Joyful Mysteries: No Subtitles

Free professional presentation of the Rosary designed for participation. More material including audio and subtitled versions free to download from

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Author steve syvan (1 month)
Wow. The best. 

Author Clayton Best (1 month)
Very good!!! Praying the Rosary is awesome anyway, however, this version
beautifully enhances daily meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary as
well as prayers for the Pope's intentions. Well done!!!

Author Arlene C (3 months)
Thank you very much. I agree that the tone of the voice leading the rosary
is very appropriate and so calming. The Ave Maria background music as well
as the visual paintings were also well thought of and put together. Lord
Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner.

Author Cath View (1 year)
Best interactive rosary on YouTube. Praying with someone else, you get lots
of partial indulgeances. 

Author dukas108 (2 years)
This is so great! You can pray & meditate on the mysteries wonderfully with
this video.

Author diana labao (1 year)
Thank you for coming up with this. Makes my evening prayer exciting. Helps
me to meditate more and appreciate every mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Author Jose Soto (1 year)
awesome!! :) thank you for posting :D

Author Isaac Ski (11 months)
Thank you

Author Stephanie (2 years)
Thank you so much for sharing this video. I agree with other posters in the
fact that it has everything I was looking for: the most pleasant, soothing
voice around, non invasive music, and beautiful imagery. I needed this
tonight. God bless you +

Author Mike George (1 year)
either turn up the volume of the narrator or turn down the volume of hte
music please....otherwise good.....

Author RabbitSeason0 (2 years)
Thank you, this is the most beautiful rosary video. It really helps me
focus and the tone is so peaceful.

Author paul veer (2 years)

Author Colette Bembenek (1 year)
Very reverant and lovely presentation......

Author lourd raj (1 year)
I am really feeling some peace to my mind.

Author kiddo500 (7 months)
I like it with music Great Job

Author vergie71 (11 months)
Mama Mary.i love you coz of the grace of the Almighty God the Father you
bear baby Jesus for my salvation. so sorry for the people who stop praying
rosary coz of doubt

Author Colette Bembenek (1 year)
The best series for the Crown of Roses......... thank you.

Author Ruth Tyner (1 year)
TOO FAST!!!!(cont.) I only get to "pray for us sinners now......., forget
getting the Our Father completed! The speed you say your part is fine, but
your part is nicely done with reverential speed, not ours, it's like a
race. Also, the Background is a wee bit too loud to inspire meditating. I'd
love this otherwise, the voice is nice and inspires reverence. I was hoping
I would't have to look elsewhere.

Author lkmghb (2 years)
Thank you for this devotion....I truly love the Holy Rosary and this video
helps me to focus on each mystery.....God Bless You!

Author ktcortes (2 years)
I just realized that Mary was a teen mom, but still decided to keep her
baby because of her trust in God, that He would take care of her. Imagine
being that young, being pregnant before getting married, and during that
time? The stigma isn't as bad today as it was then... yet we still choose
to allow abortions.... I pray for those babies, and their parents
realization of its wrongness and that more come to help end abortion.

Author jill11100 (2 years)
So Beautiful! Thank you! I will pray my Rosary and Marys Litany everyday
with the videos!

Author Dianaholistic (1 year)
Thanks. You voice is like peace on my soul, embrace fulfilled love..Like a
bird bringing powers of nature. God bless you. I need more of you energy in
my live, you are good as season love influences Us..Holly Mary look over
your song who is prayer here, every second and take in you hands, every
day. I feel you purity of love thanks you, Thanks you, I need it. God bless
you more..

Author djsmith60 (11 months)
How do you do that? The option for no music?. I much prefer no music, it's
easier to concentrate on the prayer.

Author Ruth Tyner (1 year)

Author e.c. viray (1 year)

Author ritabsharma (1 year)
Thanks and God bless you

Author very true (1 year)
Please see TheWarningSecondComing dotcom

Author yoggiebear wilson (1 year)
of bad thoughts,negative,harmful to my health and lifestyle please free me
of people who hurt or intend to hurt me INCLUDING MYSELF. free my mind of
ALL past relationships..amen.

Author jjkk6399 (7 months)
this is the best rosary I have ever done, thankyou

Author Ria M (6 months)
Yay!! Thank you =)

Author s216674 (2 years)
Very well done. Thank you for that, and God Bless you!

Author sinfulcolor10 (2 years)

Author be happy yolo (6 months)
Joyful mysteries by mother Angelica

Author zo1215so (2 years)
Thank you for making these videos. I have a hard time focusing on the
mysteries and keeping pace praying the Rosary alone and these help a lot.

Author chittychitty bangbang (1 year)
thank you for this..sometimes it's nice to pray with somebody.

Author adamhampel (2 years)
Beutiful. God bless you. What is the song name thou

Author mary bunch (1 year)
Beautiful idea, but. I find the music a bit too loud. Sorry I do not mean
any offence

Author sexyassbrowneyes (2 years)
Thank you!

Author Colette Bembenek (9 months)
How people differ with criticizing for music accompaniment, then others
like the music. I find it beautiful, especially the Ava Maria. The priest
that leads is very gracious and one has a volume setting on their PC.
Either way, Our Blessed Mother I'm sure is engratiated by the fact that
this Rosary was put together by Catholic Presentations and is easy and
beautiful to recite and meditate on the lovely original old paintings. I
agree with 'crystalstar'...the music does lend to its beauty.

Author Don Canonizado (1 year)
Thank you very much!

Author maxine dsilva (1 year)
very good,clearly audible and understood,very holy recitation.Praise the

Author jjkk6399 (1 year)
A Rosary is a garland of flowers. One rose does not make a Rosary. Prayers
are the flowers of the spiritual life, and in offering that group of
prayers, known as the Rosary, we lay a garland of spiritual flowers at the
feet of God.

Author Tom Parnell (6 months)
Your comments however are very Christlike!!!!

Author Allan Robinson (9 months)
May God bless you for posting this, I find the music helps me to
concentrate, so much better than just praying alone, I know this is just my
humble opinion but again thank you. Ave Maria, God bless. Pax

Author Lee Meyers (1 year)
Best version of the Holy Rosary on the Internet. I prayed my part, instead
of passively listening to it. The meditative artwork helped me to meditate
on the Mysteries of each decade. I can't thank you enough for doing this
for us. Praying with us. Thanks. And, God Bless.

Author labourday25 (1 year)
Thank you. God bless us all.

Author Sueheile Velasco (1 year)
Thank You, Thank you for sharing this video rosary! God Bless.

Author tiocybot (1 year)
@smvelvet: your prayers seem to have been answered....

Author joanjeannejoe (1 year)
Thank you so much - exactly what I need to help me to pray the rosary

Author Penolope Grande (10 months)
I love the music! It helps me concentrate!

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