Ghosts, Demons, Angels Caught On Tape

I was watching man vs wild and I saw some odd things. See for yourself.

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Author Stephen Traphan (5 months)
Help is available.

Author darkestlightangle (5 years)
yea africa is wonder ful i mean its not the rape capitol of the world for
nothing i mean they made a condom with teeth for wemen to escape rape

Author nigel hazel (3 years)
Why is he posting a vid of videos already on youtube??

Author Eye2watch (4 years)
:P ^^

Author junkerdunk (4 years)
@Redcaster916 You're agnostic I presume? Religion is the foundation of
civilization and put into force a moral code through the strength of gods,
Yahweh, Allah, Zeus etcetc so religion is not the worst creation, there
isnt a stronger backlash against getting someone not to steal something or
kill someone out of anger if they believe they'll suffer eternal hellfire
for it. eh? Modern philosophy is built around the morality of religion,
even while not belonging to any.

Author insanecat1 (4 years)
the convincing vids that kenya is haunted almost made me have a heart

Author Salena52 (5 years)
I didn't see anything in the Man vs. Wild videos. I hate the videos of the
fallen angel and the red thing; they freak me out. Plus there is no hard
evidence to suggest any of these are real because , well, they're on

Author Subhankar Zac (3 years)
Ghosts are in every country n state, not only Kenya.

Author MurdersforHalloween (4 years)
I think I'm blind Or maybe you are

Author Pale Ryder (3 years)
I'm a believer in nearly all paranormal or supernatural beings. That said,
do I really have to say what bullshit this vid was? Ugh...

Author achores1 (2 years)
in the end that waas the creeeeepiest
i'm so creeped oout !!!!

Author 〈-- This man was later convicted of removing 14 kebab civilians. (4 years)
angels do exist! ill prove it

Author julian rodriguez (4 years)
well the first few didnt look believable and the one with the angel but all
the other ones looked convincing

Author romeo0489 (3 years)
i would say some of this are real and some are fake

Author witchgirl0 (4 years)
last video too scary for me & me bestoo who 8 and im 9

Author kassy sassy (4 years)
yea that was areflection of the fire, what angel plays in fire? some may be
true but others...... are you smoking meth?

Author doorknobjoe (3 years)
fake fake fakelast three are fake

Author wangombak (4 years)
Assalammua'laikum, i can explain all this. In our World got 4 things. this
is the Ranking. 1. Human (we all) 2. Devil (Evil) 3. Genie 4. Animals LA

Author TouchYourFace77 (3 years)
@Mekonsprain Yeah, it's really annoying, isn't it? I mean, I'm glad that
people want to make us laugh, but they needn't say "This is definitely
real" when it's not. And with digital effects nowadays it's difficult to
believe anything. The best way to find out is to go to those places
yourself, I suppose. :-)

Author d4rkdreamer (3 years)
i firmly believe that the dead walk along us, i have seen many but never
caught any on photos or videos.

Author aka4god (5 years)
Africa is not haunted can't believe people listen to those stereotypes
about Africa. Its a wonderful place to live

Author 232323C (4 years)
highly imaginative

Author Scarlettoh40 (4 years)
Don't worry about all these comments of non-believers. I am a Paranormal
Investigator and Sensitive myself. I have a small ghost hunting group,
Vortex Ghosthunters, in Tennessee. I st of all, I started the business in
2000-01. I have been a sensitive since birth. Don't ever worry about what
people think, alot of them have closed minds, and no matter how much proff
u have, it will never change thier minds. I am a Chrsitan too. I beleive
and pray before we do any of our work. I have tons of pics,

Author SKATERPAINT07 (4 years)
everything but the angel is legit

Author chyrd (4 years)
you are kidding right?

Author Mexican__Burrito (3 years)
u edited him

Author scott schneider (4 years)

Author Kenya Jones (4 years)
HEY!! :( not haunted ! theres nothing wrong with me * spins head 360

Author Phillip Wardle (3 years)
Lol Iove how people take the time to say its fake, I've come face to face
with a demon myself, I have nothing to show for but I believe in ghosts,
spirits and demons. and just for the record I watched a documentary on
demons called "The Gates Of Hell" and it talks about 5 gates one of them
being inside of a volcano in Alaska, every time it erupts it lets out
demons, it just erupted a couple weeks ago, I hope a demon comes to visit
one of you non believers so you can see for yourself!

Author SpoRTgEEk111 (4 years)
wow ummm tht angel one was so fake........i might be wrong i am christian
and everything and im not saying i know what a angel looks like but it
looks like terrible im just saying

Author emma c (4 years)
na its just johny flame from fantastic four flame on!!

Author u look frickable as heckie (2 years)
Kenya probably is haunted I bet tons of people were killed by Lions there
so that's a reason!

Author Elizabeth Royer (3 years)
@WaRdyyPJW that's wat i'm sayin!!

Author Dany Velasquez (1 year)
oye dime q cansion usastes en este video

Author Abel Gaiya (2 years)
I honestly didn't see any of the things you described

Author Fidel Castro (4 years)
I love how you pretend to find ghosts on Bear Grylls show.

Author theinfamousmrsleep (1 year)
You can take your little gay-ass ghost video.... shine that sumbitch up
real nice.... turn it sideways AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS!!
You saw a ghost fist and it smacked your retarded ass silly!

Author justin gaston (3 years)
good job...keep it up!

Author TraceofHatred (3 years)
the first half of the video is awful none of them even seem like ghosts.. I
hate videos as it is but this is terrible.But the second half, the "angel"
was totally faked, and a couple of the other ones were creepy, but not
ghosts i don't think.

Author MegaBrownsfan (4 years)
ok all of this wasnt even scary i seen all of this before

Author thtguy6110 (4 years)
that last video thats a demon only demons stay like that

Author ShaKirah Benoit (2 years)
i didnt kno wat the heck he was talkin about in tha beginning. i just saw a
bunch of dark...

Author Christopher Reardon (1 year)
I don't see shit.

Author 7419026 (4 years)
its grass blowing in the wind

Author thtguy6110 (4 years)
the first angel video i think might be a glair from that fire or something

Author thugsbunny123 (4 years)
how do u no that wasnt a hobo trying to sleep in the woods and was like wtf
is that light and he was under government plans and got his eyes removed
with cats eyes thats just as crazy lol

Author Mekonsprain (3 years)
Seen so many of these debunked now. I'm increasingly of the opinion that
there's no such things as ghosts. If there were, Utube would be stacked
with compelling videos of the things. Instead all there are is the same
recycled hoax crap and a couple interesting maybees then a whole ton of
idiots posting comedy screamers and kids running around in sheets. Yawn.

Author rockb117 (5 years)
damn retard...u r an idiot

Author antonio piercy (1 year)
oooohhhhh come on , you do know he used to get air lifted out of he places
att night

Author ARTURKC7YED (5 years)
Well the flying Angel got me thinking, if you look it closer you can tell
the camera man is recording were ever the angel is flying obviously the
camera dude doesn't see it if he did he would make comments while recoding,
so no flying angels good editing, sorry religious people but no this is not
a flying angel.

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