How Do I Look | Jordan Jones | Steps Dance Company

10th Place Junior VIP List | Grand Rapids 2011 | VIP Dance Competition |

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Junior (Age: 10) • Solo • Jazz Steps Dance Company GRAND RAPIDS, MI REGIONALS 2011 Performed by Jordyn Jones 2011 Choreography by Emily Shock
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Author Tyler Delaney (10 days)
Omg omg omg I could never do that u r awsome 

Author Jose Alvarez (15 days)
You are great love yo my name is emma

Author Jodie Ferguson (1 month)
you cant sware

Author Kate Carson (5 months)
while Jordan is an all round amazing dancer, I think jazz and hip-hop are
her strengths!!!! 

Author viviwhat63 (6 months)
Mini-Prostituate spotted !

Author Kia Costa (9 months)
Eww. That choreography was so ugly.

Author mahé latscha (11 months)
Elle danse super mal!!!!!!

Author Rosemaryy Traitsess (1 year)
That was such a good solo:) she looked like she had fun

Author Josie Brehm (3 years)
Weerkk Jordyn!! i love this solo!

Author RandomCrap (3 years)

Author hinfoi fiouisy (1 year)
Jordan is a sweet little kid, but I don't see the big deal over her. She is
not graceful nor does she have much control; both elements are crucial in a
dancer. I'd rather watch Maddie or Chloe any day, who are far from perfect.

Author amddrake25 (3 years)
not as good as on fb pictures AT ALL

Author Summer Inside (2 years)
jordyn should be good for judges because she (in most of her dances) has
tons of different elements. now all she needs to do is take the right
advice and nail them all

Author isabel e (2 years)
Good, needed to turn out her feet but fir her age brovo

Author Jesus Zepeda (1 year)
how can. you dANCE

Author GlitterGlamer07 (2 years)
I watched her solos before abby lee show was on

Author Elizabeth Tart (1 year)
Put a shirt on sorry it seems okay idk never see.n a kid dance she needs
more rytheme I guess good job

Author Dance_Moms (1 year)
did anyone else realise they spelled jordan wrong it is with a y not an aso
it is jordyn.

Author JesselynFinkley10 (2 years)
O never mind

Author Hannah Suzanne (3 years)
Who's this song by?

Author maker09100 (1 year)

Author Mackenzie DaNaee (2 years)
Jordan you go to Steps dance company?? The one in Tulare or somewhere else??

Author GlitterGlamer07 (2 years)

Author Katie Rubino (1 year)
@Kira hubler it's called looking good, feeling gorgeous by rupaul but this
is a remix

Author dancequeen10127 (2 years)
wow how old is she now?

Author Jesus Zepeda (1 year)
youR good

Author Brooke- lynn Rowand (1 year)
Pause at 0:40 so CUTE!!

Author Kira Hubler (1 year)
What's this song called??? i rlly want to know!!!

Author jordan leigh (2 years)
No offence but I really didn't like it

Author JesselynFinkley10 (2 years)
No its not it jordan

Author Kayla Sutphin (2 years)
@amddrake25 oh, do you want a cookie? She's amazing, stop bragging - it's
not cute.

Author Turtlepatchgirls (3 years)
She looks like she's having fun!

Author bigdreamsandbighopes (2 years)
her name is spelled jordyn.... not jordan....

Author S3Ddancer17 (3 years)
@amddrake25 1) pictures dont tell all 2) those pics were at a different
competition 3) not everyone always gets there tricks spot on so she
probably had one of those days 4) how old are you? shes probably younger.
5) she is amazing for her age so stop being rude!

Author fiercevelina (2 years)
Why did this get 10th place??????

Author Summer Inside (2 years)
the enegry for this dance is just perfect. she is amazing (it makes u smile
on the inside)

Author Grace Williams (2 years)
Jordan!!! I don't mean to be a stalker but I used todo gymnastics with
u!!!! U probably won't remember me, it was way back!! But I love ur
dancing!! I miss u and hope u keep up the good work!! =P

Author amddrake25 (3 years)
not as good as on fb pictures AT ALL im way better

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