RoR: The ultimate Crash Compilation ep.5

I know there is rendering error at 2:25, no need to tell me.




►Approaching Nirvana - Gangmaa Style Remix


All music has been used with the correct usage rights.

------------------------------------------Cars and Mods---------------------------------

►CarMods by
►Flares, Colocorection, Soft Contrast, explosion, smoke and awesomeness have been added with Sony Vegas Pro 11.

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Author Денис Иглин (1 year)
Music Oppa gangam style?

Author raife smith (11 months)
lololol well done

Author Yukio HayashiGaming (1 year)
Dubstep gangnam style

Author TheWarcry05 (1 year)
Nice video :)

Author PSPonlineGAM3R (1 year)

Author matt the farmer (1 year)
What progam do you use to reskin the cars

Author RenaultMagnum97 (1 year)
FAntastic video, thanks :)

Author Almightyadlouis (1 year)
Cars and maps!! What are they :0

Author Michael Smart (1 year)
3:03 woot, somebody actualy used my map. Even if it is an ugly pos.

Author dri fter (1 year)

Author AceCustomz (1 year)
you sure know how to edit and does your editing program works on Windows XP

Author xKRZY (1 year)
Not think the song would be more appropriate in a minecraft video? :P

Author Trema13 (1 year)

Author dylan dumntier (1 year)
2:45 gangman style remix XD

Author Antosz20000 (1 year)
You're films are REALLY good, but Please, can you stop with the techno?
Maybe dubstep, but the best for crashes is metal i think...

Author Adrian Pisarek (1 year)
no my windows is windows 7

Author Jack Carter (10 months)
Its just good editing

Author PancakeFace859 (1 year)
Gangnam Style Dubstep

Author xBrotkastenx (1 year)
somebody can tell me name of the first map? awesome vid!!!

Author samsung toshiba (9 months)
kenn you german

Author melkiy582 (1 year)
Yay! :D

Author Louise G (1 year)
Woah, this is really well made! What car is it at 1:07? :D

Author aljowen (1 year)
Oh actually it is isnt it, after watching more of the vid

Author Mattie147 (1 year)
nice vid again :D keep it up

Author Andrey Tiberius (1 year)
Nice! Can u give me a link for download this game?

Author jack banister (1 year)
where do i get this game its so cool

Author heniek wichura (9 months)
kto z anglis

Author scott thomson (1 year)
love your editing

Author ReDZoONe14 (1 year)

Author jaimswallace (1 year)
wow a 20k sub youtube commenting, thank you so much, those are comments
that keep me motivated doing videos. Thank you.

Author Mattias Petersson (1 year)
what car is it at 1:00 and can you post a download link ?

Author Trema13 (1 year)

Author BlackBullGaming (1 year)
Can u tell me your settings in the game ? When i play it it doesnt look as
good as your gameplay : p Just downloaded it :)

Author nicolas bravo (1 year)
y el link del auto min 1:41

Author Денис Иглин (1 year)
cool Good !!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ben Fulton (1 year)
you should be proud of what you are doing I love these kinds of videos and
you are just spectacular at making them keep up the good work bro!

Author fsaka37 (1 year)
Best video

Author SkatingCat par wil (10 months)
James... is the glass an EDIT or is it a new UPDATE... oh no i can't type
anymore right now i think my mouth is bleeding

Author aljowen (1 year)
I liked your wall breaking effect you added after filming in your editing
software. And yes, i could hear gangnam style in there whenever it paused

Author nicolas bravo (1 year)
me puedes dar el link de descarga del terreno del min 0:15 por favor

Author patactio (1 year)
Will you use any of snigles' mods?

Author MegaPR2 (1 year)
Nice video. I love the ending, how did you get the wheel to fall off? In my
1 and a half years of playing rigs of rods that has only happened to me
once. :D

Author Женя Хасанов (1 year)
Можете мне скинуть свой клиент?Если есть такая возможность то скиньте буду

Author SkatingCat par wil (9 months)
Lyrics: We r under here.... EH EH EH EH EH EH... Oppan gangnam style!

Author Cyrus Kalyn (1 year)
What the name of the first terrain

Author TheBattlebrille (1 year)
maybe from the official wbsite or GOOGLE ?! the game is called Rigs of Rods
... did youre brain ever hurt before

Author Michael Porter (1 year)
download link to the car at :43 please

Author AceCustomz (1 year)
good then i try to get it and did you cracked it?

Author Insanegaz (1 year)
Nice video and subbed you should use what ever music your happy using
you'll never please everyone :)

Author aljeff20 (1 year)
at below read desc

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