RCPowers F117 Converted to EDF - RC EDF Jet

Vince put this baby together and is it cool!... A bit of a work in progress, but I think a bit bigger EDF motor and this baby will fly sweet!!!!

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:40
Comments: 60

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Author Yeshua Ha-levi (4 months)

Author CANIZARES76 (6 months)
too heavu for those edf

Author THUNDΣR SToRM (1 year)

Author Valentin Calu (1 year)

Author Mark White (3 years)
To heavy, that plane was made to use a small brushless prop not a 64 mm
ducted fan.

Author Scott Allen (3 years)
thats why the use props

Author SmiLeYxNeWxRoSe (2 years)
the first flight FAIL

Author shimon174b (3 years)
Good try. Keeeep on keeeping' on you're almost there.

Author Budkeywest (4 years)
@F35JSF1 A work in progress...Can't wait to see if tis baby will really get

Author er2015af (4 years)
looks like there's not enough air going into it. I know the side scoops
have a vent to cool the electronics, but that hole in the top is'nt really
letting much air in. It won't look good, but if you want it to fly, try to
cut the foam in front of the fan. that's more than enough power.

Author Gundemon1 (2 years)
They need to watch the video on how to hand launch it.

Author gabriel benitez (1 year)

Author CMBBC (3 years)
your buddy who trows the plane has to do a better job. Try to launch the
plane by holding it at the side of the wing and then you can trow it way
more dynamically into the air! see the video of rc powers...! good luck

Author Brandon McDonald (2 years)
first the guy shouldnt throw it like a puusy

Author Teng tcy (4 years)
underpower ........

Author Just1ofGod (3 years)
@RcWorld7 maybe if he had watched the show more the plane would have flown
better lol

Author youronlycow (2 years)
but why would you convert the prop to edf?

Author hillock10 (3 years)
A possible problem is that the EDF is not pointed downward; thus the thrust
line is driveing the plane downward. Try fixing the EDF 3-5 degrees in the
down direction for level flight.

Author lepatrick0829 (2 years)
omg learn to fly

Author YoungGhost (4 years)
@shockflyyer3d dont be a fuck

Author forteleaerieneromane (4 years)
a friend of mine had the same problem with the elevator you should point it
up manually a little bit until it will be stable good luck!

Author SgtBitchSuperShit (1 year)
0:23 What the Hell was that

Author nightmareninja10 (2 years)
make the wings more aileron

Author destroyahdes (4 years)
Oh no, poor thing. It looked so cool and it's awesome it flew a little bit.
The real one can't fly without it onboard computer.

Author F35JSF1 (4 years)
keep working on this guys if any questions plzz ask me

Author RCllamadude (2 years)
actually, the shape and design of the f-117 was almost entirely dictated by
trying to be stealth. it is not maneuverable at ANY speed, and is a pain in
the ass to land. it is one of the worst flying planes ever. (the real one,
not the rcpowers version.)

Author Samuel Carratu (2 years)
Crap you

Author Samuel Carratu (2 years)
Get a priestess plane first

Author Jeremy hennke (2 years)
Read up on the design and shape of the F117. Very unstable design, which
makes it so meneaverable at the right speeds.

Author shockflyyer3d (4 years)
@chrislikelego dont be gay

Author GRIFF2142 (3 years)
@Tebergenc could u send me the PDF for the F-22? I don't have anything i
could give in return tho sorry I would buy it from Dave powers but my dad
isn't sure about it working and he didn't won't let me to buy anything
online. I'll give u my email if u reply to this message :) Thanks :)

Author Renan Lima (3 years)
lol '-'

Author historyskyz (2 years)
Not enough thrust,

Author Mamosh88 M88 (1 year)
This thing is under powered, and that was the main reason it didnt flow
well, everything else, the c´g and el. throw was fine, just under powered,
but it was funny yes, when the Guy said you need to close that so you
can.....hehe That shows us that reall knowlage is always the key to
success, Dont let them force feed you all...:-)!!!

Author Mark Cugini (1 year)
Needs a bigger motor.

Author 0917bobb (1 year)
'Too much air intake for it', that was almost funny. :) I saw that one
person commented about the hole on the top but I don't think that this is
the primary problem, look at how many planes have cheater holes on the
bottom so having it on the top is not the primary problem. From what I can
see the exhaust is a little cramped. You can suck in all of the air that
you want but if the exhaust is restricted it is not going anywhere

Author YoungGhost (3 years)
@XxstryaexX1 yea I know

Author Chris Holub (4 years)
yeah your not getting enough thrust. 4500KV should give you plenty I would
think but if the opening in the rear is big then yeah close some of it off
to get more of a nozzle effect.

Author Nicholas Oliver (1 year)
You're throwing it wrong.

Author slicc132009 (2 years)

Author reptifreak99 (3 years)
f22 is good

Author Ram Rod (1 year)
Nice try, these things have a bit of weight and drag, my son put in a
Tunrgy 2836 2350kv, apc7x4 and 3s 3000mAh for c.g. only went about 60mph!

Author ARNOLD PLABIO (2 years)
to heavy

Author Lord Grief Mc. Scumbag (3 years)
Back to the studio......

Author RCSuperPowers (4 years)
Hey it flew! Nice job guys!

Author RellyOhBoy (2 years)
The F117 is not made to fly ....It looks better on the ground. lol

Author RCllamadude (2 years)
THE INTAKE WAS? AND IT WAS ON TOP!!! seriously, learn how ducted fans work.
you need a very large air intake at the FRONT, NOT ON TOP!!!

Author TheTopAce900 (2 years)
c'mon it's underpowered thats all

Author YoungGhost (4 years)
its rcsuperpowers not rcpowers

Author F35JSF1 (4 years)
@destroyahdes ummm rethink that because the real one uses the computer to
keep from losing control not to fly. it just depends on the situation.
besides the have some problems with this foamie the they did look at.

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