HP Officejet 4620 Unboxing & Setup

Unboxing, setup and installation videos on HP's new-from-the-ground-up Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One color ink-jet MFP. Retailing for $99.95, it replaces the Officejet 4500 and features a new inking system, a more compact footprint, a backlit LCD graphic display and mobile printing via HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint.

Part I - Unboxing and hardware setup
Part II - Software and network installation plus an overview of the installed software

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Author Barbara Baugh (1 month)
How do I set up to pring #10 Envelopes

Author Albert Zamora (4 months)
My feeder doesn't work when I try to scan a stack of originals. It always
tries to read off the platen glass one-by-one. Very frustrating.

Author Chander Skies (6 months)
I had my printer a year now and I never knew what the thing on top was for,
I lost my manual for the printer, does any one know what it is???

Author Jayde Ash (9 months)
I just got mine will be doing mysetup video in the next day or two...

Author The Tile Studio Bury (3 months)
Well to be fair this guy is a idiot !!!! If you want to connect wirelessley
dont watch he doesnt know how to do it !!!!!! Brilliant , the worst thing
is i was also doing what he was ! Please see about 2 mins from end .

Author Kishmir Burke (10 months)
How do I setup the fax? Please help!!!

Author Octavia Clay (7 months)
I'm having trouble trying to connect my officejet to my home phone and
modem (through TWC) I have one line with no distinctive ring and not using
an answering machine. When I troubleshoot it tells me to use the phone cord
that was provided with your HP device (and I am) or you can use the 2-wire
phone cord adaptor with your existing phone cord. I did and still no go

Author karina balderrama (8 months)
to set up the internet to your hp you will need to go to set up menu, then
network, wi-fi protected set up, wps push push button and press the wps
button from your modem as well and it will conecct by itself, ready to
wireless print, I print from my android phone...good luck 

Author Casaundra Ray (1 year)
I'm having a problem setting up my officejet 4622. I loaded the cartridges
and it is stating there is a problem with the printer or ink system

PLEASE HELP!! If you could email me at that would be

Author Rewel Pontes (8 months)
This printer is JUNK! Junk! Junk!!!

Author Casaundra Ray (1 year)
I'm having a problem setting up my officejet 4622. I loaded the cartridges
and it is stating there is a problem with the printer or ink system PLEASE

Author Imon singha (1 year)
I can't connect to the wireless.

Author APandaToRemember (1 year)
man, i clicked cancel while mine was printing that alignment thingy.. i
thought it was some lame thingy..... and was like "aww no, waste of ink.."
my bad..

Author hassan hamid (1 year)
I brought my own 1 2day

Author Aye Ehl (11 months)
Howdy. I've got a Samsung 303C12 Chromebook tablet that I want to use with
this HP OfficeJet 4630e, but I only want to use them together via usb
connection- not wireless. To be able to print documents FROM usb stick and
email attachment, and to upload scanned document from HP OfficeJet 4630e
into email, as attachment. Can I get some help on how to do this, or a
reference, if these two machines are compatible? Any reasonable input is
welcome. Thanks.

Author Eric Pinon (1 year)
You know that big piece of white plastic you removed at 9:52? how did you
do that because im trying to take that off but its seems to be stuck.
please help.

Author Najah971 (2 years)
Thank you very much for this video Sir. This is a great help to me. Thank
you for your time.

Author CandyLaStar (2 years)
thanks for the video it really helped me set up my printer I started the
video thinking about getting it by the time it ended I had my new printer
setup and printing lol (I paused it and ran out to the store to buy one!)
very helpful video!

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
In that case you should be looking at Epson who also has a low cost per

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
What purpose would "learning to set it up before posting this" serve? We
have been testing office imaging products forever and if we're stumbling,
what would the average user do?

Author Will Reed (2 years)

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
1. You can connect with a USB cable. 2. If you have a wireless network, you
can print with no cable. 3. You can use ePrint (print via e-mail). 4. If it
is an Apple lappy, you can use AirPrint.

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
You need to set the printer up when it is connected to a PC and keep it
there. If you are not on a network, put your documents on a thumb drive and
print them from your mom's PC. Ideally you should both be on a network
rather than moving the printer around. Even so, you need to install the
software CD when the printer is connected to your PC. Otherwise, it may be
one of three things: 1) bad ink cartridge; 2) improperly installed ink
catridge; or 3) defective printer. We wish you luck.

