, Kazah, Kirgiz, Tatarlarni
asiridir. Yaniy Dunyodagi hamma, hep turklarning asiri! Butun dunyo
turklarning kelajagi parloqdir! Samimiy salomlar ila..

Author FreeSouthAzerbaijan (6 years)
Freedom for the Turks (Uzbek/Turkman) in Afghanistan! Freedom for the 3
milion Turkmans in Iran! Freedom for the 35 milion Azerbaijani-Turks in
Iran! Freedom for the 1,5 milion Turkmans in Syria HARAY HARAY MEN
Türkem!!! Türk oguyam! Shanliyam!

Author Hakan Duru (6 years)
proud of our brothers, selam from Turkey

Author samiharakat (6 years)
hi, My name is Sami, i am trying to learn about the Truks, mongols and
every nation that speaks the Turkic language. I would be really glad if you
help me some to learn about your great nation. you have my e-mail address,
please do not hesitate to email me if you are interested in sharing
historical information with me. Thank you very much. Teshekurler.

Author أبو عبد السلام حمزة الأبياري (1 year)

Author aytaç kurtuba (6 years)
Uzbekistan is wonderful country... We are together...We are a family...

Author GOD damnit (6 years)
0:43 i was livin near to that building :) now im livin in israel only been
in tashkent for six years so i dont remember much =\

Author anna sorokina (5 years)
i'm from uzbekistan-tashkent and i'm russian

Author nooralijan jan (3 years)
Yashasin Uzbekistanmiz

Author semizkent (6 years)
tashakkurlar kardoshga

Author Murad Siddiq (4 years)
I Love so much my country and my city Tashkent

Author Sanjar Yakubov (6 years)
Molodetsi! Profesionalno sdelano! So vkusom!!!

Author 69liberation (3 years)
@aytackurtuba only if they dont jail journalists

Author cCc31Bozkurt31cCc (6 years)
super ellerine saglik. kardesime her zaman destek fulll.)))) 5***** ve fav

Author BIRHETEM (6 years)
güzel olmus

Author karakurt50 (6 years)
ellerine ve emeğine sağlık gardaşım.çok güzel slaytların var.devamını
bekliyoruz.hepinizi allaha emanet ediyorum.

Author TuStyle (5 years)
vayyyyy long live Turks selaml ve saygilarla

Author TURK1SHPRIDE (6 years)

Author khurshid1989 (5 years)

Author WeedleUZ (4 years)
Tashkent 4ever! !!

Author kidanwarrior (4 years)
Tashkent is a beautiful city, a greeting from Mongol Uls.

Author TurkicTorkiTurkiy (3 years)

Author uzpower (5 years)
afghans were always great to us uzbeks until the crazy dostom came around

Author Bobur Eshboev (5 years)
im from Uzbekistan Buxara..I go there every summer...I LOVE IT....UZBEK FOR
LIFE!!!IM only 14..well....thnx :)

Author Ayo Bandoleros (6 years)
coh yaqshi hoshbah oldum kendashlarima selomlar

Author TuranliUz Turk (3 years)
O'zbekiston ulug bir makon, O'zbek halqi bagri keng halqdir!

Author Nariman Aliyev (4 years)
I'm from Tashkent.

Author tujjortoshkandiy (6 years)
I miss home, can't wait until June where I will be there!

Author gandalffffffffffffff (6 years)

Author xTekTabanca (6 years)
ellerine saglik kardesim

Author aaroncurley (5 years)
Better than Astana. and many beautiful landmarks.

Author FardinFaryadTv (6 years)
wow, what a beatiful city :P

Author Tsarevna Hilda (6 years)
Great song. But how is it there?

Author gandalffffffffffffff (6 years)
harika mutlaka gidecegim ilerde...

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