Bersa Thunder 22lr Review

A review of the Bersa Thunder .22. All video, graphics and audio editing done with iMovie with iLife '11 upgrade. Intro music from iLife iMovie upgrade, ending music by Mattsplat using Garageband app for iPad.

If you are looking to purchase this or other firearms, try first.

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Author travis berlin (1 month)
So which ammunition would work best?

Author David Taylor (2 months)
Enjoyed this video allot. Got mine new about two years ago and have maybe
put 600 rounds through it at this point but most of it was with Remington
Golden Bullet bulk pack. Its been super reliable. Not great ammo but the
525/rd bulk packs were cheap a few years ago. I've experienced a lot of
fail-to-fires in my other handguns and rifles
with this ammo (maybe 6-10 per 525) and I know I had a couple with the
Bersa but overall I LOVE the Bersa's light weight and good accuracy.
Affordable and fun to shoot and it has me thinking about a Bersa .380 (or
9mm if it comes out) so a real win-win for me and Bersa. I LOVE this
little .22!

Author Conrad Luznar (27 days)
I like Bersa guns, have the .380 and also a .32 acp and they both shoot
I use mine for carry not as range guns. I feel completely safe with either
gun. I find them both very accurate and dependable. At 21 feet with the
.32 I shoot 3 inch groups and I am not a great marksman. If you want a
good gun at a reasonable price get a Bersa.

Author travis berlin (1 month)

Author Cube210 (2 months)
One way to avoid getting hand cut up is to rack the slide properly versus
doing it backwards like your 50 cent in a rap video.

Place your palm over the slide and grab the whole darn thing. Shoot a 1911
with target sights or the old issued M9's the way you do and you'll cut
your hand real fast.

Author Mark Chesney (7 months)
In ref to the decocker - did you consider it being just your gun? possibly

Author Ha Hah (10 months)
Women have no business shooting guns.

Author Franivelius el mago (9 months)
Isnt the recoil spring iconic? Like not cilindrical?

Author Michael Adams (7 months)
If I'm not mistaken, as best as I could tell from the video You put the
spring in backwards, the closed end goes toward the breech. This can also
cause function problems.

Author ETHAN KARRIYO (7 months)
Honest review, subed.

Author Mike Gorecki (7 months)
just happened on your channel......Fantastic. Have been looking at the m&p
22 and you solved my dilemma about whether or not to purchase.....look
forward to watching more of your reviews and opinions

Author Nate Ngzcaz (8 months)
I have the Model 23 Bersa .22 which is virtually the same weapon. If
there is a difference I don't know what it is... The Model 23 is/was
ridiculously reliable and accurate to boot. 10 shots, 2.3 seconds in the
black at 10 yards. You can't ask for anything better than that at this
price point. In fact maybe at any price point. Mine cycles everything
except birdshot. No .22 I have does either. The only thing I've replaced is
the recoil spring after around 10k rounds. Bersa is probably the best kept
non secret firearm for a couple of decades. And it actually FEELS like a
much larger caliber weapon, nice and solid in your hands.

Author Mark Fonner (8 months)
Just a note. I have and carry the .380 version of this firearm. Yes, the
safety/decoker is stiff. It is not horrible. It gets better with time. On
my Bersa, there is not jumping on the trigger, at all. I feel better about
this than my Ruger .380, or my S&W 40,, or the Colt .45.

Btw - When you put the spring back in, you must be sure you put the spring
in the correct manner as there are two different sizes on each end!

I have over 600 rounds in my Bersa .380 and have NEVER have a failure to
feed. Ever.

If you polish the feed ramp it will help the feeding issue with .22 ammo. 

Author Don Matheny (8 months)
ust bought one in nickel; but cant find any quality ammo to shoot; unless I
plenty for it, will try my brick of blazers out and break this thing in !

Author Don Matheny (8 months)
the video shows how good form can help your shooting abilities !

Author Jimmy Reiniery Linarez (10 months)
nice gun, i got one, i bought 6 years ago and is an excellent gun, many
times is the ammo the only problem.

Author CoTheReal (6 months)
winchester bulk .22 is absolute shit!!! especially Xpert HV

Author John Troy (1 year)
mine doesnt creep and jump like that at all

Author Mitsurugi2424 (1 year)
it must just the the 22lr models, i have a two 380 models and never had one
issue with mine..nore has the safety ever been an issue when racking, and
its nothing for me to to use over a thousand rounds during weekend training
with my backup

Author ironhorse127 (9 months)
I also solved the pain the butt magazine loading. Bought a simple plastic
mag loading assist. Cost about $10

Author ironhorse127 (9 months)
Great little pistol. I have one that runs great with CCI Mini mags, and
Aquila hi velocity solids. Almost 100% works 95% of the time with
Remington golden bullets, which kind of surprised me. Terrible with blazer
ammo. All in all, well worth what they sell for.

