Fantasia (S. L. Weiss) -- classical guitar, performed by ThinkingDog

Fantasia (or Fantasie) in Dm, a great classical guitar piece by the 18th century composer Sylvius Leopold Weiss, who was a contemporary of J.S. Bach and considered one of the greatest lute players in history -- although I read somewhere his thumb was nearly bit off by another musician late in his life, which I'm sure would compromise anyone's technical abilities (!).

In this video I'm playing a Takamine TC132SC nylon string guitar. I was hesitant to post this because I'm not a classical guitarist, but this is a beautiful piece of music for all acoustic guitar players, whether you're into classical or not. I learned this years ago, forgot it, then recently re-learned it -- it's a lot of fun to play. If you're interested, sheet music and tabs exist for this song plus there are a dozen or so YouTube videos of serious classical players covering the tune (... the right way).

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Author trinhvansf (6 months)
Excuse me! Where is Takamine TC 132SC made? China or Japan?
And between TC 132SC and TC 135SC...Which is better than? About quality of

Author chenchenmusic (4 years)
Sounds nice!! I like your tone on this guitar btw, does this guitar have a
truss rod in the neck?

Author ThinkingDog06 (3 years)
@MrBordoneo - thanks, the guitar is nice, produces a good full sound.

Author ThinkingDog06 (5 years)
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Author ThinkingDog06 (5 years)
Pascal -- best of luck, I'm sure you'll have fun with this song. And thanks
again for the kind comments.

Author ThinkingDog06 (5 years)
Gm7 -- thanks, your comment is very much appreciated.

Author Qpidon (5 years)
I love this kind of play. For being self taught: way coool man!! BRavo,

Author mrnosy1 (2 years)
Can you upload some tabs :D id really appreciate it, or atleast tell me
where you found the music, thanks :D

Author Deneb (4 years)
I love the way you play this piece ! Don't care about the right or the
wrong way, it's just the way you feel and play this piece !

Author ThinkingDog06 (5 years)
Walter -- I appreciate the notes. Baroque is generally composed to be more
consistent in rhythm and mood than the way I'm playing Weiss' composition
here, but I "hear" this piece in various peaks and valleys and so I end up
playing it that way. As I mention in my notes, I'm not a classical
guitarist so to those who are more studied in what's right or wrong I'm
sure this is more wrong than right! Thanks again for the comment, I really
do appreciate it.

Author saigonclassicalguita (4 years)
the way you play fantasia(weiss. classical piece not too good my friend.

Author wfraanje (5 years)
Perhaps you didn't wanna make a good interpretation of this piece, but I
think Weiss did play it a little more straigt (don't know how to say in
English), les rubato. You're accelerating and deaccelarating far too much
for barok. As for the rest: nice playing, good sound ;)

Author ThinkingDog06 (1 year)
Hi, thanks for listening and for the kind comments. Actually I don't know
the brand of strings, I did this video a long time ago and haven't changed
the strings since (very bad, I know...). They may be D'Addario's, but not
sure. Thanks again and take care, TD.

Author Isaac Bishara (2 years)
yeah yeah...I can dig this too

Author gazoscreek (5 years)
I think I can play that last chord there .... Man. That was a wonderful,
and excellently played interpretation. Your guitar sounds very full as well.

Author ThinkingDog06 (3 years)
@TheFallenDidntTry - hi, yes pretty fast neck (if you mean playable)
although I haven't sampled enough nylon string guitars to adequately rate
this one vs others. Thanks!

Author mrnosy1 (2 years)
Wow nice, im impressed, you must have a great ear! :D

Author Turcu Cristian (4 years)
OMG man , you play beautifully , but i hate the way you use your thumb .The
bass notes sound so sick . [ no offense ]

Author Don Bordoneo (3 years)
Nice playing! How's that guitar?

Author uyngane (5 years)
It's Funny. I first heard "chitarprof" (sp?) play this piece and thought
while I was listening that there was little "expression". So I looked for
another version and found this one. Baroque may be meant to be more
consistent, but this beautiful music definately has a lot of room for
interpretaion. I enjoyed both! Guess that says something for Mr. Weiss, eh.

Author nansir (5 years)
I always find perfection emotional, this is a joy to listen to, thanks.

Author Umut Karakaya (1 year)
harika gitar

Author ThinkingDog06 (3 years)
@MrBordoneo - yes, I don't know how much it will cost you, but I recommend
this guitar.

Author ThinkingDog06 (4 years)
@chenchenmusic - thanks for listening and commenting, yes this Takamine
does have a truss rod although I've never used it to make adjustments.

Author ThinkingDog06 (4 years)
@saigonclassicalguita -- hello, it is a Takamine TC132SC. Thanks for

Author Gminor7 (5 years)
Beautifully done! The way you feel about a piece is far more important than
any supposed "right way" to play it.

Author Jer1400 (5 years)
Wow man cool!

Author Damien Donnelly (2 years)
Amazing playing my friend, this is one of the pieces that inmspired me to
pick up a guitar 2 years ago. Would you know where i can get the tablature
for this piece as i have had difficulty finding an accurate tab for it?

Author Don Bordoneo (3 years)
I want to buy this takamine, you think it worth it? Thank!

Author 6thStringPlayer (4 years)
Really Beautiful ! , really like the interpretation.

Author mrnosy1 (2 years)
Oh and how much did it cost you?

Author edramos (2 years)
Sounds great! Keep playing!

Author saigonclassicalguita (4 years)
what type of cut away guitar you play. fantasia. thank

Author DirkWoellner (1 year)
hey great playing and very nice sound. Can you tell me which strings you
use? I have still the standard ones on it, and I hope I can improve the
sound by buying proper ones. Yours sound excellent! cheers from munich

Author Qpidon (5 years)
I had another listen, with the tabs now ;-) More and more I feel I need to
start playing stuff like this, it makes me feel overjoyed (!) and when its
played like this...I'm in heaven. Thanks for your kind help, Pascal

Author ThinkingDog06 (2 years)
Hi, sorry I don't have tabs for this song -- I learned it by ear about
twenty years ago (took me forever) but I'm sure it exists in sheet music
and tab form somewhere. Best of luck!

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