Kathleen Madigan- Mormon Temple

Kathleen Madigan at her finest

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Author 53knights (1 month)
Well, Bob, to be fair, the Mormons made their stuff up before tv as well.
It was just a lot closer to the invention of the tv (which, coincidentally,
was invented by a mormon)

Author Peter Bisuito (4 months)
Kathleen Madigan is my favorite comedian ever! 

Author victoria arnstein (8 months)

Author hockeygoon79 (10 months)
I'm a Mormon and I thought this was pretty funny. Not exactly accurate, but

Author Stubanie Ellen (4 months)
Is that it? Haha

Author Dominic Cingoranelli (11 months)
She is hilarious-just listen!

Author Robert Pratt (7 months)
I Laughed till I cried. Thank You Kathleen Madigan!

Author sara faulkner (10 months)
you're hsterical!

Author existaslove100 (2 years)
That's kind of scary...everytime I hear a religion is making a lot of money
I get worried because of what they'll do with that money. For example, the
Catholic church (I was raised catholic just like Kathleen Madigan and "Bob"
lol), is backing anti-gay political candidates in the US with their money
and I feel outraged for every time I did the tithing and put a dollar in
growing up, an innocent child having no idea about this.

Author harrylongbaugh1 (1 year)
LSD was invented in 1936 but wasn't officially founded by the CIA as part
of the MKULTRA program until the 1950s.

Author Cat Fluff (2 years)
Honey im sorry but apparently you haven't read Isaiah chapter 29.

Author Ksenia Kolyadina (2 years)
so good, I cried!!!!:)

Author henochparks (2 years)
backing anti gay candidates? Romney presided over a gay marriage in Mass.
when he was Governor. U S Senator Gordon Smith from Oregon former LDS
Bishop proposed the Matthew Shepard bill to protect gays from hate crimes.
Mormons are not anti Gay they just do not like to way current legislation
is being purposed. It forces churches to preform Gay marriages and violates
church and state.

Author Michael Kjeldsen (2 years)
Not even funny. just ignorant.

Author 1FastfingersMcgee1 (2 years)
the truth hurts :,(

Author Aubrie Tremblay (2 years)
true, but still doesn't change it.

Author vmi3301 (1 year)
You are offended. I think it is funny, that is why I am happier than you. :)

Author Michael Taggart (2 years)
Again, a fear and ignorance of WHAT exactly?

Author atxdesign (2 years)
Funny video. I'd have to say though, the Mormon Church DOES rake in a lot
of money. Members are required to pay 10% of their income to the church.
Additionally they have a vast commercial arm. They recently built a
multi-billion dollar mall across the street from the Salt Lake Temple.

Author Chris Cipollini (2 years)
all comedy is offensive "in a way". Get over it.

Author Erin Walsh (2 years)

Author MargieMama (1 year)
Love the "Trick you into being a Mormon room". Hell, I'm Mormon and stay
away from that room!

Author Neekadeek (2 years)
FUCK! Thanks for agreeing with me haha

Author Michael Taggart (2 years)
"Thou shalt keep thy religion to thy-self." -George Carlin

Author idontwant2bpoor (3 years)
im tellin you the 1 thumbs down on all her clips has to be Dr.Laura.

Author brownie7317 (2 years)
mormanism is comedy.

Author yarpen800 (2 years)
Hahaha that's hilarious. I never thought people who believe this kind of
bullshit have the mental capacity to operate computers. You must be like
the smartest mormon.

Author Aubrie Tremblay (2 years)
fine, but we'll probebley hear a lot more if Romney wins the election.

Author Ty Bo (1 year)
Sir, my hat is off to you. You might be my new favorite person on the
internet. You speak truth with the ability to simultaneously ridicule. You
have so neatly taken these mormons magic underpants down and thoroughly
spanked them upon their bums, metaphorically speaking of course, that I
can't help but hold you in awesome wonder. I'll continue to fight this good
fight along side you until the last mormon stops knocking on my door on
Saturday morning. Bravo SechyoolarYOOESAY!

Author Sabastian Shultz (1 year)
um I think millions of people is not a cult. and technically any religion
fits one definition or another of a cult

Author yarpen800 (1 year)
I want to know if your underwear has magical properties, that's all.

Author harrylongbaugh1 (1 year)
Read the book house of holiness by Boyd K. Packard it explains what happens
inside mormon temples and should be available at any public library. Even
better read the lds standard( bible, book of mormon, pearl of great price,
doctrine and covenants) works it all in there. ya got it? its all published
and out there for all to see. Sacred not secret.

Author shotputter95 (2 years)
@prorussian24 every thing except the magic hat is real actually XD

Author tacojohn9 (1 year)
I send Mormons to all of my friends. Well, they aren't exactly friends; I
don't really have any of those anymore. Enemies are just as fun to fuck

Author Bethany Ricks (3 years)
@Lee0S0Wayne should join and as he prayed the Heavenly Father and his son,
Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that he should join none because
none had the full truth. Jesus Christ established his church on the earth
with the power of the priesthood and after all the apostles died those
priesthood keys were lost and the church died out. This is why Jesus Christ
called Joseph Smith as the first prophet of the new dispensation in order
to reestablish his church on the earth. The real name

Author Skatejock21 (2 years)
I am a Mormon, and the reason why you can't just enter the temple is
because you must be baptized and have a temple recommend to even do
baptisms for the dead. It's a very sacred place. To get married, which is a
common reason to enter, you must have you endowments taken out. I've
entered the temple before myself.

Author Eva Roberts (2 years)
Geronimo!!!! HAHAHAHA

Author Cat Fluff (2 years)
I don't believe in the bible its just full of nonsense and i don't agree
with nonsense.

Author LDStothecore (2 years)
No respect in this country.

Author Neekadeek (2 years)
@817jimw do you think I really care lol

Author 911ambulancegirl (1 year)
Prop 1?!? oH NO! We should DO something!!!

Author Annie - (1 year)
Oh well, tastes differ ;)

Author yarpen800 (1 year)
Well does it or does it not? Are you embarassed of your faith?

Author Miyako19931 (2 years)
I'm just trying to see it from all points of view, i'm not apologizing for
anything. I thought it was hilarious. I was just saying that I could see
how they could have been offended. Why would I apologize to someone for
what another person said? That doesn't make any sense.

Author Chris Cipollini (2 years)
then you shouldn't have watched it.

Author Aubrie Tremblay (2 years)
in a way this was quite offensive.

Author Rick McGuire (2 years)
and you would know

Author Tarzanfanatic (3 years)
.... Thanks for posting - this is really Prime Madigan, and priceless! too
bad there wasn't film of this.

Author TheEternalHater (1 year)

Author Michael Taggart (2 years)
A fear and ignorance of what exactly?

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