Author Dulce Cicero (1 year)

Author MyHollowpoint (2 years)
Great looking pistol, nice and compact.

Author ttboy2004 (1 year)
NRA stuff isn't garbage without the NRA Obama,Bloomberg and other liberals
would have ban guns long ago

Author Ian mauk (1 year)
this is definitely a decent lil 22 ...after 200 rds of Winchester super
speed 200 rds of Winchester super x n 200 rds of rem vipers I had not one
ftf or fte and a ton of fun ! my only problem is not having enuff magazines

Author pcnightmare52 (2 years)
I enjoy your vids. I have a Thunder 32 that I love. Bersas in general are
better guns than the American market gives them credit for.

Author jammer1mo (2 years)
Nice review!Nothing wrong with your magazine,pistol is somewhat ammo
sensitive.CCI run flawless but federal bulk was hit or miss.May get 3
magazines of federal to run and then jam,ftf,fte.If i had to do it over
again,probably would buy the ruger sr22.But saying that i got nickel finish
and it is eye candy.Also extra magazines are $28 bucks (OUCH)and sr22 comes
with extra magazine so they are almost same price.

Author BlackRoseDragonLord7 (2 years)
@mattsplat1975 Could you review the kaltec KSG

Author killzone3234 (1 year)
i mean your not going to slowly pull the trigger to where it takes 5
seconds for you to pull the trigger

Author Dulce Cicero (1 year)

Author Ian mauk (1 year)
just picked one up today ...good review

Author AssandraVonAsura (2 years)
Blued carbon steel slide.... You can't blue stainless steel...

Author domobob64 (2 years)
can u get extra magazines for this?

Author JAMESHOTS007 (1 year)
The chick has a nice form.

Author thelukai14 (2 years)
you have to make videos more often!

Author chapiit08 (1 year)
This is an all metal gun therefore it needs to be broken in. I have one
that has seen more than 20 thousand rounds through it and vary seldom jams
with any kind of ammo except low velocity.

Author Armscor Medium (1 year)
at 9:27 I noticed that the spring was in the wrong position, the smaller
diameter should be towards the chamber....nice video though...

Author Buck Wylde (1 year)
You might try lubing your pistol Matt. Your ammo and trigger worries may go

Author SammerJammer (2 years)
Do long term updates on previous reviews!

Author Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (2 years)
I know! Sorry, man. I had a lot of stuff going on lately. Lots of birthdays
and holidays and stuff. I will post another shooting video soon. Maybe next

Author SweetShot739 (1 year)
I Have one for my fiancee and my sister bought one. They are nice once you
get them broke in. My sister bought a demo model which was dry fired and
left a bur in the chamber a little work from a small file and the bur came
out and runs like a champ just dont want to dry fire them :) other than
that i love them

Author Fanatic of all (2 years)
Does Imovie come on Ipads?

Author chapiit08 (1 year)
Yes, Remington Golden proved to be the best in my experience and Winchester
X-Pert the most unreliable in practically all my semi-autos including long
guns. But generally I would say that both my all steel Bersa Model 83 and
my alloy frame Firestorm -which is identical to the Thunder save some
aesthetic features- function flawlessly with most kinds of bulk ammo. Make
shure the return spring is in the right position: smaller diameter towards
the chamber.

Author 559jgs (2 years)
almost bought this pistol,I went with the ruger SR22.ran 200 rounds of
various CCI today (first time shooting this gun) Give it 4 stars.because a
little light for me.

Author surfboardhacker (2 years)
Been awhile but worth the wait...another solid review. Thanks

Author Brian Smith (2 years)
Matt, Matt! You were one of my favorite YouTube channels, Then you fell off
the earth. Welcome back!

Author StaraptorEagle (2 years)
Whoa! This is an awesome gun... I did not see any recoil whatsoever.

Author RaftGuidePhil (1 year)
Im not trying to nit pick but when you say federal bulk pack is lower
velocity ammo that is not correct CCI MINI mags and Federal bulk have the
same velocity 1260 fps

Author marlo ferreria (1 year)
Very informative review

Author chasingvictory1911 (2 years)
is it safe to dry fire this gun?

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