Gymnastics tutorail: Front Aerial

Once again do not attempt if you feel injury is likely to happen to you.

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Author Xaviera Haynes (1 month)
That's not a front handspring

Author Lucky Msp Gal (2 months)
OH K now she did a front aerial afterwards

Author kinmeichiku (9 months)

Author Sage Pittman (8 months)
That's not a front handspring its a front walk over btw not trying to be
rude but yea great over all tho

Author Lolz4Life (8 months)
It's not a front walkover it's a front handspring step out obviously you
don't know gymnastics so quit being a smart alek 

Author haley patton (9 months)
This is a very good tutorial. To those that say that she did a front
handspring step out is wrong. It is an improper way to say a front
walkover. Its like saying round off step out ... that would be a cartwheel

Author imogen laing (1 year)
How big is your trampoline? Cause I'm getting one to practice my flips on
it, and yours looks like a good size xD haha sorry for the strange question

Author SuperSlingshot2 (1 year)
I always saw those in olders girls routines at my gym and never learned
one! I will try it this weeked!!

Author skittlesxoxo143 (1 year)
This is a front walkover.

Author petblum1 (1 year)
what level R U

Author Katie Goodman (1 year)

Author FourEverFit (1 year)
You spelt tutorial wrong:/

Author MissBombshellBeauty (1 year)
Actually there is I would know since Ive been doing gymnastics for 6 years
and I am a gymnastics coach.

Author soccersophia98 (1 year)
Step out

Author clara mikela (1 year)
Thank you really helped

Author laurandani9271 (1 year)
Your really good

Author sameer rajjob (1 year)
very nice :)

Author MissBombshellBeauty (1 year)
with no hands....

Author Courtney Durbala (1 year)
she did a front handspring step out...i am a gymnast and would know this

Author JorjaaSalisbury (1 year)
LOVE it! you make it look so easy.

Author ɱʌɲʛʌ (1 year)
you are really good teacher

Author Jessica Young (1 year)
HOW in the world in the beginning was that a front handspring

Author gymlover liv (1 year)
she wasn't finished...

Author Jelani Jordan (1 year)
Thats a front walkover. .not a front handspring.

Author laylamarie26 (1 year)
they are actually more like a front walkover not a front handspring

Author Varietyvids219 (1 year)
This tutorial was very helpful! :)

Author Jada Velazquez (1 year)
All the bad comment go back 2 you i bet she is better then you haters

Author umlupita (1 year)
She started with a front walk over, so you could get comfortable knowing
how it feels like, but then you work the courage up to do it with no hands

Author march babybeauty (1 year)
thats a font walkover just saying your vids are awesome

Author Diana Samantha (1 year)
Can u plz plz plz do a back layout tutorial like y did in the back

Author ayniess (1 year)
I hope to learn front walkover and don't even dream about this one:)

Author RedSky199 (1 year)
I asked Dawn. And then my friend asked Megan and she said the same thing to
her haha.

Author Chrissy C (1 year)
@Aaron C actually it's a front handspring stepout.

Author thecheegirl101 (1 year)
this will help me do mine

Author soccersophia98 (1 year)
There is such thing as a front handspring but you did not do it you did a
front walkover

Author Ashley Lopez (1 year)
It's called a handspring step out or something like and she's right they
say tht for short

Author Katherine Wallace (10 months)
I land on by but all the time

Author Krhodes02 (1 year)

Author MeritxellLovesBeauty (1 year)
great tutorial... what level gymnast are you? :)

Author Sadie Lowe (1 year)
Says front handspring "does front walkover"

Author taylortumbler333 (1 year)
That is actually a front handspring step out!

Author Chya Abraham (1 year)
What coach?

Author Olivia Hartley (1 year)
Love this type of video as well as your makeup ones, would you mind making
more of these? xxx

Author MissBombshellBeauty (1 year)
No I did not I showed a front handspring step out..

Author Alli Yoon (1 year)
Your good

Author NicoleLowVevo (1 year)
A front aerial is not an advanced skill! It's super basic!

Author Maddy Belmont (1 year)
I feel like I'm super close to this, since I can do a front walkover, front
handspring, and one handed front walkover, but everytime I try my front
aerial I end up tucking and landing on my butt! Any tips?

Author steph tarega (1 year)
You obviously don't know much about gymnastics and tumbling, a front
handspring step out is a skill lots of people use, especially for
connecting series

Author Chya Abraham (1 year)
Dawn or megan isn't a level 7 coach... What friend? IS it Allie?

Author Courtney Dylan (1 year)
Yes a frount walkover is basically a handstand into a bridge then get back
up it's in the name walkover where and a handspring you jump on to ur hands
then from ur hand u push up and bounce onto ur feet again it's in the name
HandSpring....And she did do a walkover :)

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