Teodora - zhelanie za grjah (LIVE)

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 2:51
Comments: 57

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Author ferrariModenas (7 years)
she has a very nice body, but too much make up, that's why she looks like
that, if she'd eased down the make-up then she could have looked more
natural and beautiful, she's really hot here though, maybe I am thinking
from wrong head right now! :-)

Author legijajco (6 years)
tako bi te karao

Author Mihail Angelov (5 years)
oohhhh obicham te.....mnogo qko sladurche si :*

Author LoqkiDua (3 years)
Ufaaa jbt palish me hahahahahaha

Author joesloki (3 years)
beautiful !!!!!! great job with this song teodorabg.......just getting in
to this med stile of music ... like very much....... hi from oklahoma USA

Author Aldomir Dosev (5 months)

Author lukicst (6 years)
lol u are stupid this is song originaly by anna vissi, writed by her ex
husband Nikos Karvelas, but singers like that stupid Aurora ruining
beutiful songs!!!!! so is GREEK song u stupid ashole

Author galaxytraveller (7 years)
I think she is very beautiful and song is good too

Author heikki000 (6 years)
where is the audience? :P

Author TeodoraBG (7 years)
There are clothes on me. Cann't you see?

Author aure1605 (5 years)

Author tsvetan milchev (6 months)
Super klip taka te iskam (CORASON)=sarce.

Author bgsexygirl (7 years)
yeah but her boobs are soooooo is bad voice does suk here and
outfit sucks.the only good thing here is her hair.

Author Banni3 (6 years)
damn people...stop hating!!! so wat if we steal?? we may steal but we make
it 1000 times better than da original..n stop frontin' cuz bulgarian
singers are way hotter den all dem greek bitches! peace out n stop hatin on
us!!! BG 4 lyfe!

Author frakoc (6 years)
Čudovita deklina..škoda da nema nobene pesmi v angleščini

Author in4etoooo (7 years)
super pesen,super pevica

Author Amemo25 (7 years)
this is the orginal song : Anna Vissi - Ego Moro Mou but this version is
very nice

Author auiuiuify (3 years)
@TeodoraBG I wish I couldn't

Author Kendonn Santavilla-Romanov (5 years)
Ego Moro Mou by Anna Vissi....try the remix by dj Senol...

Author f karaj (6 years)
stop steeling songs from greeks lool

Author hpopov (7 years)
Where are her clothes?

Author maslincho (4 years)
mislq che e parvata i pesen

Author LRytas (6 years)
trioshki moshki, crap :D

Author MDMakedonce (4 years)
she is so fucking hot im not suprised cause bulgarian and macos and serbs
are always hot

Author martino león (7 years)
ti danebi da si teodora??? istinskata

Author legijajco (6 years)

Author greatarabia (5 years)
Who sings the original song ???

Author stellaandjela (5 years)
Man every Balkan country has its version of the song...Damn...

Author sanela sanci (5 years)
ova pjesma je od funky-g

Author parislove2007 (4 years)
she´s so thin..hehe 5*

Author albbosi (6 years)
woow sexyyyyy girlyyyyyy:)

Author greatarabia (5 years)
Ah thanx man ;-)

Author borana1986 (3 years)
Very sexy Teodora....fobulusgurl u suck badly...we all know that albanians
steal songs from everywhere ; )

Author klonedklein (6 years)

Author legijajco (5 years)
bravo bulgaria pozdrev ot srbia

Author tsvetan milchev (6 months)
ima dumi na ispansci cato naprimer (CORASON)=sarce

Author Florin Fanaj (6 years)
i was here in borovets but in the winter... its a nice ski center
chicks too BG has hot bitches As for the song stealings, all the balkan
nations steal each other songs. bullgarians from albanians, greeks from
turks, albanians from turks...ect ect. When a song becomes hit it has to
have all balkan nations versions. its reality... hehe

Author MrUnaisgenious (4 years)
im acctuly teodora thates my name and im 9 and half rolf

Author 54spiritedwill54 (5 years)
Čudovita deklina..škoda da nema nobene pesmi v angleščini

Author vurxut (4 years)
tova e purvata pesen na teodora.bravo

Author theodoros68 (7 years)
Very nice!!

Author Zazzalovesher (3 years)
Stop quarreling and being racist saying albania is better, bulgaria is
better. Stop anything like this and look at that sexy hot chick that is Teo

Author bgsexygirl (7 years)
i know right you should see her other songs they are worse and she looks
more and more like a porn star.

Author fobulusgurl (6 years)
o u stupid bitch...that's write diz song is stolen from albanian chik..and
albanian rule shqipe 4 lyf ..fuck ya

Author Kendonn Santavilla-Romanov (5 years)
I Love Teodora's music...and i have some of her songs...I actually know
that some of them are greek covers....I have Ego moro mou by Anna Vissi and
I have to say that even though i liked some of Teodora's covers over the
greek Izneverqvam ti(se Vgazo Akyro-Kelly Kelekidou)
which was great...but....not this one....the original greek version is much

Author vincefr (7 years)
She looks alike a porn star

Author arisSaloniki (5 years)
mas kataklepses koritsi mou alla den peirazei poly paidi

Author ariu shqiptar (5 years)
what a fucking sexy she is, very hot and nice singer aswell, nice to see
heer real

Author avcı fahrettin (5 years)
sexsy teodora

Author Jajceplayer (5 years)

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