Quicksilver MX II Sprint LSA Light Sport Aircraft Ultralight

At 0:45 you'll see us fly near an ascending hot air balloon!

This is three videos joined together. You can see it takeoff during the last third segment. I'm holding the camera, the pilot and a potential customer are in the cockpit.

Had the opportunity to fly in this MX II yesterday. Pilot pretty much let me fly the entire time while his hands were in his lap and his feet dangled away from the pedals.

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Author AirMech331 (6 months)
what was the crew weight on these vids? I thought the useful load on these
things were around 450lbs? I'm looking to get one but thinking that i
would be pushing over the limits on the MX 2. I'm 200, and would like to
take a passenger, around 250lbs+. add fuel, and your looking at over
500lbs fully loaded. the sport 2S has useful load of like 600lbs. but
they be spendy

Author Tyler H (3 years)
those aircraft look so fun!

Author booterspaw (3 years)

Author booterspaw (3 years)
Did you happen to spot your plane ?

Author theleetbeagle (2 years)
A brand new Quick 2-place is upwards of $15,000 USD. That's with you
building it. Add $2000 to have a dealer build it. A legal used two-place
will be anywhere from $8000 to $12000 depending on condition and
engine/sails/etc. An illegal used 2-place (was never N-numbered) can be had
from $4000 to $6000.

Author theleetbeagle (3 years)
@booterspaw I was about 60 miles away from that area. I'll have an
ultralight soon enough and will go scouting, though.

Author bmjake (2 years)
I've been looking for a two place Quicksilver. How much was this one going

Author theleetbeagle (2 years)
Just saw this post again. JTLYK, yeah I did actually find it with my
ultralight. rcgroups (dot) (com) (slash) forums (slash) showthread (dot)

Author james marshall (1 year)
two can die i mean fly-- for the price of one --seams fun!

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