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
We are glad that you found the video helpful.

Author Briannbrmc (2 years)
Hi my mother purchased this printer earlier today and when I got home from
school i set it up. Everything was fine then i brought it in my room to
print some things out. When i turned it on it said there is a problem with
the printer or the ink system turn printer of and on. I been doing that but
it still says the same thing when i turn it back on. Do your know whats
going on?

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
Sorry, we no longer have this printer. Walk-up faxing is easy. You put your
originals in the feeder, select fax, enter the fax number and press start.
You can also fax files from your PC by using the fax print driver. However,
you can do neither if your OJ is not hooked up to a phone line.

Author liz herrera (1 year)
Thanks , (: but I already did it by calling the company and they did
everything for me (:

Author Shakirah Harper (1 year)
I'm having a problem setting up my officejet 4622. I loaded the cartridges
and it is stating there is a problem with the printer or ink system

Author aydan abrahams (1 year)
you have to use the cd to set the wifi

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
Do you mean in the video or in actual use? During setup, there's head
aligning going on before the first print is delivered. In actual use, the
GDI print driver provided by nearly every vendor depends on the I/O speed
and the processing power of the host computer. Yes, the first page out is
slow in actual use but that is the case with virtually every other low-cost
printer. Higher-priced printers with actual PCL and PostScript print
drivers provide faster first page out times.

Author Fred Seger (1 year)
Have you found a way to manually set the IP? I'm attempting to set this up
with only a tablet and no physical connection.

Author farstarfilm (2 years)
does it have flat bed scanner you should show that

Author xXxTheComputerGuyxXx (1 year)
Thanks, got mine going again after buying a new NetGear N600

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
WPS is not required it simply makes it easier for users to connect to WiFi
because they don't have to enter credentials in order to do so. That said,
you can manually set up the OJ 4620 WiFi from the Wireless Setup Menu.
During the process you'll need to enter the router SSID and any necessary
passwords. The Cisco router we use in testing does not have WPS and we have
successfully connected dozens of printers without it.

Author Chris Nunez (1 year)
hi, i have the officejet 4620 all in one series and im unable to send a fax
and i keep getting a Error Code 344. What can i do to solve this issue?? I
already slowed down the fax speed to low, and i turned off Error Code
Correction off and still nothing has changed.

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
Their best entry-level MFP yet.

Author TYESHA RAY (1 year)
every time a print a document only symbols are displayed on the paper. I ve
wasted an entire pack of paper trying to figure this out

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
It looks like it comes out pretty easy in the video so I can understand you
not wanting to force it. Wiggle it first then try pulling it out to the
left. Good luck!

Author TheMacmark831 (1 year)
how do you scan pictures to your computer?. it says open hp utility under
scan settings, click scan to computer, and ensure that enable scan to
computer.? but i cant find it?

Author DeeTheBomb (2 years)
mine froze on the language picking part so i brought it out to my backyard
and broke it

Author liz herrera (1 year)
What if I got a new Dell laptop & want to replace my old laptop to use this
printer ?

Author Proscriptor88 (1 year)
the first print seems to be very slow, isn't it??

Author Glenn Tac-an (1 year)
good day sir. i have a problem using the scanner buttons with this device.
my acual device is hp4625. when i press the scan button, it says that
"computer is not connected". but when i scan using the laptop, everything
works fine. please send me your response to thanks

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
You can do it during the software installation. If software is already
installed, press the "Setup" button on the control panel. Select "Network."
Select "Wireless." Select "Wireless Setup." The printer can look for your
router or you can manually enter the router's SSID (name) and password.
Finally, you need to go to your PC and run the HP Update IP Address
utility. You can find your IP address in the "Network" menu once the router

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
We are glad that you found the video useful. Good luck with your new

Author Joe Vidrio (1 year)

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
No. Since the OJ 4260 has analog fax, you need supply a phone wire.
Supposedly, Internet/fax solutions like MagicJack work because there is a
physical phone line involved--the magic is in the jack that converts
digital Internet data into analog data that works with common phones and

Author Chris Nunez (1 year)
Never mind i called sprint and they do not offer fax services on their
landlines thats why i couldn't send the fax. Thank you anyways, your video
was very helpful

Author Terry Wirth (2 years)
On another note, I need more memory.

Author Terry Wirth (1 year)
We are gratified that you found the video useful and hope that you get your

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