A realy amazing Counter Strike Online Promotion video. THE CGI is badass - great job guys! For more information please visit

Production Company : Alfred Imageworks
Director : Park Jong-hu
Technical Director : Choi Kyu-ho
Art Director : Kim Ji-sang
Charactor Modelers : Choi Hee-suk
Enviroment Modelers : Kim Hwan-ho, Kim Ji-sang, Jang Moon-sun, Kim in
Charactor Rigging : Choi Kyu-ho
Charactor Animators : Woo Kyung-min, Park Jong-hu

Charactor Shading & Texture : Choi Hee-suk, Kim Hwan-ho, Kim in
Enviroment Shading & Texture : Kim Hwan-ho, Kim Ji-sang, Jang Moon-sun, Kim in
Sculpture Design : Kim Song-min, Kim Hwan-ho, Lee Jae-hong
Lighting & Rendering : Kim Hwan-ho, Kim Ji-sang, Woo Kyung-min

Compositors : Kim Hwan-ho, Kim Ji-sang, Woo Kyung-min
Previz : Woo Kyung-min, Bang Mi-na
Editor : Park Jong-hu
FX Artist : Wu Yong-jun, Woo Kyung-min

Coordinator : Oh Yoon-ju
Manager : Kim Min-ji

Sound Design : GALAGA
Motion Capture Company : Unito
Motion Capture Actor : Kwon Tae-ho

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 1:33
Comments: 101

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Author dathip (1 month)

Author 장보근 (9 days)

Author M. Saiful Hadi (20 days)

Author lesli basubas (6 months)

Author tea guy (3 months)
AWESOME...i vote for terrorist!

Author budi evans lionoputro (10 months)
I love you s.w.a.t.keereen

a la pirinola¡¡¡¡

Author Samet Yilmaz (11 months)

Author bebong walter (11 months)

Author Hiep Huynh Minh (11 months)

Author Raza Aejaz (7 months)
Wow ... 

Author Jérémie Chiavelli (1 year)
Ce spot promotionnel pour Counter Strike Online 2 produit par Alfred
Imageworks (Séoul) pour Nexon est une vidéo de 1’30 mettant en scènes les
légendaires terroristes VS GIGN dans une prise d’assaut du musée Guggenheim
de New-York.

Une belle réalisation 3D en tout cas qui réveille.


Author Roman King (1 year)

Author Biel Epic Plays (1 year)
Female + Strange weapon = cash : all?

Author Aziexbrah 信 (1 year)
females again more buggers? but afterall it looks great, waiting

Author xd0rkysmile (1 year)
It looks good here , but it won't be in game . FOR EXAMPLE . Trailer here
/watch?v=2wdhKfqLTWU&feature=plcp Now search up some gameplay .

Author Sowe Arts (1 year)
OU EMM GII , it's real? or fake? it's amazing!

Author DarkSpaceZz (1 year)
Why its turkish???

Author LJgraphs (1 year)

Author Captain Teemo (1 year)
The powerlevel of dat ass is just OVER 9000 !!!!

Author Sacrilicious (1 year)
Yes it does.

Author CrunchYx22 (1 year)

Author David Silva (1 year)
cool o.O

Author Rainbow Echo (1 year)
This is a Nexon version of Counterstrike. Not Valve.

Author indx (1 year)
The Raid?! Anyone?!

Author Echse's Productions (1 year)
Is this the ingame graphic? O.o

Author Real45ish (1 year)
Okay, except CS is owned by Valve?

Author RedstyleCA (1 year)
and now nexon destroy the next game

Author ComElementzz (1 year)
Combat Arms, just another look.

Author MysTic4L1 (1 year)
hast du nen neuen channel gemacht biba ? =)

Author THE CRITICAL HIT (1 year)
dat wedgie

Author John W. McLinde (1 year)
Und schon wieder... Free to play - Pay to win.

Author DNGRSALEX (1 year)
reminds on the flash games intro in TV, they look always so amazing but if
you start the game its crap like hell ...

Author NEVES 'BOMAYE (1 year)
u also subbed thecgbro? :)

Author ComplexCA NA (1 year)
lol does that even make sense?

Author TheForistality (1 year)
The cgi is top notch, but the game will be shit.

Author Dubstar LoNe (1 year)
Holy shit! I really like to know how many hours he need to make this shit !

Author Tanasi W. (1 year)
This is the craziest shit ive ever seen in my life!

Author DΔKICE (1 year)
looks fkn awsome as a game

Author Андрей Морозов (1 year)

Author Bayram Demir (1 year)

Author iKORE X (1 year)
1:06 DAT ASS!!! *.*

Author ze1nikO (1 year)
i still play combat arms, will check this out

Author Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (1 year)

Author Hupfers Harddl (1 year)
yes, for example the deagle ist bullshit now

Author the3rasus (1 year)
This is only for Asia right?

Author Bruno Pereira (1 year)
Hmm... Nexon? I have a feeling this is gonna be worse than CrossFire

Author fuzzy15946 (1 year)
Wait what? nexon owns this now? i mean it would be cool that it is free,
but if they start doing things to it like combat arms and the ammount of
hackers then im out....

Author zero1337iz (1 year)
omg wow

Author Real45ish (1 year)
But, CS: GO is played by most professional CS players along with hundreds
of thousands of amateur/casual players. Just because you don't like it
doesn't mean nobody else does. Besides, Hidden Path Entertainment isn't a
completely unknown faceless developer. Valve has worked with them in the

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