Nivea Stove

Easy stove that holds 1oz of fuel along with it's big brother

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Author Martin Taylor (19 days)

Author herrwolken (4 days)
Für die deutschsprachigen hier: ich denke, dass das schwarze Material in
der Dose Schaumglas ist; ein nichtbrennbares Isoliermaterial.

mas pequeño

Author Rosatenue (9 days)
Hola. Que es lo que tiene dentro la lata???

Author anakin reliag (1 month)
great idea, but i´d rather take pneumatic adaptors for fuel connection,
those are leakproof. and fireproof tube should also be obligatory for youz
own security. Very, very nice Idea.

Author john ray bejec (1 month)
is that a foam?

Author Victoria Cadavid (1 month)
Hola. Felicitaciones me encanto, no me queda claro es crema Nivea la que
se usa para la pañalitis en los niños por que aqui en Colombia la nivea es
de color blanca o es betun para calzado? y el liquido es alcohol ?

Author peachs gennings (2 months)
that cream is like 6 dollars a tin where i live

Author Bradyvilleboy .Bradyvilleboy (9 months)
Sounds like Frank Zappa. Nice stove.

Author sepulturra (9 months)
What is that black thing burning?

Author Louis Steffens (9 months)
Nice stove, nice music!

Author James W (9 months)
Nice stove, terrible music! 

Author robert mcghie (10 months)
slick man dank u vel

Author Exterminate Bullies (10 months)
Nice! I know nothing. How do you make?

Author 19tig60 (9 months)
here in England nivea comes in plastic pots so no go for us but we do have
other sorts of tins but would love to know what is the black pad in th tin
and what was th fuel used 

Author Tathagatb Banerjee (10 months)
Killer selection of music

Author sydmichel (10 months)
hate jaz

Author Денис Вадиков (10 months)
что за пиздец

Author tomaya64 (10 months)
the musik makes me wanna kill someone!

Author Alex Vieira (10 months)
Ha! Thats very nice.

Author kahsu hailu (1 year)

Author Gigahoozzz (1 year)
From the web site the Oatey F. P. appears to be a protective sheet.

Author rokogalleta (1 year)
what's the black material inside the can

Author ridebks . (1 year)
maybe you should mute your comments

Author surfbumz (1 year)
neat idea. But I love the music!! Who is it???

Author ridebks . (1 year)
Dude...i starting reading this and said...not again? Too funny! Thanks man!

Author pannierrack (1 year)
That was truly fascinating. I was expecting the Pink Panther any second
...great music. I also liked the abracadrabra you did moving the different
parts of the can. Waiting to see how the four holes would change the fire..
But, since I do not see this in the description of the video, What is the
Black stuff? Is that the Oatey Flame Protector? Is it a paste, of a wich or
some kind of steel wool? Thanks,

Author oscar herrera (1 year)

Author Ahmad qatar (1 year)
Nice man

Author shootinfishin (1 year)
Mrchangeordie nice one mate, I just inhaled coffee laughing lol carbon felt
and stove fuel, cool. Alcohol antifreeze is a good alternative for this and
pressure stoves

Author Daniel Dumitru (2 years)
is sponge?

Author Xanxei (1 year)
He did. It's Oatey Flame Protector which you can get at Lowes for 15
dollars. I'm not from wherever he's from, I've never heard of this
product, nor do I know Lowes from a badger, but I got that much. Google
will find you a local equivalent, I'm sure.

Author ridebks . (1 year)

Author Eleonor England (1 year)
C'mon, man - what's the black shit? Nice music!

Author jassim althani (1 year)
Was that a stand

Author TheLionsDen72 (1 year)
What is that black stuff? Is that chat cloth or burnt skin? What kind of
can is that? Next time can you please put on some instructional music!!!
LOL I've watched this a few times now and really enjoyed the vid my friend.
Keep them coming!

Author Eorendel (1 year)
Thank you :) people in this side of Youtube are really nice answering to my
question :D

Author iCloud (1 year)
@ridebks what is the stuff you hold the pot up from the stove can't
remember for the life of me

Author Aerial Imagery (1 year)
Projects with tins. I love 'em.

Author graham pinnell (1 year)
what the fuck is on the ingredients list for nivea products? It looks like
white cream on the adverts and this guy is cooking with it, with no
explanation of what this is if it's not nivea, what the hell happened

Author charly (1 year)
this is the best video. like it. one question. what fual are u using?

Author emil val gabriel albutra (1 year)
its easy to make it.

Author Jay cadnap Gee (1 year)
whats the back stuff in the tin plz?

Author cementveje (1 year)
you must have soft skin......

Author Libyan Champ (1 year)
HOLY! is it safe to breath near it...?

Author David Engel (1 year)
The Idea with the Nivea is really great but the music is not what I like to

Author ridebks . (2 years)
i used JB Weld. Thanks for the kind words!

Author poppypuff (1 year)
Would have been neat with a little more instruction, this video was as
clear as mud.

Author ridebks . (1 year)
Denatured alcohol

Author Ray Lindgren (1 year)
sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, like diarrhea is the lowest form of
shit.THINK ON.

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